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  1. I’m guessing around the ultimate slasher editions release?
  2. I have the digital edition only. So a physical copy would be nice. I’ll be picking it up.
  3. In another thread, you said you bought a better mask then the one in this pack for 7 bucks on amazon? Can you send me a link?
  4. The mask looks pretty cool, albeit already having the game with all the DLC, makes the purchase for just a mask, that doesn’t really look like pt.3s anyway, a tough buy for me. Too bad about the unrealesed kills in the trailer, they look cool.
  5. Thanks for all of the opinions and info! Just bought it. I’ve only seen the first Alien movie. Loved it. The fact that, this thing is hunting you throughout the game, sounds awesome Kind of like the Nemisis from RE3.
  6. Off topic, I’ve never played Alien: Isolation, is it any good? Scary? What’s the premise? On topic: Very sad news indeed. Even with the issues that plagued this game, I still love it. The community here has been fantastic as well. I wonder, if Victor Miller wins the lawsuit, would that put the kibosh on future movies too? I ask this, because In interviews, he always seems pretty pissed off that there were ANY sequels to the original Friday. As he stated that Jason was just a plot Device.
  7. Is this just on pc? I’m on PS4, and haven’t seen a single JX.
  8. Scene that still gets me to this day, has to be where Wayne and Tamara blackmail their teacher. His look is priceless. “Uh, hey...cut that out.” lol
  9. 6’3, maybe a bit over. Kane Hodder wears boots? So without them, what would his true height be? 6 foot even?
  10. Can’t wait! Challenges right out of the movies! I’m going to have to binge watch them all before Thursday ! I’ll be doing single player and multiplayer, for the tapes. Curious about this Improved Bot AI. Should be cool.
  11. Twice a week. Maybe, 2 hours per day. Still a fun game, I’m just working my way through Far Cry 5, and waiting for the update. Plus, the F13 Killer Puzzle comes out this week. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.
  12. Been grinding mainly offline. Packanack small with pt.3. Went from 99 to 118. Played a bit online, but kept getting the”connection lost” screen. The rugby player and disarm kills are brutal. BTW, does anyone know what time the double XP event ends. I’m in mountain time, and I have no idea what Gun/illfonic’s time zone is. I would guess midnight their time?
  13. It looks like a fun game. I loved Slayaway Camp, and if it’s anything like that, I can’t wait. Too bad it isn’t In the Canadian App Store ? April can’t get here soon enough!
  14. I did this tonight. Playing as AJ, on Pinehurst. I wasn’t near the car or fuse box, and lo and behold Jason came a morphin’. He smashed all of the windows and began busting Down the door. I jumped through a window and he hit me with a knife. I was able to limp to the next cabin, and he busted out the windows and began to work on the door. Unarmed, I went through the busted window and died. He immediately pm’d me, saying what a shit player I was for not accepting my fate. I just told him: ‘You broke the windows! I’m trying to escape!” At that point he told me to go and F-myself. Although it would be funny to see an entire lobby pull a Jonestown minus the grape flavour aide and armed guards. Jason would be Rev. Jim Jones.
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