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  1. Forgot to mention that on the original Kickstarter page they had a picture of the Part 7 mask mesh in development:
  2. Thing is the Part 7 mask originally used to look closer to the first picture, but was later changed, probably to make it more distinctive. Check out the Announcement Trailer at 1:15 and the gameplay preview at 0:31:
  3. I remember you used to get additional xp for doing some of these objectives more than once. For example you got more xp every time you destroyed the generator in the same match. Teamers could level up super fast that way.
  4. And you're going to record it and share it with us, right?
  5. Well there's always the chance of a multimillionaire fan making a large donation to kickstart... oh who am I kidding. Not happening.🙁
  6. I'd give it to a Jason with horrible stats, such as -shift,-morph, and can't run. Only Jason that would've qualified is Part 7 before he was buffed.
  7. You should show him the video and be like, "hey, remember when this happened?".
  8. It's the competitive nature of multiplayer games that's the issue here. People expect you you be naturally good without making it look like you had to put a bunch of effort in, otherwise they make it look like you're doing things out of desperation. Thing is, when you're up against a well coordinated group you will be put into situations where you have to act desperately: Players tanking traps with thick skin and medic, players ganging up to demask and grabbing the sweater right after, players guarding objectives other players are currently fixing. I haven't played much multiplayer before F13, so I didn't really get why some people had to point out how a Jason player wasn't the best, but I get it now. There's only one of him and several of you, so of course the player is expected to be at the top of his game. But that's just a dumb double standard. No one can be expected to always be at the top of their game, make the best choices, and make no mistakes, especially when there are several other players. That would require you to be in more than one place at a time. But I'm afraid that will never change with asymmetrical multiplayer games. Playing online people just have to show they are the best. Similarly, Dead by Daylight has the same mentality with the killers. Just check out these videos by the Youtube channel Samination that parody everything in the game, including what players expect from the killers. Example #1. At 0:27 in this video the killer is scolded for "camping": Example #2. This video contains the "Survivors Rule Book for Killers" at 1:50, 3:04, and 6:48: I rest my case, people.
  9. Would have been interesting if zombie Jasons required another method to defeat, but no use crying over spilt milk.
  10. Put more than one trap at an objective, try hard. Fight against a group with slashing and knifing, try hard. Tommy and the sweater girl are waiting for you in the shack and you walk in blocking, try hard. Last player left hops between cabins and you start breaking windows and use shift and morph every chance you get, try hard.
  11. Yup, that would be how to deal with the player. Only thing is they could go into combat mode and avoid slashes/knives with dodges and blocks, then try to stun you when you're not blocking to get a free heal. Player's like the Vanessa in the video will be sure to have thick skin and both a pocket knife and med spray(s) before attempting a sweater grab.
  12. In my own defense that was the first time I came across someone that daring. That doesn't go without saying I do remember going against the same player in the same scenario and slashed instead, only for that Vanessa to stun me and heal herself.😧 I have since developed techniques to counter that, such as trapping the shack before first walking in to confront the player, keeping my distance, slashing and blocking.
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