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  1. Even though the bat is supposed to have a better stun chance, it didn't appear to back then (late last year/early this year). Also perks like sucker punch weren't that effective, but some of that has been patched since. The wrench's durability also came in handy. Not sure why we didn't use pots much. Maybe they just weren't as common as wrenches.
  2. When I was playing with a Jason hunting group, we concluded the wrench to be the best stun weapon for dropping him.
  3. aurllcooljay


    Found the pics Slasher_Clone. Enjoy:
  4. What can I say? I like to improvise.😃
  5. Last time I attempted a Jason kill he wouldn't fall to his knees. Then again it was with a machete. At 18:09:
  6. Remember you can get PHD in Murder in offline matches. The tombstone kill isn't necessary since it's the same animation as the rock/cabin rail/counter and pool table kill. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten that achievement.
  7. aurllcooljay


    Originally the car needed it's tires repaired. There's a screenshot floating around somewhere showing that as part of the repair objectives. I remember hearing the maps were a lot bigger than what they are now, but the devs decided to condense them down.
  8. Man, can't even imagine maxing out on boat escape badges. Would have to private match a lot for that.
  9. aurllcooljay


    There are a limited amount of things Jason can use against a running counselor and they are shift, morph, knives, and of course stumbling. If the pre alpha gameplay is anything to go by, stumbling might have been more common before the final game. Starting at 2:00:
  10. That's an interesting idea, counselors dying if the timer runs out. Wouldn't make much sense in the current context of surviving the night though. How the heck did you get to level 30 in just a week?
  11. Found my last and final Pamela tape yesterday. Cheers.? Only four Tommy tapes so far.
  12. aurllcooljay

    Challenges for Offline Bots

    It's about time we got some challenges for the offline single player challenges. One idea I've had for a while is "film accurate deaths". Basically when you play a challenge, try to recreate the death scenarios as close to the movie as possible. For starters here's my attempt at that on challenge #2 (read video description for details) : it can also be fun to collaborate on what deaths are the most film accurate. Next challenge I'm looking at is #4. What I'm planning so far: Tiffany of course gets the harpoon kill. For Shelly I wanted to do the butcher knife throat cut. Found a butcher knife in two cabins on the north side of the map, but neither had the right animation. Instead I may have to settle on the pig splitter throat slit. For Kenny I wanted to perform "eviseration", but since the pigsplitter will have to be equipped the next best thing is "slammed and split". AJ's movie counterpart gets stabbed with a knife while sitting and reading, so maybe the knife kill on her, or maybe the lawn chair environmental kill. What do you guys think? EDIT: So I tried my idea for Challenge #4, but some improvements can be made. Instead of the pig splitter throat slit for Shelly, I could do the Candy Dispenser machete kill, which would allow me to also perform an evisceration on Kenny. On AJ a butcher knife kill would also be better. Since the only butcher knives are on the North side of the map, I'm thinking of how to get her over there without having to grab her a dozen times. I'm thinking wait for her to look for Kenny in the room downstairs, then block the doorway so she'll be forced to climb out the window and onto a previously placed trap. Anyone want to try that go on ahead, I'm looking at some of the other challenges right now.
  13. aurllcooljay

    old clothes glitch

    Probably because PC users were hacking save files, and the best way Gun Media could deal with that was to reset all saves. I myself still had a few cool looking glitched outfits on the PS4 when they got patched out.
  14. You never really know. I'd been waiting for a new Friday movie ever since Paramount had obained the rights for five years starting in 2013, and just when it looked like we'd finally get one filming it was cancelled because of the failure of a completely unrelated horror movie, Rings.? Goes to show common sense doesn't always apply, even to businesses.
  15. aurllcooljay

    Best Screenshots

    Glitched medspray? Never seen that before.