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  1. While disagreements are bound to happen, we should try to keep discussions civil. This thread has spiraled out of control and I believe the discussion has run its course. Unfortunately it has devolved into attacks on one another which is prohibited in the forum rules. Please in future postings, let's keep conversation civil and when disagreeing, do so respectfully.
  2. Let's all try to keep the discussion civil. Regardless of what your stance is on the changes, we should not devolve discussions into a back and forth. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but they will do so respectfully.
  3. While I understand that it's been a long wait and that people are excited please be mindful of formatting that distorts the forum.
  4. To report items please use www.jasonkillsbugs.com
  5. Please see following thread with answers to questions. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/21449-faq-content-legal-status-and-the-future-of-the-game/
  6. Seems an answer was given. No need for further dialogue.
  7. The statement given by Gun Media has clearly stated that future content would not be occurring. I can understand that some may be disappointed but that is the only statement that was provided. Anything else is just speculation and has no place being posted on the official forum.
  8. Oh wow, This came out amazing! Great job!
  9. That information is incorrect. Both the artbook and CD will be coming out. Sounds more like your patience has worn thin and granted it has been awhile it does not mean it's not coming because your patience has worn thin.
  10. Please see the below topic. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20227-questions-about-future-content/?tab=comments#comment-310104
  11. Yes, the phrasing on that is important thank you for the correction. I actually had thought I locked this maybe it didn't take. again, thanks for bringing it up.
  12. I am sorry that you are disappointed about Uber Jason and the Grendel Map being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. however releasing Savini Jason is not going to happen.
  13. The artbook and the sound track will still be going out.
  14. Some of the anger here is exactly what leads to removed content. What do I mean by that? I mean the mentality of "us vs them" the "I don't care if I get banned" this all leads to anger taking front stage and clouding judgement. It happens, in regard to removing of items; I can't speak of every item that is removed because I can only speak for me and what I see day in and day out. It has been very tense here lately, I know people are upset. I like to see conversation and people's thoughts. However lately I have not been seeing any of that. I've seen yelling, insulting and just over the top actions here. I could just remove stuff and not comment on your posts but I have been trying to make it around and point out why stuff is being removed. I don't want to read through pages of yelling and you don't want to either. I get some are venting and that is fine you can vent, hell it's been done in the past. The difference I see between now and then are just the attitudes behind them which leads to posts made without care. I may have wrote all of this for nothing, it might mean zero to you. I've known a lot of you for quite some time but I figured maybe coming to interact with everyone would be beneficial.
  15. German? I can't read that however it appears to be talking about a dummy client. Have your tried uninstalling / re-installing? It's worth a shot.
  16. Give an opinion sure, however if you include insults towards the devs, forum staff or any other member it will be removed. Those have always been the rules. Maybe people's frustrations are getting the better of them I don't know. Nothing has changed in terms of enforcement.
  17. Not really sure what is wrong with pointing out issues in posting. In fact I think that sort of comes with the territory but we are going off topic, if you have concerns you may PM me.
  18. See that right there? This isn't how a conversation works. This is an inflammatory comment. Those are exactly what not to post. I was actually trying to converse with you on something that you felt was important and you already brought it down that road. Have a good evening Mr Hardy
  19. Well please enlighten me. What info would you like that isn't surrounding the legal issue? I read the forums quite a lot but there is a chance I could have missed it. What would you like to hear from the devs? Not sure what rules have been bent but perhaps I can help clarify but that's a PM worthy discussion.
  20. If you have any questions you are free to PM me for clarification if needed. @Evil I am not here to ruin that. Please continue.
  21. Gun does not send anyone to do anything. The forum rules are clear and members are expected to abide by them. Post removal is due to disregarding the posted rules. That is not on anyone else, that is on you. As I said in another thread which was brushed off, a company is not going to comment on active legal issues. No matter how much posting you do, that's not going to change that fact. Probably not what you want to hear but does not make it any less true.
  22. I would just like to add this one last bit. This thread really went off the rails here. While I am not going to mention specific actions against members of the forum, no one has ever been banned for expressing an opinion. The abusive behavior that they feel justified in having is the issue and the result of any action that may have been taken was a direct result of that behavior. Also wanted to mention the Jason X (in the game) issue. Jason X is unfinished, it has been stated as such. It is missing items which has been explained. Finishing the Jason so it can be placed in a licensed video game would be introducing new content. Releasing an unfinished Jason into a licensed video game isn't going to happen. Even though people would like that, it is not a reality. No one is lying to you and if it's an answer you didn't like I am sorry but that isn't going to change it. People would like a "Statement" for their concerns. A press release was issued and that's all that can be said on the matter. No company comments on items while ligitgation is active it's just the way this stuff works. Just because this is an indie games it does not mean it is above the law and it also does not mean that shortcuts can happen in a licensed product to appease people. I think everyone wants Jason X but it's just not realistic.
  23. JPops


    Truth you really don't see how that could scare or intimidate a new user? It's not like it's a hidden item. Also when someone asked about the thread in conversation that remained intact did it not?
  24. JPops


    There are plenty of view points that I disagree with and they remain intact. everyone is entitled to have their own view points and that is fine as long as you do not start getting abusive whether it's to other members or the devs. Passions are high, we are not blind to this, we understand this. This is causing a lot of people to take things a little too far and those are removed points aside. So in venting anger its getting redirected since members feel they are being silenced. It's not the opinion that is the issue. I am sorry if others feel differently than what ive stated here but it's the truth and again members are entitled to have their opinion about it.
  25. JPops


    This isn't us vs them. It is that mentality that is keeping people at each others throats. The way the game ended up was tragic for everyone. Who didn't want to see uber Jason and the Grendel? I certainly did however things beyond anyone's control can happen and in this case did. You can say what should or should not have been done. But keep it respectful. A lot of posts that are getting removed from what I see is that you make your points and them it's screw this one or another. If you just post your point it has the same effect.
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