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  1. Isn't the only thing affected the first film where the mother is the killer. How could that interfere with the game?
  2. Dont get it... Why would they do that? What could they possibly gain from it? The game does not sell anymore, so there is no more income to collect from it.
  3. Atleast on dev on the forum. Let's hope he can answer all the questions.
  4. I don´t reckon i´ll get an official response, since the devs never seems to be active on this forum anymore. But the state of the game right now feels like an beta at best. Its need a stability patch asap. I really hope they can add new content in the future, otherwise the game will die. What good does dedicated servers do in the future, if there is no one left to play with.
  5. Still no activity from the devs. They seem to have left the forums long ago.
  6. And still no posts from the devs. Its as dead as it was before.
  7. I feel sorry for the poor suckers that was promised heaven for pledges. Look at them now...
  8. So Jason could be killed all along. Just not with a machete, but with a lawsuit. It kinda sucks that no more Jasons or maps will be going out. Kinda suspected we would never get Uber Jason anyways. Would explain why the devs have stopped beeing active on the forum. Just hope to get dedicated servers before i die. We can always hope for Free Savini Jasons again if they feel kind. Will you guys (devs, if you ever read this post) start working on summer camp slasher (or whatever its called) or just give up?
  9. There is something i don´t understand, that i hope someone involved in this can answer (devs). First of, a decision has not yet been made so whats stopping you? Second, the decision was supposed to come around 2017, that would mean before the game was launched? Here is the strange part. You had the game summer camp slasher or whatever on different pledge sites to get money to develop. Then you get the rights for F13 and can use all sorts of F13 materials such as the same music composer actors, masks maps and councilors. And now all of a sudden your not longer allowed because of a lawsuit? Tought you had the right all ready. So whats stopping you guys from going back to work on summer camp slasher instead then? Just switch out some things and keep at it. Please can someone who worked on this explain instead of just go silent.
  10. Yay, maybe that means that you could play online again soon. Keep those updates coming as long as your not adding more bugs & glitches to the game.
  11. Damn son, that's even more then before. Also, when do we get Über Jason?
  12. According to the devs it would be to expensive and advance to develop.
  13. Not yet. But it was discussed as a future addon. Don't know if it's possible though. One thing I know, is that an bot Jason would not be possible. But I still would like to be able to add bots to private matches.
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