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  1. If the physical copy bonus (medium bloody skins and one clothing pack for each counselor) ever became available as a digital DLC, I'd buy it. Doesn't seem worth it to buy a physical disk just for that.
  2. Wow what a baby!

    Yeah, that was me. Once again that was a group I was playing with; I'm not a lowlife teamkiller. Did that just to hear their reactions. Also doesn't go without saying I've been defeated as Jason three times by them. I think the reason the camera view jumped back in the video had to do with being in the car.
  3. Wow what a baby!

    Happy coincidence... I was with a group of friends trying the defeat Jason, and after getting the mask off, they didn't need me, so I started up the car while they went after Jason. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing; I wouldn't do that to random players I'd just met.
  4. Share your proudest F13 Game moments

    One time a Jason player said I scared him. He was killing another player inside a cabin at the Bottom of Higgins Haven, and I was outside by the wall next to the door, bat in hand. As soon as he came running outside, unaware I was there, I knocked him flat on his back. Now for my proudest moment. I spawn as AJ at the Packanack lodge, noticing that the phone was there, and the first drawer I search has the fuse. Wait, that sounds familiar... the same thing happened once when I played as Lachappa, same drawer too. Unfortunately the first time I hadn't been playing that long and took a short while to find the phone. Because of this Jason showed up and destroyed the phone box before the call went through. So this time I wasn't taking any chances. Crashed through a window to repair the phone box, then sprinted directly to the phone. Police called in less than a minute. Right after the call I noticed gasoline in the same room, so I went to the Northeastern side of the map to fix the four seater. On the way there Jason gave chase but then went after someone else. While I was looking for more car parts at Woodbury camp the police arrive, and I hear players on the walkie talkie planning to make a run to the cops. Soon after that I was the only one left, everyone else having already escaped. So of course I gave up on the car, and two firecrackers secured my escape. Happened to have both cases recorded:
  5. Is this a known bug?

    Not to mention that previously dead counselors are standing up.
  6. They all need to equip the thick-skinned perk. Problem solved. I desperately need to get on before double xp is over. Have to get Fox's best outfit at next level, 120.
  7. I just lost all my levels!!!!

    You get that by buying the Part 4 Pig Splitter Kill Pack DLC.
  8. Alternative Trap Spots

    On Packanack and Packanack small the side door gets used a lot.
  9. I noticed if the car gets stuck the bots will eventually drive backwards. Not sure if was like that already or part of the update.
  10. Wouldn't say it's been 100% confirmed. For all we know it might just be a weapon kill pack for Savini Jason, although who knows how that will work. I imagine people without Savini will buy the pack just to complain about not being able to use it.
  11. If I had to guess how the pitchfork kills will work, they may release a pitchfork kill pack sometime after the weapon swap update, which will make the regular pitchfork an available weapon with only the DLC kills. However Savini Jason will also have those kills on his trident. But if that's really how it's gonna be, people with Savini Jason should still be able to equip the trident on any other Jason because 1. It makes too much sense not to and 2. What is the point of having an exclusive weapon if it's bound to one Jason?
  12. In a video showing mocap for future DLC, at one point (1:25) Kane Hodder claims he is performing a new kill with the pitchfork, so there will definitely be more pitchfork kills:
  13. Best Screenshots

    If you are referring to the one photobombed by Mitch, I believe that was a random player who just so happened to be there for the Jason kill. To anyone who is interested, I got the pics of Jason by the camp sign whenever he headed to the police exit. Another short clip that would've made a good screenshot:
  14. Best Screenshots

    Time to unload a bunch of old ones. This is what happens when a player is afk for a few matches and then is selected to be Jason. Some more Jason defeated pics: One time when I was playing with a group of Jason hunters they were all gathered together in one cabin. The Jason player was scared to come inside. They taunted him for a while, then eventually charged outside and got him before he could shift/morph away. Jason rage quit during the kill of course. I was spectating none other than Reyezblood 03. Jason welcomes you to camp: AJ glamour shot. Adam and Deborah merge together to make...
  15. Only thing that would have made this better is if you had played as Part 7. "Part 7 Makes Level 150 players Quit" has a nice ring to it. Very good job avoiding Chad's wrench attack after breaking the door. It appears you got out of combat mode during the attack so you could strafe away.