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  1. I did select PS4, but thanks for the help anyways, I'll try running it again.
  2. I pre-ordered the game before it came out December of 2016, and kept up with all of the news since then, however I pre-ordered it for PS4 orginally, and when launch day came I oddly got a Steam copy, rather than one for console, but didn't complain because I finally got the game I've wanted. It worked fine on start-up but when I got into an actual match the FPS even on the lowest settings could barely run it as my computer isn't the spring hen it used to be. So, I went to Twitter and for two days sent a tweet at them, one where they were commonly speaking to other players, but didn't get noticed. So, I went to their main page and tried to contact them via Email, but for some reason it brings me to an untitled tab for Google Chrome, even when using another browser entirely! So, hoping I can actually get a reply here, and this topic IS noticed... Is there a way to trade a steam copy of Friday The 13th for a playstation version instead? I really want to enjoy the game Gunmedia's worked so hard on. I have an image of the game in my library for Steam as proof (Also, I'm using a program that customizes your Steam, hence the orange and light blue)
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