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  1. Let's use threads more as an avenue to promote discussion about the game and items in game as opposed to just a rant.
  2. I can tell you that this will not happen. Your reports are received and if there is irrefutable evidence supplied then action will be taken.
  3. I actually did not mean to quote you I pressed on the wrong post. Apologies.
  4. If you are referring to patch notes those will be posted when they are ready for posting. Trying to belittle someone will not make that arrive any sooner. This is about a single player release date. You are more than welcome to discuss this information. When the patch notes drop you may comment on them in the appropriate thread. Thank you.
  5. JPops

    Savini Jason

    I know that at times we need to come in and remind users that gifs should not be used as a response. Please contribute actual conversation on the subject. Everyone loves gifs, sure, but I don't need to be scrolling through pages of them to find the rest of the discussion. Please use them sparingly and not as a primary use of communication. There are other mediums for doing as such.
  6. Savini Jason will not be made public. This statement has been said again and again. It's not going to change and I am sorry you do not like the answer but that is what it is. You can also convey displeasure about something without posting antagonistic statements. Please ensure your posting resides within the forums rules. This thread is about stretch goals. Please put the topic back on track.
  7. Why are threads like this locked? Well for one this isn't the first one, won't be the last one made either. So there is that. Second several times it has been stated that once concrete information is available it will promptly be communicated. I understand that the time table is not to some people's personal expectations however creating threads that ask the same questions that have already received an answer is not something that will make the information come out any sooner. So to answer your question as to why threads of this natured are closed is the following reason but to summarize what the answer has been. - As soon as information is able to be released it will be communicated promptly. - This type of thread is not unique and you may find similar ones that are already talking about the upcoming patch. I hope this answers your questions.
  8. This is something that you probably could have PMed one of us. No need for a thread for this so I will close this. To answer your question however. There is a search function on the forum. We ask that everyone does a quick search using the function to ensure that it is not a discussion that is already in progress. This is primarily for house keeping purposes and also makes it easier to follow a cohesive discussion and relevant information. When there are multiples of the same topic often things may get buried and I am sure everyone wants to be heard and this is the best way to accomplish this.
  9. JPops


    Well, while I am not going to speak about any specific instance, I will say that discussing probabilities is one thing. posting under the guise of something else when your intentions are veiled sarcasm, well that is spam. There is a fine line between a constructive conversation and just being sarcastic. Much in the same vein this is not a constructive conversation.
  10. @J.J. you were warned previously about following the rules. I suggest you heed that warning. You have been here long enough to know the expectations of you while utilizing these forums. Please discuss the subject matter and nothing else.
  11. I have removed your video since we do not allow videos of that nature on the official forums. In regard to the video itself that will likely get you banned.
  12. OK a couple of things 1) There is already a thread discussing the salt mines please use the proper thread and use the search function before creating a new one. 2) This thread has devolved into god knows what but I am sure it's not exactly following the forum guidelines. If you disagree with a user agree to disagree and move on. We don't need back and forths on subjects.
  13. Please keep the discussion civil and if you disagree with one another to it with civility we don't need name calling and things of that nature. Thank you.
  14. I am not sure why this has to be said a 3rd time but discuss the subject matter or withhold your comments. Take up issues via PM or off of the forums. The forums is not the medium for arguments. Thank you.
  15. JPops

    Cobra Kai TV Show

    I think it's a great show! I sat down and watched the whole season in a day lol. Pretty psyched for the next season!