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  1. Did you get to discuss his thoughts on the game?
  2. Never really thought about which maps I would or wouldn't want the most, but now that I think about it. Unless they can make Forest Green unique, no point. Would like to see the Shepard residence. Really want to see the ship or New York. Voorhees house would also have to be more unique. Something tells me Gun Media isn't planning on that map, mainly the fact that the Book of the Dead can already be seen in the Jarvis house living room.
  3. aurllcooljay

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Afraid I can't be bothered to follow Twitter. No reason not to re-post it over here.
  4. aurllcooljay

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I'm betting the clothing pack will be released along with another kill pack sometime between this update and Jason X.
  5. True, it doesn't always make sense. Guess game developers have started adding progression more and more because of the sense of achievement without giving much thought otherwise.
  6. If they ever do another mo cap session (who knows), it would be cool if Jason had combat finishers. Pretty much when he slashes you there'd be a 50% chance the last hit would be a kill animation.
  7. Maybe have an option to toggle the belt, so part 6 Jason would look like he did at the beginning of the movie.
  8. Coming from a level 127, I hope Gun Media hears all feedback on weapon swap when it hits. Not everyone likes the idea of an RPG progression system, but that's how some games are now doing it. Having everything unlocked at the beginning is no fun, but neither is grinding most of the way through. Just imagine playing an RPG and only a small part of items are available throughout most of the game instead of spreading it all out. Currently the only ways to customize Jason's appearance (bloody skins and soon weapon swap) require such a high level. That's why I hope that before or when Jason X comes out, they at least give each Jason his own weapon swap level, Jason X being at 150.
  9. Maybe the game won't force Jason to move forward during shift.
  10. It might be better control during shift, ie not getting stuck at corners.
  11. Are you referring to the player made contracts? Never did those, but could make for interesting challenges. May not get implemented, but we do have a whole section of the forum dedicated to player run challenges.
  12. True, a regular type match with Jason AI won't be coming because of how long it would take to program him chasing you all over the existing maps. However this is a different idea that involves a smaller area ans different experience. Not saying the devs will do it, we're just brainstorming ideas of what could work.
  13. To all the Lachappas and Deborahs out there, I recommend the firecracker starting perk if you ever need more time to regain stamina.
  14. Exactly. It's as though they thought it was supposed to be pg. Edit: By the way, if anyone wants to see the Necronomicon in the game, it turns out that in the Jarvis house living room...
  15. The problem with ever having teamkilling in public matches is we'll always feel like this: