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  1. Both Savini and stat hacks are still out there. Just not as wide spread. Only people who know how to build their own can still do it. It's mostly the copy paste Russians that lost access. Since theres a lot of those around you won't see hacks that often anymore. On a side note, it's time Gun and Blacktower (or whatever they're called) pull their heads out of their buttocks and come up with proper fixes for these things. They've tried and tried again to fix it but they keep implementing half assed solutions and choose to be lazy instead of tackling these core issues head on. I swear the amount of stupid or plain lazy choices they made should never be made by a game studio ever. This game is so easily exploited... it's actually a joke. They have to potential to save this game but they have to work closely with EAC and actually test the changes they make instead of blindly pushing them out and hoping for the best.
  2. You can very much still bully Jason in this patch. Group up with a few vanessa's, equip marathon, thick skin and restful and GG. Only move when he is about to grab/slash and only hit when someone gets grabbed. Weapons pretty much last forever since you're not actively stunning and Jason can pretty much do nothing. 3 DC's in a row so far and they weren't all noobs either.
  3. lol of course they fucked up... Issues: Jason can still get on any roof Hacks like infinite shift and instant break free are NOT fixed (they didn't even bother changing the encryption key) Jason CANNOT be killed in rage Clarification for issue 3: Shotgun has NEVER brought him to his knees which they didn't notice and now he cannot be killed when rage is active. This just keeps getting better and better lmao
  4. This is a very bad idea, especially on pc. If the host decides to use hacks they will apply to everyone in the lobby. This way they can cripple counselors/Jason or crash the game completely.
  5. Balancing this game is pretty difficult. If you buff Jason or nerf counselors, it will destroy low level play. Low level players ALREADY think Jason is way too OP, buffing him will make it almost impossible for new players to play. Think about it, a low level counselor is in need of stamina and attempts to hit Jason in order to survive. The hit goes through but if they nerf stuns, theres a very high chance it will not stun at all and the counselor is dead immediately. I'm not saying it should be a guaranteed stun but there should be a decent chance so weapons aren't completely useless. Jason needs some fixes like bringing back instant block and preventing him from taking damage right after a stun. Any buffs will most likely kill the game even more.
  6. @ShiftySamurai Any balance changes or just these bug fixes?
  7. I was referring to the fact that they said they made sure the new 'save' files were stored online (everything you customised). They said they did this to prevent altering the files. I thought this was what you meant so sorry for the confusion. Also, I said it was difficult to modify the files. I didn't say it was impossible, in fact it certainly isn't since I pretty much broke through every layer of security they added without getting detected. This makes some mods possible that would ruin the entire game... I'm actually writing up a detailed explanation to GM right as we speak so it can be fixed ASAP.
  8. They actually lied about this, saves are still very much saved on your pc. Not sure for xbox or ps4 but I assume it’s the same. The files are stored in a more secure way though. You can easily read what it contains but it is very difficult to modify without the game rejecting it. Of course level and xp are stored online but theres not much that can be done about that right now without massively compromising security.
  9. I don't hate stumbling. Except when it causes a permanent interaction lock when it happens when healing or trying to pick something up.
  10. @Ahab The first thing I'd like to see them change is bring back instant block and give Jason a few seconds of damage immunity so they can't damage him right after a stun. Instant block was OP as hell. I was host in a private match against some friends (it still works if you're host in private matches), they all had maxed swift attacker. I could activate block while they were in the middle of the swing animation and STILL block it. I was even fast enough to activate it after a stun before they could hit me lol.
  11. In theory, this is a good idea. BUT I guarantee you this will not prevent Jason from being easily bullied in groups as the counselors will most likely be near or at 100% stamina most of the time. Fighting in group means almost no running and just swinging.
