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  1. It is a simple redirect set up to guns site. Some people do stuff like that for kicks unfortunately. It was registered through 123cheapdomains.com and you can purchase a domain and set up forwarding for $14 for a year.
  2. I wouldn't read into it. Wes likes sweets, Halloween candy fits the bill and nothing more. Let's also be honest, who doesn't love Halloween Candy? 2nd best time is when it's half off after the season.
  3. Darrin, It's fine to talk about it. However let's discontinue the narrative. "I know 100% because so and so said so." That is all, nothing more.
  4. Let's not spread rumors and state them as fact. While I understand that the conversation about what is next can be a fun conversation, stating things as fact is something else. Also, just because you may know someone, it does not mean they have any insight into what is going on within Gun Media. Also as stated above, Matt does not know who you have mentioned so probably a good idea to take things you see or hear on the internet about guns next project with a large grain of salt and wait for official word from Gun when any such information on Guns next project can be shared.
  5. Darrin, as it has been stated multiple times, when an update on the next project is ready there will be an update to follow. As you are aware the forums will be archiving soon so the best way to keep up to date will be to make sure you follow Guns social channels for news and updates. I know you are excited as are many for what is next but as soon as something is able to be shared, I am confident that Gun will waste no time in updating the fans.
  6. This started as one thing and slowly devolved into another. Couple of times it teeters into territory that should not exist on an official forum anyway. This discussion has run it course.
  7. Also for good measure, here is a recent tweet from CEO and President of Gun Media, Wes Keltner on the subject.
  8. I'll leave the poll open, but closing the comment section as political discussions always devolve into something else and political talks are discouraged on the forums.
  9. I'd like to remind everyone, regardless of what your stance is on the subject matter, you should remain respectful in your discourse. There is no need to trash anyone or name call. whether they reside on the forums or not, please be respectful to all.
  10. It kind of depends on the subject matter to be honest. If you just wanted to talk about cool things that could have been in there I dont see a problem with it, just keep it to one thread and not multiple threads. However in doing so, its important to not speculate and create rumor. This is an official forum and we can not allow conspiracy theory about the how, the when and the why to run rampant. As long as it remains in the realm of just talking about stuff that you would have liked to see in a singular thread and only that thread it shouldn't be a problem. Also take care to make sure its an actual discussion and not a laundry list of items that is bumped by yourself. This all falls within the scope of the forums rules and I refer you to the rules section if you have any questions on what is acceptable.
  11. Darrin, lets be honest here, you have multiple banned accounts on the forum. Matt can see that you want to be here and like to contribute to the community so let's not act like you are being treated unfairly. Secondly the only trouble that I've seen you run into, is when you post items that you already have received answers to in other threads and then create another one with the same questions. Its fine to ask questions and create threads it is only asked that you stay on topic and do not spam questions that you received an answer to. And third, as you are aware the lawsuit cut the games growth short and there isn't anything that anyone could have done differently that would have changed that outcome.
  12. I am closing this as these items were summed up in a different thread. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28737-im-officially-retiring-from-friday-the-13th-the-game/?do=findComment&comment=383889
  13. JPops

    Gun Media Studios

    Since this topic has been resolved I will be locking this thread.
  14. All, while you are allowed to disagree with one another, you should do so respectfully and tactfully, please tone it down. If we can't agree, lets agree to disagree and move on.
  15. While I can tell you are frustrated with something, spamming the forum with non constructive posts is not the way to go and a violation of the forum rules Please refrain from posting subsequent topics and review the forum rules in the rules section in regard to posting.
  16. Not sure how you drew your conclusions from anything said prior but please refrain from friviously posting across the forum of your new theories.
  17. I am not sure that is a great idea and not something that would be hosted on the forums. However If you do things on YouTube the world is your oyster.
  18. Nothing can be added to the game please see linked thread http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20227-questions-about-future-content/
  19. JPops

    contact devs

    Please submit any inquiries about bugs in as much detail as possible at www.jasonkillsbugs.com.
  20. @MonroeM62 please do not multi post. Please wait for a reply or conversation to happen before posting again. Bumping the topic will not get your questions answered any faster and such posting is against the forum rules.
  21. I am closing this, also let's be respectful to one another as the forum rules have not changed.
  22. Please submit a report to www.jasonkillsbugs.com and include as much information as possible.
  23. Happy Holidays! Please refrain from mentioning politics as that generally never goes down well and is against the forum rules.
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