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  1. Enough is enough

    I quit playing right after the small maps update. The game was basically perfect then, only needing host migration, a kick function, and exploit patches. But instead they messed with the mechanics, boke the balance, and small maps were less fun. A few days ago my wife asked if I was still playing “Jason”. Thought I’d check in here to see if there was anything new worthwhile considering both Halloween and Friday 13 had passed since I’d last played. From the general tone of these forums, looks like I made a solid choice dropping the game.
  2. The trolls win, I quit

    I did this too, then the group became overrun by trolls.
  3. I've quit playing until they implement host migration. I'm playing another PS4 game that is in "founder" aka. beta stage right now. Apples to apples, it's not nearly as fun a F13. But as a beta, it's more stable and I can't justify about 5 min of gameplay for every hour spent in game due to the current state of F13. I'm still lurking the forums because I'm really hoping they rebound with the next patch.
  4. For future reference, apparently the correct search term if you want to find the only thread allowed for discussion of how the ongoing lack of "host migration" is negatively impacting your game experience without having your thread locked, is "dedicated servers".
  5. My thoughts on Roy: + Stalk + Traps + Knives - Shift - Morph - Sense Killing Roy requires 2x hits by shotgun, then a Machete hit by Tommy. Roy starts out with run, but the first shotgun hit slows him to fast walk. The second shotgun hit slows him to regular walk only and makes him vulnerable to a machete kill by Tommy. No stun (aka sweater). While Roy has run available, he can also climb through open / broken windows. As an easter egg, Jason's shack is replaced by an ambulance (no stun item / warning element).
  6. I searched. I found it. It was locked. So I posted. There's a limit to how many hoops I'm going to jump through. That limit happens to be spending hours digging through an archaic search engine looking for the one quasi-relevant thread that remains open, and trying to make a determination if it is the "correct" place for me to post based on some ambiguous unwritten standard. If the mods want to lock this thread, fine. I care about that as little as I do that my post about being literally unable to play a game I have thus far loved and supported, has now been hijacked into some sort of hall monitor discourse about how quickly someone should be walking on their way to and from the bathroom. I've already said what I needed to at this point.
  7. There is already a duplicate thread specific to my sentiment, where I would have gladly posted this had it not been locked. Where is the line? Are we saying any post mentioning host migration needs to be under a single heading? If that's the intent, is this not why the internet gods created forum "topics"? Of couse I do acknowledge that the net effect of making it frustrating for people to even express their fustration, might be the overall reduction of outward communication of said frustration, thereby making it easier to pretend that community frustrations do not exist. If this is the strategy, kudos!
  8. I'm not sure why the earlier thread on this was locked, unless for some reason this topic is hush hush taboo. But I played for two hours last night, only able to complete one game, where I escaped in the first 5 min. Every othe game consisted of 10+ min of finding a game, waithing for the room to fill, playing long enough to form that early game strategy (about 2 min), and then the host quitting. I love the game. I jave patiently held on through server issues, glitching, and griefing. I know these things get sorted over time. I'm the type of gamer who plays one game at a time, and I'm not at that point where I want to move on yet. But my gaming time is limited, so I'm not really interested continuing in a situation where I invest 2 hours in return for 5 min of entertainment, and 1 hour and 55 min of complete frustration. I guess my hope is that the devs have heard our pleas from day one regarding host migration. I hope they realize that a failure to implement this standard feature is enabling poor sports to send a great game that they built against all odds into a depressing death spiral. I also wish that the devs could communicate some level of awareness of this issue, and whether or not a fix is even on their radar, let alone somewhere on their actual roadmap. Regardless, I've found myself in a sudden shift from late night excitement about playing the game, to apathy and starting to scan the PS4 store for a new game to play. I don't know how many sessions like last night I have left in me.
  9. Sorry - not sure why it triple posted - attempted to remove this and the one below.
  10. I think they should make Roy killable by Tommy with the Machete, after he is shot twice by shotgun. No stun sequence, Tommy just has to land the hit without dying. If his mask comes off at all, it should be after his death. Roy should start as a running Jason. After the first shotgun hit, he slows down to a fast walk, and after the second shot, he can only slow walk (representing degrees of injury). In keeping with his more human existence, he should have reduced Morph, Shift and detection - with increased traps, knives, and stealth. To give Roy greater advantage, he should be able to climb through open / broken windows until he is injured by the shotgun.
  11. Who swapped Pamela's tombstone with Jason's? Watch the opening scene from Part VI.
  12. How do you decipher between counselors infested with worm jason, and 8-year old kids team killing?
  13. Early strategy - Trap phone box, battery on both cars, and/or doors and fuel as traps permit. If boat, trap dock - Start hunting counselors, killing power as I pass by In general, I found that focusing too much on early game trapping led to heavily equipped counselors, and a high likelihood of team coordination (which is the easiest way to beat Jason). Trapping the boat dock is a waste of space. Later strategy - Phone house: trap phone box, destroy all windows, destroy all doors, trap doors - Trap battery for 4 seater (and kill any counselors nearby) - Destroy all power boxes (and kill any counselors nearby) - Hunt remaining counselors This worked much better than my earlier strategy, but works best if you have a Jason that can run. If counselors try for the phone box, you're pretty much guaranteed a bulk set of kills, but if they go for the 4-seater while you get distracted with 1 counselor at the phone, you're likely to loose 4 in the car. Current strategy - Pick a random location to drop in with first morph. Kill whoever I find. Trap gas / battery if dropped. - Pick a second random location to drop in at second morph. Kill whoever I find. Trap gas / battery if dropped. - Trap / destroy phone house. - Trap 4-seater. - Hunt at power boxes (you want at least 1 down to reduce the ability for counsellors to hide in the houses). I find this strategy works best. As a counselor I'm used to Jason going after the phone house, 4-seater, and/or lodge first off. If I'm near these objectives, I tend to be more cautious, making sure to approach while constantly keeping an escape plan in mind. Early Jason is much easier to juke than later Jason. If I'm not at one of these primary locations, I don't expect Jason to show up, so I'm more likely to leave a door open or unlocked momentarily while I'm competing for finding knives against my teammates. Since campers are generally evenly spawned across the map, you can usually grab one or two off guard with each early morph into an unexpected area. If you can cull 50% of the heard within the first couple of morphs, the remaining few are going to be easier to catch.