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  1. The top three things I hope get addressed: 1. Situations where Jason shouldn't be stunned (on the other side of a door, after raging through a door/wall, when recovering from a stun). 2. Amount of inventory items and weapons available on map. 3. Making it harder to juke Jason.
  2. Um, I have no idea what you're talking about. I just pointed out how another member was banned two times and that you had a similar grammar. Now if it's just a coincidence, it's just a coincidence.
  3. I also wasn't able to find the Part 7 kill pack under "Friday the 13th The Game", so I had to look up "Jason Kill Pack" for it to show up.
  4. Yeah, if you look in the counselor database on the computer in the Virtual Cabin, all four of them are there, names, photos and all. I think Brandon's middle name is actually Chad, which would explain why they gave his character the nickname Bugzy.
  5. Two weeks ago I had a pretty good match as Jason. Was also having fun using a voice disguiser (only thing is, if I don't speak loud enough the sound cuts off). Enjoy:
  6. Would be interesting to see a large building for a whole map. Upcoming Jason X map will give us an idea how that will work. Actually he did make a second account that also got banned. Now that you mention it, both accounts have a very similar grammar. Notice how sometimes there is no space between the period at the end of the sentence and the word at the beginning of the next sentence. Or how some times the first word at the beginning of the sentence isn't capitalized. Or how half the "i"s aren't capitailzed. Hmmm... they could have just gone to the same school together.
  7. Confuse Jason challenge

    Alrighty, here you go:
  8. Have to admit I'd be highly amused by a floating head trying to attack me in the Virtual Cabin. I'd make for an unforgettable jump scare. Maybe the Virtual Cabin computer can have a minigame where you play as a pixilated side scrolling Jason with the floating head as a special attack.
  9. I tried doing just that, but have had it a few times as Tiffany and Bugzy where no one else was around to fix the car/boat/phone box. That's why I've given her the tinker perk, although it's more for emergencies since it doesn't make much of a difference. I know I know, it's not a good idea to try repairing with a sucky character, but you have to admit it looks cool when you manage to pull it off:
  10. Best Screenshots

    If anyone remembers the horrified girlfriend meme (or whatever it's called)... ...well I think I found the F13 equivalent: Tiffany: "Who's that hunk?" Kenny: "Ah man, I thought the chicks really went for the pink cop outfit!"
  11. Also happens on PS4. Think it's been like that since the latest patch. One interesting thing I found is if she is wearing the sweater, the correct color swimsuit bottom will appear (aka, the color swimsuit bottom you selected before changing the top).
  12. Man, this topic almost made me run out of likes. Before I would have been merciful. Now I would have to remind the whining counselors that they are not the ones who have to worry about being ganged up on by a stun party. P.S. If it's one counselor against Jason, I'm not against a victory dance.
  13. Time to revive this topic. I can think of three reasons to give each Jason reskins for their weapon. 1. Aesthetic variety, as opposed to being stuck with the same weapon (not the same as the ability to share weapons between Jasons, but still gives a sense of customization/freedom). 2. Different weapon models shouldn't be costly or time consuming, at least not as much as clothing packs. That also doesn't go without saying the Pax West trailer showed we already have in reserve a tribal spear and regular farm pitchfork. 3. This is an opportunity for a weapon pack DLC. $$$$ The way I'd do it is at the very least have one reskin for each Jason you unlock for free at high levels and one more reskin you buy from the weapon pack. Now the unlockable reskins could be simple, such as a Medieval battle ax for Part 9, serrated blade machete for Part 7, tomahawk for Part 3. The Weapon Pack reskins on the other hand... this is gonna sound crazy, but I just have to throw a wild idea out there. What if some of the reskins were a completely different weapon that can be used the same way? For example: in replacement for Part 2's pickax we have a baseball bat with a large tent spike hammered through it. Or for Part 8 we have a sharp-edged electric guitar. It'd have to be the right size and shape to look believable in the weapon-related animations. Just my two cents.
  14. Give graveyards a purpose

    You're in luck. The Crystal Lake small map has Jason's tombstone.