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  1. I think this can be nice. It could help to hold the interest in the game.
  2. I suggest to put sounds for some emotes as for example "cry" emote. I think sounds can make them funnier.
  3. I suggest counselors can push away other counselors. So if a counselor have its way blocked by other counselor, it can push it away for having free the way.
  4. After 2 months without any update, the content should be giant, 8gb of content like minimun.
  5. You can play like a protector with the actual mechanics. You need to pick Adam, Bugzy or Chad with "medic" perk. This perk allows you to use every medical sprays twice. To cure other counselors, you should press "g".
  6. Single player was the thing which coaxed me to buy this game two day after its release because I thought the multiplayer would have a short life.
  7. If a counselor get enough negative xp points (because of killing a lot of teammates), could this counselor lose xp points? Could this counselor down his level?
  8. I suggest the counselor can make marks in a map. I think this can be useful.
  9. Welcome. My best regards for you
  10. I came this website to look for more information about this game and to participate. I'm enjoying the game so much. Many people complains about Jason is OP, but Jason is perfect for me. The feeling that I get when I survive in this game is much better that the feeling that I get when I survive in Dead by Daylight. I see you in future threads.
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