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  1. I’d say part 6 is the least correct looking. Maybe part 4 but the Jason’s they patched in look bad compared to the ones already in the game. I think the model for Part 7 is good but the mask does seem to have something off about it but close enough.
  2. Anything on the environmental kills glitching out 95% of the time?
  3. I’d say window exploit and not being able to perform environmental kills as the two most annoying things.
  4. I think new ways to play the game are needed and I’m all about it. Not sure I’m into this one though. This basically makes Jason’s job easier in terms of traps and objective management. Making +/- traps nearly meaningless.
  5. So far, so good. Only played using the handheld method and the joycons and size of the screen will take getting used to but it ran well and looked pretty good. Ran two bot games and probably 5-6 quick matches and everything ran well with no issues I saw. Except some noobs but that was actually refreshing. People not so worried about builds or how Jason kills them but people actually in it to have fun and not take it so seriously like it’s a madden ranked match or something. Dedicated servers in place too. Havent tried it on the dock yet but I’m sure it’ll be about the same as console.
  6. As much as I love this list and have it bookmarked, it would be nice if it just said in game what you unlocked when you unlocked it like it does when you get Deborah early on.
  7. I remember in 2011 I think it was, my first horror convention, I saw him at the muffin table with those massive lifts in his boots. Killed some of the mystique with the lift boots and muffins haha.
  8. I’ve always said it would be way scarier if the proximity music was so prevalent. I suggested a hardcore mode where it wasn’t there at all. Maybe keep the static from teleporting and shifting but not the music. You’d always have to be on your toes and would be a pretty tense game for the more experienced players.
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