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  1. Victor Miller didn’t kill this game. It’s been a mess in one way or the other since launch. Through multiple patches. I’m not in the camp that will put much blame on VM. He apparently messed up getting Uber Jason. I don’t think we could’ve expected that much more from this game and it’s life cycle. I was not a backer, but for them not to get all the backer items out to the people that funded this game as were the reason it was made, allowing them to make a lot of money off of it.. need I say more?
  2. Sadly, I was looking forward to the thread on the list of lies and obroken promises after this one. Now it’s appears to be gone. Yay to the deletion returns, classy.
  3. I’m in the camp saying consoles won’t get them, it’s a bit late for all of that really. Plus, that would make the “salt mines” unnecessary. PC has had them since launch and their player base has dwindled as well.
  4. I’ve been having even more hosts quitting than before which has been frustrating. Even in private lobbies. XB1
  5. I’ve been getting disconnected left and right from hosts quitting on XB1 still. Even in private LFG lobbies. I went single player only during XW weekend because it was bad.
  6. Those are definitely interesting choices. I like P8 with the shears lol
  7. Anyone have any interesting Jason weapon swaps? I started by trying to put the most movie accurate weapons on each Jason, but ended up putting Machetes in just about all of them. Love the machete too much. I do have the P3 Axe on P7 though.
  8. Not sure how you have XP for single player bots and not this.. Emotes being in this game all together is awful.
  9. Wait, no XP on the SP challenges?! So they’re there literally for emotes?!
  10. Exactly. Tact. They have a really hard time with that it seems.
  11. Maybe I’ve forgotten, but when have they ever released a hot fix for a new bug that has come with any patch? Whatever they may break, it’ll be a month to patch it at least.
  12. They would have completely lost me months ago to the point of not caring at all how great some upcoming update may be.. I really think such a huge reason so many have stuck around through several months of bread crumbs is the license. I think the devs should really credit a lot of their personal gain from this game to the license. Otherwise, it just another indie horror survival game.. one with an absurd launch and really sub par support throughout its life cycle. If it wasn’t Jason Voorhees, I think the game would’ve been a disastrous flop. To be crowdfunded and provide so little support for your game at its core, is just about unforgivable.
  13. I have “family and lives and stuff” too. I also typically don’t work weekends. You better believe though, if I was doing a subpar job or an incomplete job.. that I’d be forced to finish my job or task. Yes even when it’s a weekend day. It’s another example of the lack of tact that exists with some of these official responses. That tweet response got under my skin a little.
  14. With just about any other game I’d agree with you. Not so sure this dev team would get much of any benefit by testing on PC first. They simply aren’t quick enough with updates or quick fixes or it to make a difference. They had a full beta on PC and still managed to release a console version that was unplayable for a long time. Portion of which you couldn’t d get to the main menu.
  15. PC has had dedicated consoles from the very beginning. Very unlikely that consoles will ever get those. Feel free to wait like the rest of us. i own the game on PC as well. Very much superior on there so you’ll be okay to get the update with the rest of us.
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