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  1. I can confirm it works. Just be sure you are at least at level 113 for weapon swap.
  2. Well I've finally done it. Got on yesterday to find the final tape I needed, Tommy tape #12, and in the very first match...
  3. I enjoyed this match. Awesome moments starting at 3:36, 12:10, 12:48, and 14:16:
  4. Would anyone be interested in more film accurate deaths? I was thinking of doing ones from different movies, for example in challenge #10 play as Part 7 Jason. There are some scenarios from the movie that can be re enacted in that challenge, guy gets killed in the kitchen then his girlfriend is thrown out the window, guy gets killed while sitting on the living room sofa, guy gets killed on lake shore then girl is drowned.
  5. Tommy accidentally gets betrayed. Never seen that before. 😄 A good kill squad would know to repair objectives right away as a back up plan. If the cops had been called and everyone escaped it would have been as much of a defeat as getting killed. Luckily this group just wanted bragging rights for a Jason kill.
  6. Challenge #1 Broken Down - No Survivors in 25 Seconds (going by the ingame timer at the end of the match):
  7. I was about to say the same thing. The only kill I've ever done at the cemetary was the fence kill (playing offline bots by the way), and that's when I got the achievement.
  8. I remember you once suggested being able to permanently stun Jason the whole match. This is certainly an improvement, but as it is some players quit as soon as they realize they've been selected to play as him. Making players scared to play as Jason will only make things worse.
  9. The mask originally looked like that (see the teaser trailer), but I guess Gun Media wanted it more unique and look like it actually spent years underwater. The angry expression is probably meant to match Kane Hodder's angry Jason demeanor that he's known for.
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