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  1. I think you're mixing up Jason with the counselors, being a counselor SHOULD be far more difficult than being Jason, and I am extremely thankful we are back to that.
  2. Kane doesn't own the character, he wasn't the first, second, third, fourth, or even fifth actor to play Jason, and I've never been a fan of zombie Jason after part 6 anyways. Frankly I thought Mears was the best Jason we've ever had and it's a shame he hasn't been able to reprise the role, he's certainly not an "imposter". I'd be all for them bringing in more mocap actors to add some variety to Jason and I really wish that Reboot and Vs Jason weren't off limits. I don't appreciate the idea that as F13 fans we should be so narrow minded as to only accept one actor as the character. Just to clarify, the above may seem a bit harsh, but it's not a knock against Kane, he was a great Jason despite the films he was in and I love that he's been so involved with this game.
  3. If they do ever add Pamela, Kid Jason could be what kills the counselors when the person playing Pamela goes into the water to chase them.
  4. on the d-pad press up up down down left right left right O X, in the menu that appears set map collision to "unknownerror", close the debug menu, and then go to the room that has a door propped up in the middle of it, and walk into the door.
  5. Ok, so it's the red door propped up in the middle of that one room, and not the locked one at the back of the cabin. Finally able to catch up with everyone. You guys weren't kidding about the trippy part.
  6. I still can't get it to progress past 1.6, turning map collision to "unknownerror" isn't letting me go through the doors.
  7. I'm having this problem, it isn't letting me turn clipping off to go through the door. I set it to unknown error but then I still keep colliding with the door instead of going through.
  8. Is there more to this? there's still the another locked door in the back of the first floor in the cabin.
  9. You go into the area of the woods where Jason kills you and you follow the direction the objects are pointing, starting with the machete, follow them correctly and Jason won't kill you and it will take you to the final patch.
  10. That "Surprise" ability needs to be added to the actual game, that would be a great addition.
  11. And I'm using it with the word difficult as well, but feel free to ignore the rest of my post to suit your argument. Being a counselor should be something of a rough ride, as the game currently is I think counselors have it too easy.
  12. Something should be done, because nerfing Jason's grab and traps while simultaneously buffing the s*** out of the counselor side is just terriible, some sort of buff should've been added to Jason or some sort of nerf to counselors to compensate for the rest of the patches changes.
  13. Some of you are acting like counselors and Jason's are exclusive groups of players, we aren't asking for Jason to be buffed and counselors to be nerfed just to make things easy for us, because more often than not it would have the opposite effect, every single one of us asking for the balance to be tipped heavily in Jason's favor still spend the vast majority of our time in game playing as counselors. We're asking for the game to be made difficult for counselors again, and fun for Jason again. Being chosen to be Jason should be a treat, these updates are making being chosen as Jason undesirable and annoying, and they're making playing as a counselor a boring chore, remember those Friday the 13th movies where half the characters in the movie escaped because they threw some firecrackers at Jason and then ran to the cops that are totally capable of protecting them from Jason? Yeah, I don't either. As I said before they need to come up with new ways to kill Jason, that would actually add variety to the game, and enhance the F13 feel, making it easier for counselors to escape detracts from the F13 feel.
  14. Balance should be a relative term for a F13 game, Jason should be a force of nature, they should focus on making it more interesting and complex for counselors, not easier, more ways to kill Jason would be a million times better than making it easier to escape. Survivors in F13 films typically get away by killing Jason, not by escaping in a car or calling the cops.
  15. You'd really need an entirely different game from this one to do Freddy an sort of Justice, I don't think he'd fit this game's formula well at all.
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