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  1. Report Section

    There is already a reporting function in place. Or did you mean for in-game issues? To report something in game you will need to collect evidence, video preferred and you will need to send that over to F13game@fearthegun.com
  2. "no one asked for this" that is a quote that frequently surfaces in any gaming forum. You need to understand that just because a change happens does not mean it had to be asked for to be implemented. Developers are responsible for the quality of life in a game. If every single suggestion in any game came to life you would wind up with a game in which ideas inclusions do not make sense or it messes up balance horrifically. Not every idea is a good idea. There are some solid ideas floating around the forum sure, and just because an item is implemented does not mean concerns are not heard or being looked into. Across the forums many items have been stated as being looked into. This requires a dialogue and a plan of action. It needs to be done right. "revert Jason pre-patch is not a vaiable decision. He was tweaked for a reason, now the course of action is improvements could be made in some areas. This is exactlynwhat balance is. People are upset, you can't please everyone but there will be efforts to bring the game inline to what it should be and keep the core design ideology behind it. Words like patience are irritating to some especially if you play the game frequently and are not having a good time. That is understandable but again just because something is not done at the snap of these fingers does not mean that concerns are not known. Plans will be revealed as they can be confirmed. No one wants to say X and going to happen and be unable to deliver on that promise. Just know all ideas and feedback are read and discussions internally happen surrounding them. You are heard, things are read. Will everyone get everything they ask for? No, that's unrealistic but I am sure a valid attempt will be made to implement ideas and fixes that make sense.
  3. Well I am not saying it is not going to happen ever but something to keep in mind. 1) There is a search feature that a lot so not use in the first place. Most people would like to come on and be heard, they aren't taking the time to seek.out FAQ's or use a search feature. That is just how some people work. 2) There used to be a general FAQ on the main page at www.f13game.com but it was removed and I am thinking it was due to most not reading it. A FAQ isn't a terrible idea, but what do you feel would be something that was a frequently asked question?
  4. You are confusing general house keeping with being dismissive of questions. Often times as forums do, you will have the same question or issue pop up over and over. While I am sure some feel their question or concern is unique in most cases it is not. Different forums utilize different rules in terms of moderation. Here on the forums the goal is to keep conversation about relevant topics to one localized thread. Depending on the flow of the conversation a topic may be merged with a pre-existing one. In a lot of cases it is something that does not fit in with the flow of the conversation. In those instances the topic will be locked and the original poster will be urged to join in on the current conversation. There is a general misconception in a lot of forums and that is the more threads about an issue the more visible it is. That is not the case and does the exact opposite. It actually makes it more difficult to find issues. I've been on several forums over the years and what that does is bury other issues or topics from being seen. Most are not spending all day on the forums to read everything. So if you spend 30 minutes a day on the forums it's better spent on looking at a few topics instead of reading through several of the same topics over and over. I understand that everyone wants answers and when you know the game plan it's always prefered opposed to this is coming at some point in the future. I can see that however asking over and over in an attempt to force an answer never works. As soon as something can be confirmed it is done so and as quickly as possible. Sometimes things are put out much earlier than they should be just to give people an idea of what's being worked on. If you look around the forums you will see why most game companies do not tell you what they are working on until they are pretty much all set to roll out. Transparency has a different meaning from user to user. Transparency to some appears to be answering every question as soon as it comes in and all the behind the scene details. However a good example of transparency is what occurs here. Objects currently being worked on are shown off or teased. These items take a lot of time so it should go to show you the massive amount of times these things take to make. There was a point in time where tentative dates were thrown out for items such as release dates and what not. However issues will arise when developing anything so when those issues arrive and throw the item off track there was a large volume of complaints.sure I get it, if someone tells you that something will be available on such and such a date then it should be. However with that comes the way most things are handled in gaming which is do not disclose anything until it's ready to go. These were items that were thrown out prior to let people know what to expect. As you can see the rippling effect of mentioning these items before work had started has taken. There is a more conservative approach being utilized as it is the way it has to be. It's unfortunate but people get upset and no one wants that so as soon as info is available it will be shared. I apologize for my ling rambling but I wanted to help explain a couple items that you seem to have taken issue with.
  5. Well as you stated the answers to your questions are knownm we don't need an entire thread dedicated to it. Please continue the discussion in an existing thread.
  6. Well it depends on what version they are upgrading to. However if you are interested go look at the patch notes for unreal engine maybe you can see some of the new features. At first I was going to link the patch notes but I do not want to be responsible for creating a speculative conversation.
  7. I may be a horrible counselor but a better Jason. I still die quite frequently as a counselor but then again I am the only one trying to complete objectives so there is that also.
  8. @CountYorgaVampir while I believe your intent was joking around please do not post anything that is inflammatory. in regard to OP teaming with Jason is still against in-game guidelines. please if you have evidence explain the situation and e-mail the evidence to F13game@fearthegun.com
  9. @Louiemeneses none of that please be constructive in your posting. Take a moment to review the forum rules and treat others with respect when posting.
  10. @pApA^LeGBa in game enforcement of the rules is not my area however the conduct of users in the forum is. Please review the rules and adhere to them. If you would like to report something in game you may very well do so but the forums is not the medium for that. Quitting can be problematic but it is not a capital offence. You are entitled to your opinion however voicing your opinions should coincide with the rules set forth in the forum guidelines.
  11. Please stop hurling insults and discuss the subject matter. Disagree and move on. Please review the forum rules. Thank you.
  12. I am sorry if you feel that something I said was snarky. Perhaps my tone was lost through text as often times text is capable of doing. I am not sure what abrasiveness you are speaking of, I feel that I am rather consistent with my engagement towards other members of the forum. If something I said struck a chord with you I am sorry as that was not my intention. I help out around here of my own accord, I do not work for gun or illfonic. However I don't mind helping them out in my spare time or attempting to help offer some insight. As shifty has said it is the weekend and he will get clarification on the concern. It's not about right and wrong and I have no will to go down the right / wrong path. How it sounds is that increased spawning across the map with a decrease to cabin spawns should be indicative of balance. As the clarification comes, that will be the word. To sum up the intention of my prior post, do not always assume the worse. That is all that was trying to be conveyed. I will remind everyone to be respectful to one another even if it is a case of disagreement. We are all here to talk about the game whether the opinion is a fond one or not should hold no bearing on respect between users.
  13. Popped in here because something came to my attention didnt realize this was a new one. Good call! Existing thread
  14. The text says that a slight increase to items on the map but a slight reduction to items in cabins. What that means is items will spread out not just be in cabins. Campsites will have items spawn there. In order to do that the cabin spawn rate will decrease slightly and increase across the map slightly. So slight you won't probably notice but that is what that means. I am going to go out on a limb and say you are upset about the recent balance changes and being upset you have already jumped to a conclusion that this will negatively add to your current concerns. It actually won't change much of anything and you are over thinking it.
  15. No free DLC

    retro Jason at the moment is a skin. It can be accessed by going to part 3. Once there you will see change skin. Press the designated button which will be marked depending on your platform and it will change to retro jason. The clothes are included in the game already. They were patched into the core game and were not delivered via a code.