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  1. It should still be available for whatever PSN account you bought it for. I know this because earlier I had the data go corrupt when the PS4 wasn't turned off properly and the memory got wiped. After reinstalling the game all the DLCs were still there.
  2. We all know what matches will look like if they brought friendly fire back...
  3. One time I had someone get onto me for hitting Jason from the front with an ax, which didn't knee him.😕It's more about the fact that weapons only have a chance at stunning than where you hit him from.
  4. Last few times I tried using the machete it sucked at knocking Jason to his knees (that was a while ago). Don't see why Gun media would change that.
  5. If you play on PS4, there's an option to adjust microphone level, I think if you go to "Devices".
  6. Unless you guys were dancing over the dead Jason and calling him trash, I don't understand why he felt he had to get some revenge trolling. If it was me I would've helped defeat Jason the next match to show I'm not a terrible player (not that it takes skill to defeat Jason, but tell that to obnoxious Jason hunters).
  7. And you're gonna share that video with us, right? 😎
  8. I'm guessing no, taking something away isn't new content. As an example, look at how the Jason X portion of the virtual cabin was removed.
  9. Got on for the first time in a long while and in this particular match an opportunity for a surprise stalk grab presented itself. See kids, this is why you should never leave the house without a pocket knife.
  10. It could be he didn't want to risk slashing a group that could have been stuffed with med sprays and was hoping to waste what little amount of pocket knives they had with surprise shift grabs, or he could have been betting the Tommy player had given his pocket knife to the sweater girl, a common tactic. People aren't always prepared for surprise shift grabs, so I don't blame him for trying that.
  11. I heard something about that for badges; should've figured it would apply to achievements as well.
  12. I haven't yet gotten 500 matches as Jason, and I've been on and off playing since the game came out. For A PHD in Murder, some of the most common ones missed are the graveyard fence kill, Higgens barn closet (heard that was considered its own kill, but have no idea if it actually is), and the Higgens fence kill (which is one of the wall kills, but only in a few places). You can get the achievement playing an offline match by the way.
  13. What I want the most is more variety in offline play, since that is the future of the game. If at the very least the toggle options for private matches can also be made available in offline. I'd have fun starting off with the police already called and vehicles repaired.
  14. @TimDuke 01 No problems. I'm always looking for ways to improve my playing techniques, but I just don't think my overall performance will get much better.
  15. Yes I made some mistakes, but please keep in mind the point of the videos was more about how some scenarios can be out of Jason's control rather than how good of a Jason I am. I say that with the knowledge that had I done things differently things wouldn't have been as bad and do appreciate the feedback. It wasn't luck Tommy didn't get called in the first video. The reason I took out those two generators was because the radio tower wasn't in the intro, which meant the Tommy house was either at Blair's Cove or above the lodge. And at the rate the traps were getting tanked I didn't really have time to make sure where the radio actually was. Whether those players were actually trying to call Tommy or just mess with me I'll never know, but that was a risk I couldn't take. Now lets say I didn't make any mistakes. Would that have guaranteed I could have prevented a Tommy call and keep the objectives in check the whole time?
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