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  1. aurllcooljay

    Challenge 10 Kenny In Ground?

    If you really can't get him before that, try shift grabbing. Actually I found an easy way to get the undetected skull: at the very beginning take out the power causing them to flee, and as long as they don't see you the undetected skull stays intact. The only one you have to kill is Vanessa. As long as the rest escape the map before the timer runs out you will have completed the match undetected.
  2. Interesting. Anyone know the current status of the court case?
  3. aurllcooljay

    Thought Y'all Fixed This

    Oh wait, I remember something like this once. A few of us had our preferences set to random in a lobby. I thought it was a screen glitch. Must have left before the match actually started.
  4. If Gun Media could do this I'd be all for it.
  5. Was half joking, although I didn't realize it had to be ingame.
  6. aurllcooljay

    Thought Y'all Fixed This

    In that case I always identify as Jason when I'm Lachappa. Jokes aside, what consoles does this usually happen on? Hasn't happened to me yet on the PS4.
  7. Interesting find. Never heard of this glitch before.
  8. aurllcooljay

    Your most satisfying kill?

    I'm sure it happened so fast the Jason player didn't have time to be pissed. I had a similar experience with an unplanned Jason kill, although not as cool. I was in a match where roughly half the lobby were a group of friends with mics (I had my mic disconnected because it was getting old and making sounds, as you can tell at the end of the vid). I came back as Tommy and tried to hitch a ride on the four seater, but they kept trying to run me over. Later on the fight was taken over to the Higgens Haven lodge, where someone mentioned trying to unmask Jason, so I ran inside to get a weapon (forgetting that the barn would have been a better place to look). You'll have to watch the end to see what happens. SPOILER: Jason is defeated.
  9. aurllcooljay

    Your most satisfying kill?

    Awesome. I never doubted your story, just wanted to see it for myself.
  10. aurllcooljay

    Your most satisfying kill?

    I would certainly like to see it please.
  11. At one time early on I mostly played Savini, but that eventually stopped after all the times people friended me in the lobby and asked if I would gameshare.😠 Part 6 does look like the most well designed out of them all, and looks the best holding a machete.
  12. I mained Part 4 right after he came out and still play him the most. With all the juking I can't stand playing as a walking Jason online. As for the other running Jasons, would play Part 2 more if he didn't get bullied so easily, Part 3 has good stats but seems too generic, and since Part 5 technically isn't really Jason I don't want to play as him too much, although from time to time.
  13. I've never seen that happen at a police exit, although there was one time someone was grabbed by Jason and glitched out of the kill, then escaped by car a little later with everyone else left. The game showed that player was "dead", but the match didn't end, until he/she eventually quit.
  14. Last match as Jason went pretty good (apart from that annoying Deborah near the beginning). Points of interest: The trap I place at 4:37 came in handy. Some good knife throws starting at 9:17 and 10:26. Try not to laugh at how I handled Tommy near the end. He's limping, but I don't want to slash him to death, so...