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  1. That's a pretty strong allegation. I personally hope that's not the case. If it was, Gun would be shooting itself in the foot. They are knee deep in their next project, so I don't expect much to come from reports to JKB these days. We'll see.
  2. There may be a couple of people looking over them, but I doubt many people (if any) will be banned. Even if one was to be banned, we wouldn't hear about it on this forum, unless they registered before the registration was closed. If others are still submitting reports as you are, imagine the pile that still has yet to be looked at. Then there is the issue of the evidence being sufficient enough to take action on. The workaround was their last ditch attempt to allow PC players to avoid the hacker lobbies. No matter what Gun did, the hackers were still going to be an issue. Resident Evil: Resistance has similar issues with troublemakers. So do most other games in that style. I do applaud the effort you've made to try to clean up the PC player base.
  3. I agree about the decent story. No comment on the acting.
  4. Happy Holidays everyone. @Laotian Lam, I watched Gremlins the other day.
  5. Thanks for the heads up @Dragonfire82877. I tip my hat to you @OCT 31 1978. You are quite the detective.
  6. The forum closure will happen eventually. Enjoy logging in and posting while you can. No matter what the team does to circumvent the hacker lobbies, sadly I think they'll continue to be a thing. It royally sucks for the PC players, and I feel for them. They'll probably lock the forum once their newer project is close to completion.
  7. Understandable. That does prove challenging, and funny sometimes. I do the same.
  8. Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday. Save room for dessert, and work it off running from Jason.
  9. I'm a proud Ghostbusters fan. I grew up watching the animated series in the 80's. @Dragonfire82877, thanks for the link, and the stroll down memory lane.
  10. Rage quitting as Jason is inexcusable, period. That goes double for hiding in the lake. A strategic retreat, with the intention of making a comeback is fine. Grab some knives, and see if you an split up the kill squad. Since "Game Jason" is not "Movie Jason", I don't expect every Jason player to take a losing situation with dignity. The amount of salty messages sent to a Jason who doesn't let the counselors kill him shows how entitled players have become in this game. It tends to be players who believe every Jason they encounter should fall at their feet. I never stick around when a Jason lingers in the lake or gives up during a match. If they won't play like Jason, there are matches to be played with others who will.
  11. Thanks for the heads up @OCT 31 1978 and @I'm Not a Goalie.
  12. Not a very enjoyable one. That would have been nice.
  13. Shame on those who didn't show F13 on F13. I caught Part V on Syfy tonight. I was planning to do the same.
  14. Who knows what the future holds? I'd like to see another F13 game one day.
  15. We still have people comparing this game to Dead By Daylight.
  16. Fixing the PC lobby hack is supposed to be their final fix. Hopefully it works out.
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