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  1. It kind of is a problem, you have to remember that higher fear increases your stumble chance and the game will do everything it can to make you stumble right into Jasons arms when you try to turn around to hit him. This happens a lot to me when I'm playing as Vanessa or Chad. Even trying to hit Jason after he breaks down the door is risky with high fear, the game made me stumble mid swing once.
  2. Unmasked tactics

    I'd morph away and stalk them but the best thing to do is collect and use your knives. NEVER EVER grab the sweater girl or Tommy unless you know they don't have a pocket knife. If you grab them and they have a knife YOU ARE DEAD, it's over. Just had a Jason do this, he kept running away and I was Tommy so I had a pocket knife. I decided to run up to him and let him grab me, he did and before he could get out of the stun the sweater girl activated the sweater and he was dead as hell.
  3. A report feature wouldn't work that well in this game, the community is too toxic. I've lost count of how many times I've been reported by a salty player because I whooped their sorry little Jason ass.
  4. Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    To be fair the patch notes clearly state they only fixed unreleased content. Tripple perks and skin hacks don’t qualify as unreleased. You are right though Uber Jason wasn’t fixed either. EDIT: it was sorta fixed but the fix can be reverted
  5. That moment when you spend so much time fixing the car only for it to not go into reverse for some weird reason (there was nothing behind the car) and get killed by Jason
  6. Hi! I'm just wondering wether or not Gun is still taking action against cheaters and hackers because it definitely doesn't seem like it. Today I've seen 2 players that I reported a while ago hacking away again and it seems like they were never punished... I know PC games are known for hackers but this game never really had a lot of them, I was used to seeing a hacker every 20-30 lobbies but now you can find a hacker in almost every lobby. This is what i've found just today!: 5 people who cheated in Savini Jason (yes it's possible to cheat in Savini Jason -> this game has no DRM on it's dlc's, note: assumption based on level of the players) 2 speed hackers with instant car start, instant repair and running crazy fast 1 guy flying This game has just turned into a giant hacker mess and it seems like they aren't being punished at all. I got the speed hackers and flying guy on video so I'm going to report them again but I'm not even sure if this will help... Have you guys seen an increase in cheaters and hackers lately?
  7. On PC people seem to hate shift grabbing every single time I shift grab someone out of nowhere, they pop out of my hand as soon as I grab them. It takes less than a second for them to quit. Either they have a macro to just quit the game or got so scared they broke their PC or something.
  8. Had a match recently with 2 cheaters in it. After the match ended, I called them out for it in a calm manner but they started calling me names and one of them told me "shut up or i'll slit your throat". I decided not to fight them as that would make it a lot worse but there are some really toxic people in this community. The best thing to do is just leave them, don't make it worse or they'll turn things around and report you for harassing them.
  9. I definitely feel more powerful as Jason than before the patch Jason is more intimidating than before the patch but a Jason that isn't paying attention or isn't very good can be knocked out easily He's a little easy to defeat (not taking the sweater glitches into consideration because 7/10 of my Jason kills fail because of this) Groups can still gang up on Jason but I feel like it should stay that way as that's the only thing counselors have left to defend themselves: team work. Since most people think they'll win if they get the sweater as soon as they spawn (this is really retarded btw) they can be easily defeated. Sure you'll get knocked out quite a few times against a good team but you'll eventually get them. If you already took out Tommy or the sweater girl then you'll have nothing to worry about, if you're paying attention as Jason it's ridiculously easy to cancel an attack by either grabbing or slashing before they complete the swing. This brings me to a match I had today as Jason. A tiffany stacked with knives decided to get the sweater about 5 minutes into the game. I morphed there as soon I got the notification and she was still in the shack. Since I had a trap left I just put it in front of the doorway and she just ate that trap before I killed here with throwing knives. All the trolls immediately left the match as soon as they realised their fun was already over.
  10. Jason is clipping through the door because breaking a door in combat stance is not the intended way to break down a door and is just as much of a glitch as counselors being able to hit him through doors. If they remove the ability to hit Jason through doors, they should also remove the ability to combat stance doors as Jason.
  11. Hello I’m really enjoying the new patch but the region auto select doesn’t seem to be working properly. I live in Belgium (Europe) and I had a ping of 36 on the EU server but now the game keeps putting me on the US server and I have a ping of 220 usually. Anyone else with this issue?
  12. The traps never changed lol, you still need thick skin to not be crippled after one trap. I just tanked one with a 19% thick skin perk on and I could still run...
  13. How is Balance?

    There definitely seem to be less knives but still plenty of med sprays. This and the Jason changes make it much easier to kill a loner but he’s still a bitch against groups unfortunately.
  14. But playing as Jason also shouldn’t be an easy 8/8 everytime. Counselors need some way to defend themselves. Given that Jason can immediately (and I do mean immediately) counterattack by either grabbing or slashing without delay when he gets hit without being stunned, it wouldn’t be a good idea to require more hits per stun as Jason would never get stunned. Unless of course you have a lot of knives but they pretty much told us they were gonna reduce the amount of knives.
