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  1. I predict whoever wins the lawsuit will donate $1 million to jumpstart the game again and things resume like nothing ever happened. For next Friday the 13th of course.
  2. Either the makers of Killer Puzzle are really gutsy, or it could be that since it's such a small game there's no as much to worry about in terms of additional content, or that content could have already been certified, who knows.
  3. If it weren't for SP challenges and weapon swap there might be an argument there. Anyway, anyone who expects Gun Media to be able to release uncertified content just like that with no legal repercussions have a lot to learn.
  4. I have yet to see it happen ingame.
  5. aurllcooljay

    A Solution to the DLC Problem

    I think the devs are prepared for a worst case scenario, which is why they currently won't work on anything besides glitches and dedicated servers. Just going to cross my fingers and hope that in the near future they can at least release any completed content (Jason X model, pajama pack, any other completed weapon packs). Comment of the day, people.
  6. Because Gun Media made a promise the items will be backer exclusive. It is what it is.
  7. Would certainly like some more clarification. The way I see it, they would be recycling a model that already exists ingame, not adding anything. The only problem I can see is the Uber machete kills, since those weren't available.
  8. Something I recently realized about Jason X and would like clarification, if you can all bear with me for a minute. Okay, so we are able to see the Jason X model ingame in the virtual cabin, and even see him in action, right? Well then, am I wrong to think the Jason X model already has certification? Would like to know if that is the case, but assuming it is, there's still a problem: the kills tied to the futuristic machete are not certified. So either we'd have Jason X with no weapon kills, or he'd have to have one of the existing weapons such as the regular machete as his default weapon. If ShiftySamurai can shed light on this.
  9. Yeah, what BossDanny said, otherwise Scooby Doo could also get cancelled:
  10. Disabling traps at windows could take a lot of programming. That's why I suggested being able to see said traps on the map and minimap. If trap luring becomes a problem, they should make it so that they break after one or two uses. As it is trap luring is easy enough when people are smart enough to leave them set at doors:
  11. 😟 I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I'm referring to counselors being able to see traps set by other counselors to prevent trolling. If you are talking about players taking advantage of this to constantly lure Jason into traps...
  12. I would suggest set traps showing up on the map and minimap.
  13. I checked it out, and you still have whatever preferences you have set for each Jason.
  14. I just had to spoil the kills for myself...
  15. aurllcooljay

    We're Still Here

    I think you talked me into it. #savecrystallake