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  1. Those things sound good, throw in dismemberment and I'll be happy
  2. I know the stuff you guys are showing is alpha, and it does look cool. But the kills displayed were weak: hitting someone's head against a rock and off-screen stabbing with blood spray?
  3. In the end.. if the 7v1 mode is awesome everyone wins and that opens up tons of possibilities!
  4. Cool. Thanks for the info. I had never heard of a slacker backer. I get it now, people that were "slacker"s and didn't participate at first, can now become "backer"s. Also more money... In this situation more money to add more features. Sounds cool. I assume that us non-slackers will be able to help kickstart some more if we like the new features. While searching the forums for what a slasher backer is I found a lot of people asking for a single player campaign... My 2cents and thoughts: I think you guys have a really hard decision to make! I know there are camps of people that only care about MP and there are certain people who only care about SP. I dig both and I always play both. I imagine adding a single player campaign would cost as much or more than the whole game as it is now. Need all the story, VO, mocap, actors, level design, QA, etc. On one hand: (IMHO) Single player campaigns are scrutinized way more. Every cinematic, every animation, every line is heard by every player, every time. Especially when it's an IP that has such a long and storied history like F13. Why doesn't Star Wars: Battlefront have a campaign? I don't know, but one reason could be that Disney didn't want DICE to blow in in any way that might disrupt their giant movie opening. One example in SW: You can play as heroes in that game, and when you begin playing as one, they have 1 line. One line only! And the VO is so terrible that almost every review calls it out as cringe-worthy. On the other hand: (IMHO) People love campaigns. Using Star Wars as an example again... Almost everyone I talk to complains that there isn't a single player campaign. On the other hand: (I have 3 hands) Developers who try to do full featured MP and SP modes almost never works out well. MP or SP, possibly both modes become diluted because a team is trying to make 2 big ass games. It does work out well sometimes, like Blops3 has an in-depth campaign, multiplayer and horde mode. Halo5 kinda too. But both of those companies spent years and tens of millions of dollars making them. (Also Hardline had a really cool SP campaign and fun MP.) I think some of the best shooters of this generation are Titanfall and Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare.. both of those had a total focus on MP... And I think it shows. On the other hand, I know a lot of gamers who somehow didn't like those games or didn't even try them because there was no single player mode... Also, Evolve was MP only and sucked. Imagine if Until Dawn had MP. Sounds like it might be a cool idea. But then think how the SP would be if they spent 1/2 their money making a MP mode. It would probably be half as good. Anyways, I really had no point to this post. I'm not anti-single player or anything. Anything is possible. And in my experience, passion is the great equalizer and you guys seem to have the passion. I'm just really excited about the potential super fun of chopping off my friends' heads in this game. I guess one more point, and probably the biggest point, quite possibly why you guys are even making this game now... The modern classic, father of all modern co-op shooters and one of the greatest games ever made... Left 4 Dead. Co-op and multiplayer absolute greatness. Some of the greatest gaming moments I've ever had... 7 of your friends in a close game, survivors nearing the end but barely hanging on by a thread.... Then onscreen, "You will become the tank!" I can only imagine spawning as motherf*#$ing Jason!
  5. I just saw the tweet mentioning this and was curious... What is this? A separate kickstarter to fund a single player campaign?
  6. y06urt


    Hey all, I'm sure it's been said by everyone that posts here.. Huge horror fan and gamer. Jason is the best horror movie icon. Can't wait to play the game. I'm a game / level designer by trade and if I didn't have a good job and family, this would be a dream job and I'd beg you to hire me. Still willing to help in any way. I even liked Jason X!! It was hilarious and had some good deaths! /dodges tomatoes. My best Friday the 13th story is one time we watched all of them on VHS (only up until Jason Takes Manhattan were out during the time) in one day, but we made up crazy rules like you only had 2 pee breaks, you lose if you fell asleep and you had to eat a giant bag of pork rinds by the end.
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