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  1. The absolute best time you can stun Jason is in the brief moment after he rages through a door and cannot attack/grab you or defend himself. He's also vulnerable right after a failed attack/grab.
  2. Players in the Sky

    There used to be an airwalking glitch coming out of a tent. Similarly I've seen players under the map, but it appeared to be a random glitch.
  3. Once dedicated servers come by, my biggest issue is getting chain stunned as Jason.
  4. The side door of the Packanack lodge gets used a lot, even if the phone or car isn't there. Two traps at the bottom of the stairs guarantees unavoidance, but one trap near the middle should usually get an unaware runner. I've also seen traps hidden beneath a dead body or a recently broken down door.
  5. New map with snow!

    Man, we've been discussing a winter map since before the game came out.
  6. This glitch gets fixed after Jason does another grab kill.
  7. Max Perks = 30

    Don't really care about the water speed or vehicle perks, but I gave almost everyone firecrackers to start out with. All my counselors with 1 or 2 repair have Tinker because of the times I've found a part and no one was around to fix it.
  8. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    I'd start of with a series recap like at the beginning of part 7, then a simple plot of Jason stalking Crystal Lake DURING camp not BEFORE.
  9. new jason deaths

    For a final girl/guy scenario they could make a special weapon spawning in a random location. If you are the very last person left in the game a stun from the weapon will trigger a minigame with several button prompts, each being a methodical hit. Missing one of the prompts breaks the weapon on impact. Completing the minigame ends with Jason beheaded.
  10. Forget the clothing DLCs and go straight for the emote pack.
  11. Male equivalent (Sweater)

    Fox is the one exception. Unless you got a good group ganging up on Jason (which usually isn't the case), having high strength characters will matter. Now if it comes down to it, Tommy and the sweater girl will have to protect each other and hit Jason every time he grabs, which is another fast way to demask him, but a good Jason player will catch on and start hacking and knifing. I've played some matches with a group that specializes in defeating Jason, and part of our strategy is for two of us to play a high strength character, usually Bugzy or Adam. After calling Tommy we'd go after Jason and try demasking him, which makes things easier. Of course this was before the Fox character.
  12. Male equivalent (Sweater)

    I think the male equivalent is that their higher strength allows them to unmask Jason faster.
  13. You had all of that recorded, right?
  14. I was definitely misinformed about that. Saw video a while back where the guy playing Jason started by trapping the generator closest to the phone. Guess some people assumed taking out the power would also affect the phone. Before I wouldn't have placed more than one trap at the phone, but with the recent Jason changes and Tommy pocket knife spawn, don't think I'll try to play fairly as Jason anymore. After I trap the phone I'll break some windows and doors until morph is available again.
  15. IF the existing intros could be altered to feature real-time models, I'd be all for it. Just worried it'd be too much work.