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  1. I'm pretty sure the devs never intended for counselors to block traps with other traps. Just saying. Probably wasn't possible back when Jason could stack traps, but when that was patched out it unintentionally created that issue. An exploit? Yes. Cheating? I don't know.
  2. Paul Phoenix made a video of the Part 2 cut scenes:
  3. Chances are whatever copy exists isn't in good enough condition to put on dvd. That doesn't go without saying, movie companies don't think it's worth it to release uncut versions.
  4. Chances are a sequel will be single player, in which case you can expect killing counselors to be easier, so in a future game don't be surprised if Jason can throw his melee weapon at a counselor.
  5. Only time I see that happen it was like this at 1:35:
  6. It was mostly because the uncut version would have gotten the NC 17 rating, which wouldn't have made enough money to be worth it.
  7. It's been confirmed by Gun Media as a glitch in the patch notes from 5/24/2018: Fixed an issue where stun damage would not cause Jason’s mask to fall off even after Jason has hit the HP threshold
  8. Even if Gun Media could do it, they wouldn't because it would throw off the game balance. That's why it takes a minimum of four knives or two bear traps to kill a counselor.
  9. The problem with that is you can get accused of teaming. It's understandable if it's obvious you just want to mess with the counselors, but then it can get to the point where everyone else is spectating the rest of the match and just want it to end.
  10. I had a similar experience. Some kids invited me to their chat when they saw I had a Savini Jason, and in a following match were surprised when I started killing them instead of let them escape. Gotta love these unspoken bro rules.😕 But isn't the objective of playing as Jason to try to kill everyone?
  11. Man, I don't even have 500 matches as Jason yet, and I've been on and off playing since release (and before anyone asks, yes I do have my preference set to Jason, so I should be pretty close).
  12. As a counselor only thing that really bothers me (more than other lazy counselors) is dying within the first few minutes and not coming back as Tommy, having to spectate the rest of the match. As Jason what really gets on my nerves is trolls using cheap tactics such as looping and glitching instead of using actual skill to escape/win, then calling Jason trash.
  13. The game doesn't permanently save kills you've done after offline matches, but if you manage to perform the remaining kills needed in a single offline match you'll get the achievement. I know this because I got the achievement during the graveyard fence kill offline.
  14. Even before the environmental kills were glitched this happened, but it was a rare occurrence. For example in this old video at 3:40:
  15. For experienced Jason hunters its easy. However there are ways Jason can prevent this: 1. Trap the shack. 2. If you see the Radio Tower in the intro, morph to the nearest generator right away, destroy it and trap it. 3. Don't give in to groups trying to unmask you. Either keep your distance or slash and block.
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