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  1. "VIP guests will participate in the tour of the camp, have an amazing dinner in our historic dining hall and take part in a first-time-ever special evening activity. When the rest of the afternoon tour attendees leave, their VIP experience will continue with an overnight stay in our log cabins, breakfast and a once-in-a-lifetime activity in the morning with our special guest. This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for hardcore F13 fans. Please note that your authentic camp experience will include camping out on an army style cot in a rustic log cabin together with other VIPs. Please be prepared with our suggested packing list." https://www.crystallaketours.com/tour/tickets/ https://www.crystallaketours.com/tour/vip/ I participated in the silent auction but I never heard back so I assume I lost. Did anyone else bid? and possibly win?
  2. Other: Not enough variety in regards to itemization, perks, progression etc.
  3. I read something like instead of having to press E 18 times as Jenny you only need to press it 16 times as her, so yeah. Its uesless.
  4. I wouldn't use the word "Confirmed" for anything unless it's actually released. Maybe Announced vs Leaked. Nothing is confirmed after the Paranoia fiasco.
  5. Looking forward to your explanation of Aerosol Medsprays.
  6. No mechanics need to be reworked simply because daylight exists. Honestly your example about flashlights is a strong argument, but I still feel it doesn't have much of a leg to stand to justify reworking the Fear mechanic. There is something called Dusk and Dawn which would favor the use of flash lights in the woods. Even if there was say, noon on a sunny day, you can still make the "woods" dark enough to warrant use of a flashlight but honestly the flash light is toggled to manage fear more than it is to manage visibility even on night time maps. So, using it during the day can mean more of a sense of security during the day to manage fear. The only reason to use a flash light to see is when the power is cut inside of a cabin, which, by your example is a completely plausible use case. I'd love to see a day time map option or perhaps is as time went on maps became brighter (simulating the sun rise).
  7. No you're right. Anything verbal is due to Fear/Composure but my main point was about the ability to Sense.
  8. Composure and Fear have nothing to do with Hiding other than verbal comments from the character. Hiding will never light a house red if you're hiding and rage mode is deactivated. If Rage mode is activated then it will always light a house up red. Distance may play a factor on how close Jason needs to be, however. It's very black and white, there is no progression or % based unless you involve Perks.
  9. And changing the mechanic doesn't have to impact that in anyway if you *want to stay. But no one should be forced to stay to be rewarded.
  10. Randomly spawning as Tommy Jarvais is... well lame. It's essentially the only reason why players are forced to stay in the match to obtain their completed match XP (we all know how well that's working). There should be a choice involved and it could be done somewhat easily. Right now there is no rhyme or reason, besides escaping or being dead that you are selected to return as Tommy. At the very least, Tommy spawning should warrant Completed Match rewards for those players Dead/Escaped so we can make the decision to leave or stay. I simply don't understand the logic behind forcing people to waste their time by literally watching and not playing the game to get rewarded. If we wanted to watch we could go to twitch. If you think about it, it really only add's to queue times too. As numbers dwindle this will become more of an issue. Alternatives: Whomever calls Tommy comes back as him when dead Once called, whomever finds Tommy escapes and comes back as him The first person to die in the match gets another chance as Tommy (since it's likely due to bad luck anyway) Make a Tommy preference in options, a random player queued is pulled into your game as Tommy (more realistic anyway).
  11. Interesting. Just tested this. The house appear to never light up if you are in a hiding spot with the only exception being if Jason has rage the house will ALWAYS light up. Tested this 20 Sense Spams on AJ and then 20 Sense spams on Vanessa. We can assume that Stealth does not effect Hiding and being detected by Sense. It appears to be an outright check on Rage to determine whether or not the house lights up if you're hiding.
  12. Managing your fear utilizing hiding spots puts you in a very vulnerable state. Fear has nothing to do with cabins lighting up red (as far as I know). I believe cabins will always light up red if you're inside of it (minus avoidance perks). A fair trade off I'd say if his sense were to change.
  13. Honestly, that tip is mind blowing to me. lol. I just tested it and it would seem accurate. 2 Hits with Bugsy to get mask off, only exception is if a hit stuns it takes 3.
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