  12. The stun that brings him to his knees is now exactly the same as any other stun. This means the stun chance of the weapon you're using determines if you get the kill or not. If the weapon doesn't stun, it will cancel the animation. Best thing to do is to try and get an epic sucker punch. This will ensure that high stun chance weapons get the job done pretty much every time. If you know Tommy doesn't have sucker punch, let someone else stun him with a bat or pan because the axe actually has a fairly decent chance of screwing up the kill. Literally nothing else matters, you can hit him in the beginning or right before he breaks out. It doesn't have to be on flat ground and you can even kill him through walls if you spam E before he sinks into it.
  13. This is my personal opinion but I think only the things Jason has no control over should be changed. Everything else seems to just make him idiot or noob proof. If Jason makes a mistake or does something dumb, he should be able to be punished for it just like counselors. If Jason misses a grab or decides to spam it, he can no longer get away that easily and that's a good thing. Yes, the new players will get beaten a lot but they will learn the game eventually. They really shouldn't buff Jason just to make it easier for the new Jason players. What do you mean by things Jason has no control over? Getting stunned whilst trying to block but block not engaging fast enough: bring back instant block Taking damage right after a stun or kill: a Buggzy can take his mask off after just one kill (Hit, dodge, hit again): damage/stun resistance for a few seconds after a pk or normal stun will most likely fix this Getting stunned right after landing a hit: counselors have an animation when they get hit by Jason but it can be cancelled by a swing and is too short, I suggest allowing counselors to run away but not attack for a few seconds so Jason doesn't get smashed after every slash Getting stunned because a grab went straight through a counselor: increase the width of the grab Not being able to grab kill someone in a group: grab > meat shield > choke was a great way to eliminate groups before the grab update. Making the pick up animation faster and allowing Jason to meat shield again will really make a difference here These points are what I hate the most about playing Jason. I recently had a horrible experience against 7 counselors, all of which where lvl 150. I was able to kill all but 2 and it was nearly impossible to kill them because block wouldn't activate fast enough so every time I did slash the tommy, he would immediately stun me. Shifting away before the hit would work but I couldn't do that every time due to the cooldown. I actually managed to get a quick block at some point and it really makes a big difference, I injured tommy with ease thanks to it but then I just got stunned again because block wouldn't activate fast enough anymore after that. He healed up straight away and I had to start all over. Reducing stun chance in general isn't that good of an idea, I've often been the last person alive as a low stamina counselor and being able to bait a Jason and get a hit off is almost a necessity. I know how to mange my stamina but if you are heading to the cops or there are no cabins in sight then you're gonna run out at some point, especially if you have to doge a few shifts along the way. I don't mind a stun after raging through a door either because you can actively avoid it by breaking the door down normally or raging through when the counselor isn't standing right behind the damn thing. Playing the game just to beat up/kill Jason has become a legit strategy at this point because escaping becomes boring quickly for high level players. Back in december I was a Deborah that escaped 2 minutes into the round with the boat and waited 18 minutes for the game to end. I eventually got really bored of this because it is simply too easy to do. I don't really enjoy beating up low level Jasons, sure it can be hilarious to some degree but I'd rather have a fight with a high level Jason just to get a challenge. Killing high level Jasons is really rewarding as they always run away but then come to taunt you because you can't catch them. And every time they come to taunt, they die almost immediately and the screen fades to black because they left lol.
  14. I think the current grab animation is fine the way it is. I don't think a Jason should get infinite grab chances without any consequences if he makes a mistake. The solution is to simply grab when you're absolutely sure you're gonna get the counselor and not just spam grab like we saw with the previous grab. I know it's annoying for new players but they do actually seem to learn this fairly quickly. They only need to make the hitbox bigger since grabbing and your arm going straight through the counselor is absolute bs. If they do bring back the old grab, they should also bring back swing cancelling for both counselors and Jason.
  15. Hi! Just a quick heads up to everyone that is planning on or has already uploaded or streamed footage of unreleased content (Uber Jason, Grendel, ...). DO NOT do this! If you already have videos or vods of this online, consider removing them. Gun has recently started issueing dmca takedowns on everything from YouTube to Twitch. I was suspicious since a lot of videos were getting removed from YouTube , this suspicion was confirmed by a streamer on Twitch getting banned whilst live for showing off the Grendel map. This post will most likely be removed but if you get to read this, YOU WERE WARNED!
