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  1. @potter4422 please do not links to any rom sites.
  2. You can report players at www.jasonkillsbugs.com. please include as much information and evidence as you can.
  3. This topic, despite warning, has continued to remain inflammatory for the most part. Since it has received an official answer I will be locking this topic.
  4. Hello, please use www.jasonkillsbugs.com for all issues that require reporting. The forum is not the medium for player reports. Thank you!
  5. All reports go through www.jasonkillsbugs.com. you should be sure to include as much information as possible and of course evidence of your claim. Video evidence is preferable as it is easiest to substantiate.
  6. As stated above Savini Jason is a backer exclusive and as it has been said in the past, Savini Jason will not be made available again.
  7. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that the numbers are an error code you are receiving as suggested above please provide a report on www.jasonkillsbugs.com and please provide as much information as possible.
  8. Let's not do whatever that was above and be decent to one another. Thank you.
  9. While discussions are encouraged and opinions vary from person to person on the forums, please refrain from posts such as this. This is not a constructive post and does nothing to promote a healthy discussion.
  10. I am still around, Matt has the most up to date information so I dont have too much to share as I am a volunteer outside of Gun and he will have specifics long before I do. I am mostly doing work on the back end these days but I am still here reading your posts and ensuring we maintain a welcoming environment to discuss the game.
  11. Ban me from the site if you want to censor playfulness.   I am going to continue to have fun here and banter with other members otherwise.  Censorship is offensive.  In all my posts you can clearly tell I am engaging in light hearted joking and fun, making fun of myself as well in the process with reporting one of my own posts.   I have already stated in a recent post I am done with posting on this site because of nonsense like this from moderators and its clear Kodiak just got you to do his dirty work for him.  It sad really,  members and moderators on this site used to be able to joke around and deal with a little bit of what you called "trolling."    Requesting you just ban my account for good, I think it serves both sides best.  

  12. Hey that wasn’t cool, I was trying to respond and talk to that guy about his mental health. You shouldn’t have deleted his comments. 

  13. While disagreements are bound to happen, we should try to keep discussions civil. This thread has spiraled out of control and I believe the discussion has run its course. Unfortunately it has devolved into attacks on one another which is prohibited in the forum rules. Please in future postings, let's keep conversation civil and when disagreeing, do so respectfully.
  14. Let's all try to keep the discussion civil. Regardless of what your stance is on the changes, we should not devolve discussions into a back and forth. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but they will do so respectfully.
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