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  1. Emotes need to go

    haha, yes. The sad truth is no matter what you do you're never going to get rid of trolls. They will always find a way.
  2. Even a asymmetrical survival game can obtain an appropriate balance of game-play.
  3. Emotes need to go

    Unlikely they can change emotes at this point unless they want to issue refunds. Besides, people are going to troll regardless if there is a dance emote or not.
  4. Game should end if Tommy is the only one alive tbh. It's annoying watching someone troll Jason with a 10/10 Character.
  5. Wouldn't it be neat if Counselor objectives were pre-trapped in addition to Jason's starting traps? It's kind of a no-brainer when you play as Jason to go around trapping all of the Counselor objectives first. I mean, in theory Jason already destroyed the Fuse box and cars - right? What if he also trapped them all before the start of the match. Cars = 1 -3 Chance for the fuel tank, engine, and/or drivers seat to be trapped. Fuse box = Trapped. Jason's Shack = Trapped. This gives Jason more time to focus on his objective and perhaps it will off set the extra health sprays and pocket knives. Just a random thought.
  6. Just my two cents here. I understand the need to enforce an organized forum, but it would seem that stating your users are not allowed to create new threads on previously discussed topics is both a paradox and catch 22. Almost all topics have been discussed in the past and our repeated daily, but phrased slightly different than before. I'm not sure it would be possible to discuss something on topic that has not been mentioned in some shape or form in the past. Furthermore, in the past I've also seen moderators lock threads due to users reviving old discussions or posts. So, how might one continue to discuss a topic without creating a new thread or reviving an old thread? It would seem that the only way to discuss a topic would be in the moment, but once that undefined moment has passed the topic can no longer be discussed. (But yet, some of the same topics continued to be discussed while others cannot.) I read more than I post nowadays so neither impact me but its just something I've picked up on. We can even use this thread raised by @Rexfellis as an example. This is a duplicate discussion that's been raised in the past too. This is possibly part of the confusion/frustration.
  7. What's your Strategy

    Trap the phone box. Destroy all doors and windows in the phone box house. Trap both exits/entryways to the phone box house. Then swing away. Gets them every time.
  8. Yeah, I don't think this is due to your connection at all. In fact all players other than yourself, see you standing there (not just Jason). I think at first glance it looks like lag, but the only way I could see that happening if somehow exiting the car forces your connection to drop. Whatever it is it's really annoying.
  9. I somewhat agree here! Commented in yellow with feedback, mostly expanding upon your ideas.
  10. Just to clarify, you posted a link to a different discussion than the one I originally created this thread about - I'm not sure if I'm confusing responses because it looks like (to me) your response/Edit was directed at the thread you linked and not the Reddit discussion! I havent read your link but I thought there were some good points in the reddit discussion.
  11. I'm not trying to sound crass , but did you have a look at the Reddit post? There are some really good suggestions on how to revamp the Perk system. Infact, the three Perks you use as an example might be the 3 best designed Perks (I have Epic of all 3) that don't need updating. However, most Perks NEED updating or buffing if not a complete rework. The problem is the other Perks are not really worth using at all. For example, Quiet Swimmer - why would you need to be in a water? There are no objectives in water and they only recently introduced one map (Jarvais) that you would ever need to swim (only momentarily) on. There are simply too many useless Perks. I mean the game has a win/loss scenario. You can't argue it's not a competitive game. The game consists of two sides with different objectives. Even if you are playing for fun, a game by definition is competitive in nature. Whether or not you're playing to win or lose is another story, but that just sounds like trolling.
  12. Totally agree with the progression system but if the Perks are not reworked everyone is going to work towards the same perks and in the end you'll have the same result. Everyone will have the same play-style with very minor variations.
  13. This is a great discussion with some great ideas from the community. Worth a read. imo. Yall must have some data on how often Perks are equipped and used in game. I'm sure a lot of them have a very low %.
  14. Children Everywhere

    Yeah its super annoying but I have a hard time complaining about it because I feel like a lot of us watched the Jason movies at that age or younger. At least I know I did, lol.