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  1. A lot of stores aren't stocking their shelves like they used to. How far along are those toy collections of yours?
  2. RE8 was quite unusual, but very exciting. I enjoyed Lady D's castle the most. I'd like to see Rose as our RE9 protagonist. I imagine RE X will be very interesting when it comes about.
  3. You can have a game with multiple killers and zero celebrities. The more celebrities you have in the game, the bigger a budget you will need to compensate the celebrities. If they do it for free or close to free, that's a different story.
  4. I personally only play these days if I host. It's about the only way to guarantee a finished match.
  5. I also grew up watching the show. I once met Catherine Bach. Here's some unfortunate news: https://news.yahoo.com/dukes-hazzards-famous-general-lee-093200233.html
  6. Thanks for the tag brother. A new TCM movie is welcome. A few laughs.
  7. impatient (adj.) eagerly desirous : ANXIOUS impatient to get home (or impatient to see what Gun's next project is)
  8. We still have people having some of the same arguments both in-game and on the forums.
  9. That could be true. Then again, maybe not. Some people find it easier to patiently wait and see, rather than post about it over and over. Guessing is more about speculation and uncertainty. Common sense is more like looking both ways before crossing the street so you don't get hit by a car. Just about everyone here knows how much you are looking forward to the future for Gun Media. That's fine. Consider keeping it to a single thread.
  10. I think the guy just enjoys his Halloween candy. Many of us can relate.
  11. I agree about Phil Hartman. He was great at his craft.
  12. Any thoughts on what RE9 could have?
  13. It's unfortunate to hear this, but not too surprising. Perhaps it won't be as bad as they are projecting. I started Christmas shopping early just in case.
  14. I'll be with you in spirit as far as that movie is concerned. I'm considering seeing it, preferably if it is legitimately streaming somewhere. I may look into some of these. Thanks for posting the links. That sounds like my kind of trick or treat experience.
  15. I see what you did there @glowing ooze. We could use a good laugh here on the forum these days.
  16. @Strigoi, here some information you might find interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pee-wee_Herman
  17. Have at it people.
  18. Someone will take a stab at it down the road. It'll be years from now.
  19. Valve probably had it in the plan to add bots for dropped players. It would have been nice for Gun to have done the same, but it's four years too late on that. I'd be curious about this as well. It may not benefit anyone, but it shows the passion some people have for this game. These hackers/modders seem to know the code for this game very well.
  20. Thanks for pointing this one out @Dragonfire82877.
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