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  1. Nope. I main Sloth Jason, and I try my damndest to wipe out as many people as possible. Sure I get trash talked and teabagged, but mother would be very angry if I just gave up the hunt.
  2. As long as they put in a coked up Gary Busey...
  3. I always close and lock/barricade the door behind me. If there are any bear traps, I’ll put one in front of the locked door. Everyone has a play style. Although, on a few Packanack maps, the opened door, seemed to be looted cabins, have yielded a Pamela tape...
  4. I’m excited for this. It sounds pretty cool. It would be neat if they implanted Roy in this mode. Also, The slop loving, brain dead, Junior as a character maybe?
  5. Just had a match. As AJ, I spawned near the 2 seater, and a part 8 Jason morphed to the car. Rather then trap it however, he headed to the cabin I was in, stepped in a bear trap, and began chasing me around a couch for 10 minutes. Mr.J was smart enough to try and shift on over to me, but I jumped out a window and gave him a thumbs up. At this point he began acting very Un-Jason like. Calling me some very choice four letter words, and occasionally, bringing my mommy into his tirade. Finally I heard him say: “Hey Phil, I can’t catch this motherfucker!! Come to the cabin and block his ass!” So his buddy came a runnin’ and promptly stood next to me, as I tried to evade Jason’s grab. Of Course he grabbed me, and was just going apeshit over the mic to the tune of: “Yeah Bitch!! You like that boy!! Try and jump out of a window again! Come on!”. I didn’t say anything except wish them both a happy Halloween. And I was greeted with a go F myself reply. I love this game!
  6. “Hey Ted where’s that-where’s that corkscrew? That fancy corkscrew?” Ted continues laughing and getting high while watching silent porno film. ”Ted! Where the Hell’s that corkscrew?!” Jason earns his check for the movie.
  7. This has been happening to me every other game. I was thinking that it was my internet connection. Never had a “host has suspended their game” message though.
  8. Agreed. I was not a backer, I missed out. Ob-la-di-ob-la-da
  9. Could you maybe add me to th group. I’m not a very good Jason, and I’m looking for some people who won’t spend 5 minutes reminding me of that. Especially with this new jason/map coming out, I’d really like a solid group to play with. At the very least, to take the edge off of turning 30 ?? ps4:brokenpoolhall
  10. “He thinks that’s funny. He thinks that’s a funny thing that he’s doing.” Man I loved Crispin Glover in this movie haha!
  11. Hi everyone, With the release of the the new FC Jason and concurrent map, what are some Easter eggs you’d like to see in the party house? Mine: -Bloody corkscrew -Film projector running a silent porn film -The twins’ bikes -Any reference to Ted
  12. Ahahahaha!!
  13. Just found another. Exactly one week after finding my first one. Tape #17, as AJ, with the same perks as I had equipped when I found the other one. Very first cabin I went into, first cupboard I checked. Once again, I lost my connection, but I still have the tape. It was the regular Packanack map.
  14. I'm just excited for the Jarvis/party house map, as well as FC Jason. The game is fun. It's not perfect, but for a Friday the 13th fan, binge watching the films+playing a game that makes you feel as though you are in the movies, quick case in point, Higgins Haven, playing as Jenny and checking the rooms upstairs, only to see pt.3 Jason booking it up the stares, murder in his eyes, felt straight out of the film. I have faith in the devolpers, and I can't wait for what's next. In the meantime, I'm still camping at Crystal Lake. ????