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  1. So I just had my first game back since the devs gave everyone the 13k CP for server issues and wow. What happened to this game? Jason used to be so powerful, OP as some would say (as he should be). First game back rundown (Packanack Lodge small): cops called within a few mins and a couple people escape by cop. I manage to get a couple parts needed for the 2 seater, had someone nearby that didn't want to escape so I left and escaped myself. With 10 mins left 3 counselors remain with the sole purpose of toying with Jason (part 7). I didn't keep count but they must have stunned Jason at least 20 times with various weapons along with several pocket knives to escape his grab. I occasionally come to the forums to see if any improvements have been made and over the months I read about how weak Jason had become. I couldn't believe how much of a joke Jason was, at least in my first game back. Have the devs said anything about possibly getting Jason back to "OP" or are they content where he is at? I'm sure they will continue to balance both Jason and counselors but I sure do miss playing as a counselor knowing my chance of survival is small.
  2. Nevermind, I think I got my clarification
  3. Hopefully they don't send physical copies where u assemble the box yourself along with an instruction manual that doesn't fit.
  4. Just a skin? Yes and no. Varying stats alter his gameplay style. As for spending hundreds of dollars on it, some gamers/ horror fans see it as a collectable. I think its cool to have something the sultan of splatter designed himself (but wouldn't pay a crazy amount for it). I guess I'm one of the lucky few to hear about the kickstarter when it first started as well as the pre-launch dlc.
  5. Mossy

    Infinite XP Glitch

    How is Deborah missing so many skill checks in that video?
  6. Sounds like a good idea to me. But I'm curious about the technical challenges such as a counselor giving Jason the run around a vehicle, Jason does a shift grab, only he reappears as he passes through the car. Would he get glitched and stuck in the vehicle? My suggestion would let Jason break down and destroy any vehicle only after it has been fully repaired. The destruction of a vehicle should take many more hits than a door obviously and could also vary from each Jason as stats/abilities would indicate.
  7. I'm not saying the game was promoted like a typical AAA game because it wasn't, takes a lot of money to reach the masses. However, that's an unfair assessment to say they didn't try very hard to promote the game, and to have fb as the bar for news, well...
  8. Yea, I did the lowest tier on kickstarter and heard about both dlc through CharminEXSoft's channel. Purchased the dlc well after my kickstarter pledge.
  9. I really like that idea. Instead of Jason hearing an audio cue for a failed skill check though, I would suggest the counselor gets immediately trapped and Jason would hear the usual trap shut sound. I would still keep the pocket knife for a guaranteed disarm. Also if we are tying this 'disarm' skill to 'repair' then I would still increase the difficulty for these traps only, it should be difficult unless you're willing to use pocket knife. Sorry mostly repeated what OP said but basically agree except failed skill check equals same as walking into a trap
  10. I'm pretty sure this is because the Savini codes weren't working until the patch came through
  11. I had the Stick of Truth taken back when the Fractured but Whole was first delayed. So its anybody's guess, but I think it doesn't get taken away
  12. Do you find it more beneficial to use perks that increase the already high levels of particular stats of a counselor or to use perks that make up for low level stats? For example: I am experimenting using Tiffany Cox with a faster stamina recharge perk and a noise reduction while sprinting perk. Do u think this is a waste or would composure related perks work better?
  13. Maybe their fear lvl was high
  14. The "My Dad's a Cop" perk did not work for me. Seen the timer start at less than 5 mins when someone else called the cops though (assumed they had this perk).