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  1. Jason is normally only immune for about 4 seconds or ONE stun after a stun. If someone hits you a second time, no matter how fast then it will stun you again
  2. Let’s not forget lots of people still play as jenny/lachappa/deborah for some reason. A combat stancing Part 4 can break a door in ~3 seconds giving the low stamina counselor no time to recover from long runs on big maps. Also, a lot of people seemingly want Jason to be unstunnable so they have to put 0 effort into killing counselors. This ain’t deathgarden...
  3. Please also remove breaking a door in combat stance then... if counselors can’t hit him through doors anymore then I’d rather not see half of Jasons body + his weapon clip through the door as he hits it in combat stance. Also quite unfair for low stamina counselors. EDIT: at least a missed grab is a guaranteed stun now
  4. I don't know why everyone always complains when Jason can get stunned after a mistake. If you make a mistake as a counselor with Jason nearby, theres a big chance you're going to die depending on the situation (missing a swing, crashing the car, stumbling, ...). The new grab animation is too long though, it could be a little faster/shorter at the end as to not give a guaranteed stun every time. Jason shouldn't be able to spam grab without consequences either though. I really hope this makes people think before they grab instead of attempting a grab from 5 miles away.
  5. When I take his mask off, 90% of the time it will get stuck in his feet and I have to run him around for a bit before picking it up. They will have to fix that first. This might be a good idea though.
  6. Didn’t say you can’t use it... it’s just that some people don’t like it.
  7. They probably didn’t like the fact that you used a block exploit. Doesn’t justify the suiciding though but still...
  8. I would say git gud on this one. I do this too if I have no other options left, I stand there waiting for him to come at me and then I swing if I think hes close. From my personal experience: this rarely works as almost NO ONE shifts right into you, they always shift to the side or behind me. I did some tests and I got 2 people with this in the last 2 weeks, 2 level 150’s and for some reason they didn’t know better. As for the sweater, this should be kept as well if Jason tries to run away after a pocket knife stun his shift should definitely stop. Especially with the current glitches because if the sweater doesn’t stun him and he grabs someone the sweater is wasted completely.
  9. Does anyone else have these days when they're just absolutely terrible at this game? I'm usually not bad at surviving but today was one of those days where I didn't even survive once. Was just playing against a part 7 () and I missed every single swing (wasting a pocket knife 10 seconds after I got it lol) and tried to hit him after he had already opened the door and he grabbed me and killed me. I'm a level 150 with over 500 hours in game and this has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever done and it's been going all day now I have a day like this every week or so when I absolutely don't know what I'm doing anymore haha
  10. They really should do something about those pocket knives, either give it back to you if someone hits Jason in the animation or don't allow anyone to hit Jason in the animation. Just got screwed over so hard... had 2 knives, Jason grabbed me (first pocket knife gone) and someone hit him with a non stun weapon, didn't stun him and he insta grabbed me again before I could move (second pocket knife gone) he hit Jason again and Jason insta grabbed me once more and I was dead. it's like stun locking for counselors, couldn't even move an inch.
  11. I can also confirm that you cannot stun Jason immediately after a previous stun. I have tested this numerous times with a baseball bat and hitting him right after he starts moving again results in a non-stun attack. This does not prevent counselors from ganging up on Jason but Jason should not be able to mass murder groups without trouble.
  12. It kind of is a problem, you have to remember that higher fear increases your stumble chance and the game will do everything it can to make you stumble right into Jasons arms when you try to turn around to hit him. This happens a lot to me when I'm playing as Vanessa or Chad. Even trying to hit Jason after he breaks down the door is risky with high fear, the game made me stumble mid swing once.
  13. noahvt

    Unmasked tactics

    I'd morph away and stalk them but the best thing to do is collect and use your knives. NEVER EVER grab the sweater girl or Tommy unless you know they don't have a pocket knife. If you grab them and they have a knife YOU ARE DEAD, it's over. Just had a Jason do this, he kept running away and I was Tommy so I had a pocket knife. I decided to run up to him and let him grab me, he did and before he could get out of the stun the sweater girl activated the sweater and he was dead as hell.
  14. A report feature wouldn't work that well in this game, the community is too toxic. I've lost count of how many times I've been reported by a salty player because I whooped their sorry little Jason ass.
  15. noahvt

    Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    To be fair the patch notes clearly state they only fixed unreleased content. Tripple perks and skin hacks don’t qualify as unreleased. You are right though Uber Jason wasn’t fixed either. EDIT: it was sorta fixed but the fix can be reverted