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  1. I find medic and thick skin useful for tanking traps, when I'm camping out in a lodge and use a second story window as a means of escape, and when the Jason player is smart enough to smash windows, but to each his own.
  2. That moment when you've been chasing the car around the map and try this: And this: Oh and this:
  3. Well, as the title states, Tommy and Tiffany were making, um, chocolate chip cookies. Why else were there all those kitchen noises?
  4. Lets assume for one minute people really want this. There's still a problem. There's actually a badge for killing with your weapon.
  5. Gotta love conveniently timed rage quits: I have an old video where a troll traps another player, only to get swirlied by Jason, during which he ragequit. Can't post it here because it shows the player's name, but for anyone who is interested, the video is called Troll Gets Glitched Swirly (Friday the 13th: The Game).
  6. Multi trap the shack if you start the match knowing they are Jason hunters or if it becomes obvious they are trying to demask you. If you're like me and trap objectives right away, I find it useful to save my last trap just in case of this, or if the car gets started to trap the driver door.
  7. Use firecrackers before rage, problem solved.
  8. Thank you so much for confirming what Gun Media has stated a thousand times over. It is appreciated.
  9. Definition of tryhard Jason: someone who employs a strategy other players can't deal with and feel they have to shame said player. Love it when they call you try hard for slashing, despite getting badges for that.
  10. Health sprays useful for: Slasher/sniper Jasons, traps, if you have to jump out of a second story window/broken windows. If I had a repair part I'd have to have that in my inventory, although the health spray would be the last to replace, unless I had more than one.
  11. 😁 Due to popular demand I'm releasing two other videos I've had unlisted:
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