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  1. Not sure why this is still open. If you have an issue with something in regard to the rules a PM will suffice. We don't need an entire thread about it. Thanks.
  2. The site still works and you will not get feedback on any action taken as a result of a report being submitted. In reporting it is best that you include as much info as possible and video of the event. Screen caps do not do much in terms what had occurred so video clips still remain the best option for reports.
  3. Please check the news section before creating a thread asking about updates. Here is an update from April that should answer your questions. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/18651-update-status-first-look-engine-update/
  4. JPops


    05/01/18 you are welcome
  5. Calling a lot of people clowns however Isn't joker the clown prince of crime? ;) anyways this isn't a discussion piece please if you create a thread make it a discussion piece and not a personal rant. Thanks.
  6. OK, this has gone far enough. While I enjoy the gifs its to the point where this whole thing is spam.
  7. So apparently you are back. Consider this fair warning as it seems you are already starting. Contribute to the conversation without posting antagonistic items in hopes to get a reaction out of people. I appreciate your cooperation with this.
  8. I have one steelbook for PC and a regular version, however I can not confirm anything as I am leaving them sealed.
  9. let's agree to disagree and move on. The topic of conversation is not only unconstructive bickering it's off topic. Please discuss the subject at hand. Thank you.
  10. Your best best to reach Randy is to contact him on Twitter. He is the one who would be able to look into it for you. His twitter handle is randygbk
  11. OK, I will only say this once. Please return to the topic, we don't need to be playing guess who. If someone has an alternate account they eventually get caught and it well be handled in accordance with the forum rules. Thank you.
  12. When there is a new update due, it will be communicated. We do not need several threads each week speculating whether there is an update or not. Keep your eyes on the forums and www.f13game.com for news and updates as well as all official accounts on Social Media.
  13. OK last thread was closed because A ) it turned into a cesspool of toxicity and B ) No mention of a forthcoming announcement has been made. Speculation does not require a thread of its own for week to week. Please do not re-create a thread with this topic.
  14. since this was made on March 21st inquiring about a potential announcement coupled with the fact we can't seem to engage each other in a respectful manner I am closing this. I suggest everyone take a moment to review the rules and quit being so hostile to one another.
  15. Well, it is posted somewhere around these parts. Regardless of such, I am asking that you do not double post and you can trust me that it's against the rules I promise I am a He however don't need to worry about offending. I've been called much worse if you were wrong. You are also correct I am not a dev on the game as well as me having my own opinion but many times my opinion aligns with gun / illfonic (I think they do a phenomenal job on this game) and some take issue with that so it's really one of those things that don't need to be said in the grand scheme of things.
  16. nope, he's right, double posting means posting twice. You are allowed one post without conversation occurring inbetween. Please edit in the future. I've merged quite a few members posts who have double posted. Please all be mindful of the rules.
  17. That is not accurate, as of the last update on paranoia, it was stated that the game mode has been placed on hold for the moment while other issues are tended to. Not sure where you got that information but it is incorrect.
  18. @Kaelum please correct the formatting on your text. The standard format will suffice. 2nd please search before creating a new thread. There are several on this exact topic we do not need am additional one. Thank you!
  19. Searches by default search for any text in the title and body of a topic that matches what you put in. If you can not find your topic easily, hit more search options and toggle the search to title only. That should yield you better results. Thank you for the feedback and I am certain tge above method will work out better for you when searching.
  20. Political topics are something that we want to refrain from creating per the forum rules.
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