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  1. Hearing other people’s take on this I am thinking that this might be an issue with the game not properly syncing where the trap is placed. For you it is in one spot but for the person walking over it it is somewhere else and then the game doesn’t spring it on them because they are technically not on it. It can also work in reverse so for you it looks like it is over there but for someone else you are standing on it and it goes off even when from your game perspective you were not standing on it.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the traps that the counselor lay down seem to have a super micro small hit box where as the traps laid down by Jason are like if you get within 15 feet of them they go off? I have seen Jason literally step over traps like they weren’t even there. He steps within inches of them sometime even clipping through parts of them. But if my counselor even looks at one for Jason’s traps it springs. Sometimes the game actually has to slide my character over or jump there position several feet so they are centered over the trap they sprung.
  3. I dont know why but I am beyond sick and tired of games that use an RNG system. The two ways to get players to continue to play your game are by giving them a goal to work towards e.g. World of Warcraft, or with an RNG system e.g. Destiny. The problem with RNG is that it sucks and if a player has enough of not getting what they want they will quit rather quickly. What if all the perks were available to you for purchase with cp. You would start out only being able to purchase the perks at the common tier. Then for even more cp you could upgrade the perk to the next tier and so on until it reaches epic. Some of the perks may need nerfed to prevent the counselors from being to powerful. Having every counselor spawn with a weapon, pocket knife and healing spray sounds like it wouldn't be fun for Jason. However, I feel like with the RNG system currently in place, that is were this game is gonna end up anyway so reworking the perk system now would be beneficial. If players had a clear goal to works towards such as just needing a bit more cp to purchase that upgrade then they may be less likely to give up and play other games.
  4. That's another thing the counselors are the always the same in the cutscene also. They should be replaced by counselors that the players have chosen. Yes you would see clones, but older games used to have clone characters anyway and if the game is going for an old fashion feel the clones would be appropriate. I guess I have played enough games that seeing duplicates doesn't really bother me.
  5. I was thinking what if the counselor that dies at the opening cutscene is replaced by the counselor of the player picked to play Jason. It wouldn't change any mechanic of the game or serve a real purpose just kinda be a thing. You could still find the body somewhere in the world like you can with the guy who dies at the beginning right now.
  6. Maybe the meter is just to prevent Jason from carrying the victim across the map to get a specific environment kill. Maybe being grabbed by Jason is supposed to be a death sentence and the meter needs to be nerfed so the counselor can only escape if Jason is taking his sweet time killing you. The composure skill is more for the fear resistance then the grab break. Not having to scream when hiding in a closet or crapping your pants at the sight of a dead body and never losing the ability to use items is an awesome thing to have.
  7. I should clarify. Jason's meter would fill very quickly like the average grip strength Jason would be on a level above Jenny or Tommy. The weaker Jasons, ones with grip strength weakness, would be about the same. It would always be handicapped against the counselor but this way if a Jason isn't ready to go to town on that mashing game then the counselor who is going to town on it, matter of life or death after all, might be able to break free. Still unlikely but possible. This would also give other counselor more time to come to the rescue making the grab more of a one v one rather than what it is now.
  8. What if Jason had to button mash same as a counselor to break free of grab. Different Jason's would still have different grip strength so the counselors with the different composure levels would have more or less of an attempt to get free. After Jason wins the button mash-off then he would have some time to kill you or walk you over to an environmental kill. During which time any other counselor could free you and break his grab. If Jason took to long to kill you in his grab then another button mash-off would begin. The main issue with this would be network latency.
  9. Yes this I need this in the game so awesome to see others have had my same idea so thanks for posting it on the forum. Now im not a programmer so I don't know if this is could be done or not but when the game detects an active mic then speaker next to your name is lit up and when you have no mic then it is greyed out. Using this feature I feel it would be possible to separate the mics from no mics. If you select the mic lobby and have no mic the game would tell you that it doesn't detect a mic and you wouldn't be able to join. Alternitivly it could use the detect mic feature to match-make players who have mics with other players who have mics. Would still have the one quick match button, but you would be more likely to get in a match with a other players who have mics. If there are not enough to fill a lobby then it would simply put some micless in the group.
  10. I think being able to clear the stuff out of the back seat would be nice. I mean it makes since when you think about it. "There is a juggernaut psycho killer after us! Oh sorry that stuff in the back seat is important and can't be removed your screwed." In the context of the situation a person wouldn't even need to a seat they would ride in the trunk or grab a hold of the roof but obviously that would make the cars to op if everyone could pile into or onto one. In regards to clearing the stuff out of the back seat it wouldn't take longer then anything else but it would generate a bunch of noise that Jason would be able to hear and then come kill you. That would be how they balance it. Would it really have been that much more difficult to model an actual two seater vehicle though. They were a thing even back in the 80's
  11. Currently the clothes unlock through levels. Level 21 is the first set then every 10 levels until level 91 then 93, 96, 99, and 100. All unlock a set. The badges are different they unlock through specific tasks but don't have any effect on gameplay.
  12. Changing the unlock system of the counselor clothes might be a bit late at this point; players have already unlocked some of them. I was, however, thinking that an additional system could be implemented into the game. One in which players who chose to play as one counselor more often can unlock unique cosmetics for that character. Similar to the badge unlocks, only this one applies to actions of specific counselors. For example escaping X number of grabs as Jenny would award you a like scarf or choker or special shirt. Running a certain distance as Vanessa would give you unique shoes or special socks or something like that. Hiding from Jason as AJ would give you idk maybe some hair dye? You get idea. This would be great because it would be able to show to other players how often you play with or good you are with that counselor. It would also give the players other goals to work towards. Jason could also use this to his advantage like if he sees Eric with engine grease on his hands it means he has fixed a lot of cars to escape and that Jason should keep an eye on him and his relation to the nearest. This system would be added in addition to the existing unlock system of counselor clothes.
  13. As long as the skin doesn't give players an advantage I'm cool with it not being made available.
  14. Yes a reporting system would be nice. I can understand why there isn't one though the indie developer probably doesn't have the customer service people needed to support a reporting system.
  15. I usually do try to juke them or something. Making them continually run would work in hindsight. Players who are awful at shift grabbing would make good use chasing continuity in a circle. It it should also be noted that the longer it takes you to kill one counselor the more time the others have time to escape, so if it seems like a consoler with high stamina or speed will be doing this for a while without being caught it may be wise to simply give up and go after different one.
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