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  1. That’s your connection strength to whoever the host is. If you’re host, it’s how everyone is connected to you. Lower the number, better the connection strength.
  2. The players individual ping. On console or on Private lobbies on pc it’s their ping according to the host.
  3. Another reason to add the “hardcore mode” I’ve barked about wanting for awhile now. -No Jason Music -No Jason marker on mini map -No Mini Map (Maybe unless you find a map first) -No player markers/item drops on map.
  4. I still wish part 6s eyes were right.
  5. If you want to kill at least half the counselors, stalking a location for awhile isn’t that logical. Most players left seem to have a good amount of experience. Any time I’ve tried to pull a sneaky kill on someone, either the phone is fixed or a car is getting started. I still say there should be a mode where the proximity music doesn’t exist. THAT could be intense.
  6. Yeah just would eliminate stalk altogether in the mode. I’ve run some games as counselor with the music setting turned off and it’s night and day. Insanely eerie when all you hear are the sounds at night. It really takes me out of it now when I have a walkie and two or three people broadcast every single move Jason makes to everyone. Which is really good in terms of teamwork, but really isn’t realistic at al to what I imagine being in a F13 situation. “ He just morphed to me by the car, oh, he just morphed away to you guys now” ”Yeah I can hear the music he’s by me at the phone now.” Then without even seeing Jason: ”Oh, he just morphed again. May be coming to you.”
  7. It would obviously just be an option, other tweaks could be made. God forbid the counselors don’t know every time Jason is within a city block away. Sort of takes away the tension for anyone who’s been playing as long as I have. Also perhaps they not know exactly when he shifts or morphs as well. As they wait by a door to get that free shot at Jason once he breaks through. Then kite him, bash and tea bag him.
  8. A mode where the Jason proximity music doesn’t play for counselors. Would probably assist Jason’s feeling of being underpowered at times with most everyone being experienced counselors by now. You could call it Hardcore Mode or something. Game is much scarier and intense without that musical aid.
  9. I just got another 5gb patch .. I already updated it last night. Something new I missed?
  10. I’d say just hope. It’s a very fun game when working. I played PC for the first 3-4 months until console was at least playable (after memory leak was addressed), now play it on Xbox. I do still miss the smooth frame rate performance though as XB1 still runs a bit choppy here and there. As far as the non dedicated servers.. basically don’t play quick match and only join private lobbies. Haven’t really had any issues with hosts leaving there.
  11. Oh man, that’s really the only big upside the PC had. Along with improved frame rate.
  12. I played a decent amount after the physical copies were released and have yet to see a bloody Jason skin.
  13. After Max Lvl

    I’d be all for some sort of prestige system even if the levels dont come with new content. I know on pc I started playing less because I was at max level, along with the Xbox version becoming playable.
  14. Is it just me or is the frame rate worse when hosting than it is when someone else is hosting?
  15. I’ll pass. No one actually uses them anyway. I want my easy to access player screen again.