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  1. Same here. It definitely seems like the incremental (do X Y times) achievements are working fine, but anything that requires doing something once isn't popping.
  2. Steam User: juan0tron On the latest patch as of 6/1, 6:45PM EST. Achievements: I've been having trouble unlocking most Steam achievements in the game since launch. My only achievements are: - Super Fan (I still don't have all counselors unlocked) - My Lucky Number At this point, I'm assuming I'm unable to meet the requirements for achievements like "Play as X character once" and "Get one kill" because I have already done these things more than once. I've also met the requirement for the "Teddy Protector" achievement multiple times now with no luck. Badges: - Badges like "barricade a door" seem to be only counting once per match, instead of per door (possibly by design). - Regardless of progress, some incomplete badges appear colored in while some do not.
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