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  1. But yet since the statement on July 4th when pc and PS4 got patched.There was listed the problems with the xb1 version.But since then the Xbox community feel like we don't matter.If the game and issues on Xbox version was harder to sort some kind of update would have gone a long way instead of been told it's on it's way daily then weekly. I hope the people I added on my friends list come back and start playing again.Since only a couple play regular.
  2. It's been caught on twitter that the patch has not been sent so it's not MS delaying. check twitter feed a couple of days ago someone called them out on it.
  3. I'm playing something else until they pull their finger out and sort it.Twitter feed is full of people asking bout the Xbox patch and by the sounds of it we won't see it until single player is released.
  4. Since f13 waiting patch playing DBD and WoT.
  5. There is a video on YouTube called "games that lost almost their entire player base in 3 months" On that list is for honour from Ubisoft at the rate this patch is coming out and all the glitches this game will soon be on that list.
  6. I will agree completely with you all we get told it's on it's way.But they been tell Xbox players that since last week.And all the twitter support is getting asked is where is the Xbox update......:it's on its way. After a week of that answer repeated people are thinking the update is not coming quick enough,get refund and on to the next and this game will wither and die. Its not much to ask but an update would be nice,the last update I saw was it's ready for microsofts testing and then nothing. World of tanks didn't have this much trouble when releasing to consoles after successfully putting it throughout the paces on the pc,but I don't know how many staff they got when they launched it. But really the Xbox community atm feels like we got shafted and pc and PS4 are favoured.But since we got no updates on how difficult the Xbox version is to patch. But it does make you wonder that most games are made on a pc then coded for console.But pc and Xbox in theory are technically Microsoft base program.
  7. This Xbox patch is too long over due.Seen comments on here and twitter and it's getting too much for some and they are giving up.Im waiting patiently but it's getting thin.
  8. If you play the game as intended then you got nothing to worry about.But if you going to exploit glitches and TK then accept the ban it's that simple.If the player base goes down that's sending a clear message that cheating will get you no where.Its bout time cheaters on all games exposed and delt with accordingly.Thats why anti cheat software is around on pc games.
  9. Sorry @Kodiak good news folks Fixes are otw for XB1 & are looking promising. We hope to submit to review in no time, but we want to be certain. Thanks for bearing with us statement from gun media on support twitter feed
  10. The PlayStation patch went live on the 4th of July and it stated xboxone to follow shortly............How long is shortly? Considering it's already been 10 days after the statement. I asked via twitter if there was an update on patch for Xbox got told no news yet. and a couple hours later someone asked same question,got same reply. guess patience is running thin with some atm. glad it's not just me.
  11. Yeah I know DBD is out that's what I'm considering
  12. Tried to play over the past hour got 1 game complete..........not good enough. patch is taking forever and I'm considering DBD or when it comes to Xbox one player unknown battlegrounds. If this game becomes more playable might give it a go. I might not speak for everyone but I'm sure I'm not the only one considering leaving this game alone for a while.
  13. I have not played this game in over a week and would say bout 90% of my friend list who I added to play have also stopped.We have been promised a patch then been told it's been sent to Microsoft.Im getting the feeling they just said that to satisfy the Xbox users. But even after the patch I think getting Xbox users back playing it after Xbox users feeling we got the shit end of the stick might be a tall order. Unless they got something for Xbox users that says they are truly sorry for two months of grief from this game,but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
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