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  1. Hi there First of all, I don't know if this is intended behaviour or if it's a bug. Either way, it's pretty annoying! I was playing as bugzy and I had a pocket knife, me and a couple of other people were trying to get Jason's mask off but I missed and he grabbed me. As soon as he grabbed me, everyone started hitting him and he got knocked out. I was released from his grab, with Jason lying down but my knife still disappeared for some reason... this has happened to me a couple of times already and it's getting pretty annoying. It seems like the knife is used even when someone smacks Jason and you get out of the grab for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Just checked with the xbox accessories app and the controller is up to date. It seems like the only options are to reinstall the os (works the best, can have around 10 decent matches as Jason) or reinstall the game (also works but only for roughly 2-3 matches as Jason). It's really weird that it just stopped working completely though... it either makes the error sound when I select a location or it just morphs me to the wrong area usually a restart would fix it but it doesn't now.
  3. No, it works fine with the keyboard or any other controller for that matter. Now it stopped working completely and restarting the game does absolutely nothing.
  4. Hey There! It's currently almost impossible for me to play as Jason because I cannot morph using the xbox one s wireless controller (with dongle) on the pc version. I select a location and it will morph me to somewhere else instead. An example should clear things up: I was playing as Jason just now on the Jarvis house map and I wanted to trap the phone, so I tried to morph to the phone (bottom right corner of the map) and it morphed me to the jarvis house instead. This will happen every single time until I restart my game which MIGHT fix it. Unplugging and replugging the dongle can also fix it but this rarely happens. I'll try to upload a video as soon as possible as I haven't had the chance to be Jason again. @GunMedia_Ben Sorry for directly tagging you here but I've reported this issue several times and have not received a response/fix yet. Can you guys check this out as I'm pretty sure it's not an issue on my end as the bug has survived several installs of windows and the game. Is there anyone else who has this issue btw? EDIT: here is the video: (sorry for the quality, my recording software didn't work and I didn't have the time to mess with it)
  5. Hey guys! Loving this game so far but it’s not running all that well on my laptop.... I’m getting about 20-30fps but that is with everything on low and at 1680x1050. The laptop in question is connected to my tv and is running a fresh install of windows 10 powered by a I7-6700HQ and a GTX 960m (4gb). I know these arent the best specs around but just for the fun of it, I decided to install it in bootcamp on my macbook which has a I7-7820HQ and a Radeon Pro 560 which in theory should be worse than the 960m HOWEVER with my macbook I’m easily able to get 50-60fps with everything on high and at 1920x1200... I just dont get why theres such a big difference in performance here whilst there really shouldn’t be . Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Hi guys! Since about two days my morph has completely stopped working and will continuously put me in the same place. This video explains it all to be honest: Link (Sorry for the poor quality). I'm playing on a PC connected to my tv using steam big picture mode and I'm using an xbox one s controller with the adapter for windows 10. Has anyone else experienced this issue? EDIT: Can confirm that it only happens with the xbox controller (wired & wireless) and it works just fine with my shield controller (wired).
  7. Hey guys! I was stunned by a couple of counselors that wanted to escape with the car (Crystal Lake Small), I was stunned right next to the car and when the car drove off I flew away into the abyss. I was still able to shift, walk, speed walk, hit, stalk, ... but when I selected a morph location, it wouldn't let me and made this hissing noise. I was so far away from the map that it seems like there is no death barrier in these maps (at least not for jason) because on the big ones I always died when flew away or I could still use my morph. Did anyone else notice this? (Already reported it on the bug reporting site). Video: Link
  8. Just signed up here to post about the same issue. Have been using my shield controller with this game since it launched, it worked wonderfully and as of today it does absolutely nothing... it works fine in other games however