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  1. I've been level 101 for quite a while now and still haven't found a single tape.
  2. Level 89 and still no dice. I'd love to know what the actual spawn rate is.
  3. I'm having party issues on my end too. Thought it might have just been me.
  4. The perk "Grease Monkey" still seems to be bugged. At least, on PS4. Instead of starting cars faster, it actually seems to slow you down instead.
  5. What happened this time? I do find it strange how they keep handing out wrong information. If they're unsure about something, they should verify with the team first or simply just not reply at all. The problem is that I believe they're required to respond to every person's tweet as best they can. This is probably also why you keep seeing the same "bot-like" replies all day long. I disagree that anyone should lose their jobs over this, though. Mistakes happen. I just hope going forward that they can be more cautious with what information they put out there.
  6. While they may not be obtainable on one day only, they might have a higher spawn rate on Fridays. I don't know for certain. Regarding private/public matches, all I can tell you is that I've played almost entirely public matches and have reached level 62 now without finding a single tape.
  7. Uh, being chased by Barney would actually be pretty terrifying.
  8. Yeah, I've come to realize that from their tweets about Savini Jason and Jason X.
  9. Level 54 and still haven't found any tapes, haha. This tweet from F13GameSupport seems to also hint to tapes appearing on Fridays.
  10. Yeah, placing at least one bear trap at the phone box should be the very first thing you do as Jason. If someone manages to successfully call the police, it will put a huge amount of pressure on the Jason player.
  11. Level 42 here and still no tapes found. As SciGuy mentioned, it does seem like people are generally finding them at the same time. He may be right about there being more to finding these than just luck.
  12. I noticed this as well since the last patch on PS4. I'm hoping this wasn't intentionally done to cut down their time. I'd rather just have the option to skip them instead of having them abruptly end.
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