  16. I think Jason also needs something to protect himself with after demask. Just got my mask taken off whilst I was blocking with only 3 axe hits. I shift grabbed sweater girl twice, the first time she had a knife and the second time they saved here before the kill options even lit up. Like what do you want me to do? I can't grab, I can't slash. The only thing I can do is toss knives, give up or hide in the water. Quick chokes and body blocks aren't possible anymore sadly.
  17. Not against Jason, was just trying to say Jason buff to please all the Jason mains.
  18. Nope, I also played a few rounds as Jason and I ported over to the toilets on crystal lake and all the main houses before anyone could enter them. No medsprays to find. Also tested extensively in offline bots. As for the confirmation: I attached the response here. This was not posted in the F13 discord. With 2 maps he means that big + small counts as 1 map.
  19. Hello there! Please say hi to the new game breaking bug aka a very big Jason buff introduced in the new patch, possible the worst one we've seen yet. No more medsprays! Well, at least on the following maps: Packanack Packanack small Crystal lake Crystal lake small All other maps are untested. Small maps tend to have 1 spray and big maps tend to have 0. This could differ from round to round but it seems like these numbers are correct. Some good news: secret medsprays still spawn in. If you know where these are, good for you. This does not affect Tommy or the hypochondriac perk. This bug was confirmed by someone at Illfonic. Only use those medsprays if you really need them from now on.
  20. I stronly believe that you’re weaselling out but let’s not talk about that right now. Have you received a C&D at all? If so, even the game code shouldn’t be allowed to be changed so that’s definitely not the case. Without a C&D, you should DEFINITELY be able to add content unrelated to the suit. Let’s not forget miller has no rights over Friday The 13th, Jason and any other content released after P1. He only has rights over Pamela, camp Crystal Lake and child Jason. That’s why adding unique content or a “simple rock” as you said shouldn’t be a problem at all. You also said that you can’t pause game development for moths, even though this community waited 6 months for an engine update without much information in between. The player count still skyrocketed after the updates release. Without a C&D you should be allowed to work on further content unrelated to the suit whilst it gets resolved. This way, content can be pushed out at the end. I can for sure say that this game will NOT make it for another year like this. I just don’t see how updating a dead game will be profitable at all. A lot of people (not all!) will not buy a game that gets no further content and has a player count < 500. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love this game. It’s by far the best game I’ve ever played but I just don’t see it living for much longer.
  21. @ShiftySamurai Will the next update fix the party issue? I consider that game breaking as you can’t even play with 2 or more people in the party.
  22. @ShiftySamurai this patch needs to be reverted, theres no other way to fix this mess. The games end prematurely, the rubber banding is worse, the interaction locks are worse and to top it all off: the party system (at least on pc) is COMPLETELY broken. It barely works at all...
  23. This is getting a bit ridiculous here... What is all this "I want to put no effort into the game but still get 8/8" bs? If you're chasing a Vanessa for more than a minute, you're doing something very wrong. You have to outsmart these players, not endlessly run after them. If you can't kill a Vanessa (or even any other counselor) immediately, leave them be for a while and come back with stalk and do a nice rewarding shift grab when they don't see you coming. Sure, it will take some time to perfect this but it sure as hell doesn't take as long as chasing them for 20 minutes. And for the love of God: AT LEAST TRY TO DODGE ATTACKS... even if someone has the best epic swift attacker perk and combat stance turns to swing at you, you still have more than enough time to turn around yourself and run in the opposite direction or even block. They will miss their swing and if you're fast enough, you get a FREE KILL. Nothing should be nerfed just because people are too incompetent to pull off one of the most basic movements in this game. I could also call repair counselors too op just because they can repair the entire car while I'm stunned, it's the same freaking thing.
  24. They just need to bring back the ability to block without delay and block swings with a grabbed counselor (you could grab, turn around and they would hit the grabbed counselor. Those hits wouldn't connect before this patch, now they do, making it impossible to grab and quick kill someone in a group)
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