  15. I love playing this game and I probably won't stop anytime soon but something will have to change or this game will be dead in the distant future. Even though I really enjoy whacking Jason over the head with a bat many times in a row but I'd rather be scared of him and have a thrilling experience every single round. The bots show us how the game is supposed to be played, hiding from this maniac killer and actually try to survive. All you see right now is people trolling the absolute living shit out of Jason because hes definitely not that scary anymore... I'm hoping they balance this out very soon. Give the counselors a chance at surviving but also give Jason a buff (less pocket knives to begin with) so trying to fight him becomes a suicide mission and should only be done in an emergency. I'd hate to see this game die because it's my favourite game so far but if they keep ruining it with every new patch, this will eventually happen...
  16. This has to be one of the most infuriating moments in this game ever. We were playing against a part IV Jason (the only Jason + savini I haven't killed yet). We were playing against a quite experienced player and someone managed to get his mask off, being out of stamina I decided to just give myself to Jason so I would come back as Tommy which I did! Of course, as soon as Jason saw us he ran away. We eventually caught up to him and I stunned him so that he couldn't run away anymore and the sweater girl activated it as soon as he got out of the stun. As soon as that happend, the sweater girl said "Jason, Mother Is" and it just stopped and Jason ran away as he wasn't even stunned by it. The sweater girl hit him with a bat afterwards, which he also didn't get stunned by... the Jason player then started trash talking to us, how fun! The sweater girl was pretty much hugging Jason when she activated the sweater so she was definitely close enough. A similar thing happend yesterday, a part 7 Jason was stunned by the sweater and I hit him not once, not twice but 5 times with a freaking bat and it had no effect whatsoever he never fell to his knees. I can definitely live with the small glitches this game has and I still love this game but glitches like this can be so frustrating. Just blowing off some steam here, hope you don't mind.
  17. Hi there First of all, I don't know if this is intended behaviour or if it's a bug. Either way, it's pretty annoying! I was playing as bugzy and I had a pocket knife, me and a couple of other people were trying to get Jason's mask off but I missed and he grabbed me. As soon as he grabbed me, everyone started hitting him and he got knocked out. I was released from his grab, with Jason lying down but my knife still disappeared for some reason... this has happened to me a couple of times already and it's getting pretty annoying. It seems like the knife is used even when someone smacks Jason and you get out of the grab for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this?
  18. Hey There! It's currently almost impossible for me to play as Jason because I cannot morph using the xbox one s wireless controller (with dongle) on the pc version. I select a location and it will morph me to somewhere else instead. An example should clear things up: I was playing as Jason just now on the Jarvis house map and I wanted to trap the phone, so I tried to morph to the phone (bottom right corner of the map) and it morphed me to the jarvis house instead. This will happen every single time until I restart my game which MIGHT fix it. Unplugging and replugging the dongle can also fix it but this rarely happens. I'll try to upload a video as soon as possible as I haven't had the chance to be Jason again. @GunMedia_Ben Sorry for directly tagging you here but I've reported this issue several times and have not received a response/fix yet. Can you guys check this out as I'm pretty sure it's not an issue on my end as the bug has survived several installs of windows and the game. Is there anyone else who has this issue btw? EDIT: here is the video: (sorry for the quality, my recording software didn't work and I didn't have the time to mess with it)
  19. Just checked with the xbox accessories app and the controller is up to date. It seems like the only options are to reinstall the os (works the best, can have around 10 decent matches as Jason) or reinstall the game (also works but only for roughly 2-3 matches as Jason). It's really weird that it just stopped working completely though... it either makes the error sound when I select a location or it just morphs me to the wrong area usually a restart would fix it but it doesn't now.
  20. No, it works fine with the keyboard or any other controller for that matter. Now it stopped working completely and restarting the game does absolutely nothing.
  21. Hey guys! Loving this game so far but it’s not running all that well on my laptop.... I’m getting about 20-30fps but that is with everything on low and at 1680x1050. The laptop in question is connected to my tv and is running a fresh install of windows 10 powered by a I7-6700HQ and a GTX 960m (4gb). I know these arent the best specs around but just for the fun of it, I decided to install it in bootcamp on my macbook which has a I7-7820HQ and a Radeon Pro 560 which in theory should be worse than the 960m HOWEVER with my macbook I’m easily able to get 50-60fps with everything on high and at 1920x1200... I just dont get why theres such a big difference in performance here whilst there really shouldn’t be . Can anyone help me with this?
  22. Hi guys! Since about two days my morph has completely stopped working and will continuously put me in the same place. This video explains it all to be honest: Link (Sorry for the poor quality). I'm playing on a PC connected to my tv using steam big picture mode and I'm using an xbox one s controller with the adapter for windows 10. Has anyone else experienced this issue? EDIT: Can confirm that it only happens with the xbox controller (wired & wireless) and it works just fine with my shield controller (wired).
  23. Hey guys! I was stunned by a couple of counselors that wanted to escape with the car (Crystal Lake Small), I was stunned right next to the car and when the car drove off I flew away into the abyss. I was still able to shift, walk, speed walk, hit, stalk, ... but when I selected a morph location, it wouldn't let me and made this hissing noise. I was so far away from the map that it seems like there is no death barrier in these maps (at least not for jason) because on the big ones I always died when flew away or I could still use my morph. Did anyone else notice this? (Already reported it on the bug reporting site). Video: Link
  24. Just signed up here to post about the same issue. Have been using my shield controller with this game since it launched, it worked wonderfully and as of today it does absolutely nothing... it works fine in other games however