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  1. I usually play with with AJ or Deborah which are two of the stealthiest counselors. But for some reason it seems like I'm always the first one dead even if I don't spawn near a car or the phone house, while buggzy or Adam are running around without being detected. I jog mostly in the game, so it isn't like I'm generating much noise when the marxh begins. I'm just curious if this happens to anyone else bc it seems to constantly happen to me.
  2. Either join my game or text me gt: ItsYaBoyJL81
  3. My friend and I are looking for a game. Hmu gt: ItsYaBoyJL81
  4. I've been waiting to get into a game for 5 mins now. It worked amazing this morning but it's shitty again now.
  5. You can join our game or invite me & my buddy. Gt: ItsYaBoyJL81 & TurntAyylien
  6. My gt: ItsYaBoyJL81 invite me to a private match if you have one. Or I can start one.
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