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  1. It is too quiet and subtle. The music is cute but I don't know. I guess I expected something more.
  2. I tried out the new stuff last night and it's nothing to get upset about. No one liked the Retro Jason in our group. We thought it was goofy and many didn't even want to use it. The clothes are cool but just an aesthetic difference, just like the Jason. We played matches like normal. I'm sorry for you Xbox guys. It's a bummer and could've been handled better but honestly, this stuff isn't worth getting upset over.
  3. The tension is mounting... The suspense is building... Purple Jason today? Yay or nay?
  4. I suppose, technically, if it releases by midnight wherever they are, they made good on it. Where's Gun and Illfonic located?
  5. That chick is juking the hell out of him! I'm excited about it too but it is kind of stupid when you think about it. You can't represent the F13 franchise without a healthy dose of 80's cheese though.
  6. God forbid you have to wait all day for something. I know we are in the digital age of zero patience but go find something to do. Go distract yourself instead of flipping out. Btw, I AM an asshole.
  7. Quit your belly aching you cry babies! They said it would come today...and...(shock)...today isn't over yet. Christ, are you guys like this all the time? Wait...nevermind.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing!!! I'm so hyped for this!!! Maybe now all the cry babies can quit their belly-aching. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUN AND ILLFONIC!!!
  9. Dude, go work on your spelling and typing first and then come back and cry some more because I gotta ask...Do you even juke bro?
  10. I don't think it's dying. You always have the initial hype when a game is released, especially a game like this that has been anticipated for so long. There's always some sort of drop off in the player base after that. However, I haven't had any problems playing in full private matches. I still see people streaming this regularly, some since launch, so the interest is definitely still there. I think the release of Dead By Dawn on consoles will actually help, not hinder F13. It gets people excited about these kinds of games and you'll get new people coming on board. Plus you will definitely see an increase of players any time they do an update or release DLC. This game isn't dead yet by a long shot.
  11. I'm a silent Jason all the way. It's the only real way to play him. The few times I've had a talking Jason, they only succeeded in pissing me off. Taunting me, dumb commentary, etc. This is Jason NOT Freddy. I did get a silent Jason to scream, "Goddamnit!", the other night because I juked the hell out of him.
  12. Btw the combat in the Spiderman game reminds me so much of the Batman Arkham series...like a little too much. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just doesn't do much for me. Far Cry 5 baby!!!!
  13. My PSN name is the same as my name here. Feel free to add me.
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