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  1. aurllcooljay

    Window Kills| Are they cheap?

    Window kills aren't as cheap as spamming choke or head punch, but that's an interesting argument that any [first story] windows would have to be closed to work as an environmental kill. Assuming it would be easy to implement, Gun Media might do that if enough people complained about it, and I've seen it brought up several times so far on the forum.
  2. aurllcooljay

    Funniest Experience?

    One time on Packanack the police had arrived and someone started the car up on the northeast side of the map. I stand at the main road waiting for the car, watching the map. Jason is currently busy chasing two people heading for the exit, think he gets one of them. The car makes a wrong turn and heads for the lodge. Hoping the driver has a walkie talkie, I yell into the mic, "you went the wrong way, turn back! " The guy heading for the police hears me and says, "you trying to trick me, man? " So funny.
  3. I had a pretty awesome moment against two cheaters. Obviously I can't share the video here, but if anyone is interested in seeing it, send me a private message. Anyway, in one match there was a player messing around, swinging his weapon at other counselors. It became apparent he was teaming when Jason let him escape on the boat at the end of the match. By this time everyone else had quit. So next match is on Pinehurst and it's my Part 4 Jason. I had muted both players, who were the only ones playing as Bugzy and Jenny. Double trapped the phone and put the last trap at the car. Right thereafter I find both players together in a cabin, and the hunt is on! Jenny goes down first, leaving Bugzy to fend for himself. During this I hear two traps sprung and know the phone is about to get fixed, but I will not relent (priorities, man). Eventually Bugzy rage quits.💩 A little later I find three survivors ganging up in he barn. Go into full slash mode and get stunned several times until I whittle them down. The last kill takes place in the lodge, where to my pleasant surprise the unicorn blood glitch still works. And the best part was, the match was over before the police arrived.
  4. aurllcooljay

    Share Your Experiences

    Finally pulled off what I consider to be the ultimate challenge: Organize a group of randoms to help defeat Jason, all without a mic:
  5. aurllcooljay

    Best Screenshots

    For those who are interested, what's written on the back of medical sprays: Here's something I found to be quite humorous. I was chasing a rabbit Deborah at the top of Pinehurst map. Happened to notice that a background picture synched up quite well to photobomb the kill: And here's the original clip:
  6. aurllcooljay

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I got that achievement by accident. Had fixed the boat and was waiting for any of the other players to come and fetch a ride, but it didn't look like anyone was interested. But back to tunneling. It's only a problem when it only happens to you. Kind of like finding a player at the start of a match and hear them complain about always being the first to die.
  7. Would be nice if the clothing pack was available as a paid dlc. Also you might want to blur out that player's name.
  8. aurllcooljay

    Jason Clothing Bug

    Like your video says, it's Jason's new look. 😛 I've never seen it happen during a match on the PS4, just during the outro.
  9. aurllcooljay

    How is Voorhees possible?

    Not for profit= fair use (aka no copyright restrictions). Wrong forum section by the way.
  10. So do we know how the Jason killing info got leaked? It had to be from an inside guy, because there's no way regular players could have figured it out so fast without help. Here's my experience with it: About a week after the game came out, we were in a match and somehow got into discussing how there was a way to defeat Jason, although none of us knew how. Then the guy playing Jason in the match claims to have seen a video of a Jason kill and knew the steps. So we friended each other and tried match after match, but it took us several hours altogether to finally get a Jason kill, and that was with the Jason player allowing us to. There were some problems, such as not being able to knock Jason to his knees, but that was only half of it. Somehow we missed the very last step, pressing the interact button as Tommy. Instead we thought Tommy had to attack Jason. So there's no way anyone could have figured out all the steps in such a short time without any inside help.
  11. aurllcooljay

    This Track never made the cut?!

    I was gonna say it plays during the credits, but this appears to be a variation.
  12. I must suck at math, because that looks like half the problems you mentioned.
  13. Ummm... private matches with friends? *shrugs*
  14. Don't play much with non running Jasons, but I've found since weapon swap playing more as Part 7 and neglecting Part 8.