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  1. How do i inform the devs without letting the public know about this? its map related and this bug makes the player completely invincible vs Jason, jason cannot do anything. not talking about water/ cabin
  2. That was a hack/ bug for sure. and u think thats OP due to a bug? pathetic kid
  3. Get a friend, go to where box is, fix box repair rinse and repeat u can get unlimited amount of EXP very quickly. Is this banable or is this intended that Private lobbies get EXP through doing this? If so im buying another copy just to do this. way faster than wait 20 minutes watching someone while ur dead
  4. All i get from matches are EXP. i never seem to get CP unless i level up. so u dont get CP anymore from playing matches? Im in need of perks atm but i cant buy any if i cant earn any. this has to be a bug
  5. i think the idea of having a traitor on ur team is pretty neat. imagine in a survival game u tried to kill others to survive while monsters are hunting u down. the fact that u get penalized -200 for each person u killed is also very nice to discourage ppl from doing it. threatening someone to steal their gear/ threaten them to give u Gas/ Peddler is also very nice. you can create realisitc situations with it
  6. I like intentionally hurting my teammates so i can use them as baits for Jason to get away. survived lots of times doing this especially killing last guy if the seat is full. is team killing allowed? any Official response regards to this?
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