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  1. Pretty simple solution to this as well from a business stand point. Align and build a partnership with a company with bigger pockets to use their server data centers and farms to assure a much better experience. The company would lose money doing this, but depending on if it was enough to turn more sales over - it could even out or over flow. Nobody knows what kind of money they have at their disposal or partnerships, or even what Sony and Microsoft demand, etc. So maybe it's not so simple.
  2. Pretty simple solution to this. Add a counter to the PSN profile for the player who joins a match as a counselor, and if the player either 'dies' or 'survives' add it - if neither is logged then do not log the number, and make them store at least X amount of tokens in the PSN profile before Jason is available. It will not stop it, as there is no way to stop it - but it will limit it and spread the 'Jason' love. - Used to develop games
  3. To the Dev team! Hey you guys need some new animations on the characters, they are a bit stiff. They need to found more natural, also some of their textures are slightly cartoony which conflicts with the rest of the game maps textures. The game is a lot of fun, but I think you will need to constantly add content to keep gamers happy and prevent boredom. Good luck, great start!
  4. I only got to be a Jason a select few times and I have no idea how to play him. I understand his special moves pushing R1+a button, etc. But how do you grab someone, perform a special move or use the second item next to the throwing knife? etc? Poor documentation or I'm looking in the wrong spot?
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