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  1. The search function sucks

    Searches by default search for any text in the title and body of a topic that matches what you put in. If you can not find your topic easily, hit more search options and toggle the search to title only. That should yield you better results. Thank you for the feedback and I am certain tge above method will work out better for you when searching.
  2. Guns in (North) America

    Political topics are something that we want to refrain from creating per the forum rules.
  3. I am not 100% sure what your question is. I may be wrong but it looks like you are asking Gun to list something shipped to you as something else. That not going to happen as that would be illegal. Customs policies are out of Guns control. How Customs handles these items entering the country is at their discretion.
  4. fun monster, You are allowed one post without conversation occurring in between. Please be mindful not to multi-post. I have merged your posts.
  5. I don't know if this is serious or an attempt at a joke. I am going to go with its a joke and if that is the case it belongs in off topic.
  6. Hello, this has been an item that has been discussed before and rather recently please use the search function to make sure that ts thread does not already exist. Please jump in on a discussion already in progress.
  7. @BangkokHard please be mindful of the posting rules. You are permitted one reply without conversation occurring in between. I have merged your posts. Thank you!
  8. Everyone please remember this is a forum. It is a place for discussions and everyone is entitled to voice their opinions if you disagree with am opinion you can do so and explain why you disagree in a way that is respectable. Everyone who is a member here has their own opinions let's be respectful of them. Thank you.
  9. Idea has been brought up in the past. This is a fan film there are really no rights to be given. As the game is a licensed property I can safely say this would never happen.
  10. How to DC when Jason grabs you?

    Not a productive conversation topic.

    This section is for introductions, please create a proper introduction. In regard to establishing a blacklist. We do not allow naming and shaming on the forums. I can understand the frustration and dedicated servers should help address this issue.
  12. I was trying to find a way to PM you but I guess there is no way to do that, but could you please move this thread I made to the general section.  I actually thought I posted it there.  The reason I am asking you to move it is because I already have a bluetooth thread on the suggestion page.


  13. Game engine

    Sure other games utilize unreal engine. But using unreal engine does not mean that it's a one and done. It boils down to what version of the engine the game was developed in. Different versions of an engine sometimes make changes to the coding that must be utilized. Sometimes upgrading to a current engine requires you to go back in and fix code that no longer functions as intended with the current version of an engine. To say well gears of war has X why doesn't this game? Well they might have used a more updated version. Games take years to develop and as we all know tech moves fast so while you may be using the latest and greatest when you start a few years down the road strides for engine upgrades will enevitably occur. Sometimes it's something minor sometimes it's large changes. Updating to a current engine requires additional work to ensure everything works as intended it's not as simple as updating the software and you are just good to go.
  14. Can you answer me ?

    1. AGamingGames


      I don't want be rude but you are ignoring me ... :sadchappa:

  15. Friday the 13th the game

    Please when posting, add a discussion piece. An emoji just does not get that done. Thank you.