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  1. do people that kickstarted get a savini jason dlc code? i didnt get mine with the game key...i'm really sad.
  2. comon dude..you know what i mean..at least make the animations of holding the gas or battery 2 handed so i didn't even have the idea in the first place...i really didn't want to bitch but my natural instinct says i have a free hand and i want to use it. don't need assholes here.
  3. its funny you say that because they all do it with one hand in the animations. i understand what you are saying, but firecrackers and pocket knives are just chance...ive been screwed over too many times searching everywhere for them and not finding any and running into an ultimatum with some gas and my axe, run to the boat, nothing to grab to put down the gas, run out of stamina finding trying to find something, get grabbed and die..too many times. its infuriating to say the least. if not make this adjustment at least up the chance of firecrackers etc.
  4. but if the car is far away..picking up the battery drops your only line of defense that you have to completely abandon to escape and thats implying the gas is already installed to escape. especially the little baby propeller for the boat, which you can easily hold with one hand and weapon in the other.. you are right, but at least whenever i have to drop it it'll be right next to me and i don't need to go all the way back and get it. i understand where you are coming from..but that implies everyone is cooperative all the time..and thats simply unrealistic and not the case. in certain circumstances you are left defenseless because its every man for himself and in that case you are dead; just force me to put down the weapon to install it..and drop the part to use the weapon...good trade off in my opinion.
  5. thank you for pointing that out; I forgot about traps and the shotgun....this is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the breakdown. it just seems silly current mechanics made it to public release, but at the same time I know they can't get everything right. I believe in them to fix the kinks; its a very difficult game genre to tackle and get all right but at least they nailed the f13 vibe to a passionate level. Hopefully they get to this soon.
  6. is it just me or is it the dumbest mechanic to drop your weapon to pick up a part for a vehicle....you should be able to hold both but not use the weapon until you put the part down....i have 2 hands...comon now.
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