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  1. Where is everybody from...

    I'm from Greece.
  2. Regardless if they release it or not for consoles, it's only a matter of time before everyone on PC has him. His model came with Virtual Cabin 2.0 so it's only a matter of time before he is available as a model swap though the power of modding. Possibly on Part 6(i haven't played Part 6 in a lot time but i think he has the same attack animations as Savini i could be wrong). Sure he won't have his 3 exclusive kills and his own pros/cons but that doesn't change the fact that PC players will practically get Savini Jason for free.
  3. You have to admit though. It's a dick move to have Savini on VC2.0 for the people who don't have it. I mean the model is there for everyone just not playable. That kinda sucks. It's like that final boss in a fighting game that has his own moveset and everything but isn't playable unless you got his dlc or something. Injustice 2 does this too. You can fight the dlc characters in the Multiverse even if you don't buy them. That's a "fuck you buy our dlc" from Netherealm if you ask me.
  4. You basically share accounts. You should do it with people you trust for safety reasons. Here's how it works: Say for example i have the game but without the dlc and you have all the dlc. If we game share i can download them from your account for free as well as anything you else you have from Playstation Store and vice versa. You can download anything from the Library of the account you game shame. It's really good and i have saved a lot of money with that method.
  5. Nope. Why would it be? The purpose of game sharing is in the name. You can share games and all of their dlc, saving your friends a lot of money. If the person who share his account also has exclusive dlcs and is willing to share them then good for him. It's his account. I got Gold Scorpion(MKX)* from a friend this way Game sharing is a blessing. *About Gold Scorpion.You could download him from the library on PS4. I don't know how it works on Xbox but i can confirm it was possible on PS4.
  6. And what better gift than the reveal of Uber Jason. Thanks Gun Media, keep up the good work guys. You are the best.
  7. Thank you, Gun Media. He is my favourite Jason and playing as him will be a dream come true and even with his own map. You guys are the best.
  8. We need good dlc.

    Depends on the genre. In Fighting games the best dlc are more characters and skins. In Adventure games, more story dlc with new levels, new character and additional abilities are always nice. In Multiplayer games, more maps, weapons and game modes etc etc. As i said, it really depends on what game we are talking about. In this game, what i consider good dlc are more Jasons of course, extra features like that rumored weapon switch thing, more maps and game modes. I may even paid for new counselors but i don't really think emotes and swimsuits are worth it. Again, all the above is simply my opinion.
  9. We need good dlc.

    I'm sorry if this thread seems to be confusing, i admit that I'm greedy for always asking more but all i really want is all the Jasons. I understand that it takes a lot of money to get new Jasons but this is a dream game for me and i have a feeling that Uber Jason won't make it All im saying is that Gun should continue to support the game even after all the planned dlc are released, that way we may get more stuff like the missing Jason. Some games do that like Xenoverse 2. Long after Xenoverse 2 season pass ended, they continued to support the game and now they will release an new dlc with 4 characters and even a new game mode. So maybe we can get the missing Jason that way too.
  10. I love the game so I'm going to support it but come on guys, I'm not going to buy emotes, or bikini. I mean seriously? Lol, Anyway i will gladly pay for a new Jason, a new map or game mode. I noticed that we are missing one Jason from the planned dlc map thing. That's unfortunate imo, is there any way to get him too? Maybe after the planned dlc? Some devs do that and i really want for both Roy or Uber Jason to be included
  11. Jason X or Uber Jason?

    I wish we could just ditch the "new counselors" and just get them both. But since we have to choose, then i want them both. Let's just ditch Part 5 and get the Real Jasons. Sorry Roy but if you have to go so i can get Uber Jason aka Darth Terminator Jason then so be it.
  12. phd in murder fixed yet?

    Finally platinum. Here i come. Hmmm. I have 102 plats. Perhaps i should save this for plat 113, seems fitting don't you agree? XD
  13. New ways to kill Jason

    Those are some nice ideas and they could work. However that would make killing Jason a lot easier and personally im not a fan of that. It would be ironic for Jason, the unstoppable killing machine, to die in every match and it would make the game less fun imo. Don't get me wrong you have some great ideas but perhaps they should implemented to a different game mode, perhaps that smaller map mode that Gun is planning.
  14. What no Uber Jason choice? Am i the only one who likes him I voted for X, it's close enough i suppose. But to be honest, like Freddy once said: I WANT IT ALLLLL!!! All Jasons baby. My wallet agrees
  15. Well Fallout games are some of the best video games ever made imo. I've waited 2 years for Fallout 4 GOTY edition. I've put hundreds of hours and countless playthoughs on both 3 and NV, so im so excited for 4 Anyway, my point is that great games like these need to sell, to remind us that there still good games around. Unlike some other cash grabs who shall not be named made by a company which rhymes with stEAl