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  1. Speaking with many of you about gaming in the past, I thought I'd start a thread to keep the conversation going. What games from your past do you have fond memories of?
  2. Carrying Matches

    That's like opening a box of Cracker Jacks in the old days. I think we've all been there at some point. I see a lot of newer players hiding the entire match. I only did it for my very first QP match. I survived that time. Every time after that, it was all about helping the "team". You noticed that too? The only children that get to hand my ass to me is my own children. Is that popcorn salted or unsalted?
  3. I agree. In the hopefully distant future, when the servers for online play get shut down, we could have an offline counselor mode.
  4. There's the key word.
  5. I wouldn't bet against you on that.
  6. I've noticed, but thought I was the only one. Go with what works.
  7. For helping to promote the game by purchasing for buddies at work, you have my respect. I guess we all should be careful with what we say and how we say it. I wonder if the luck aspect could explain why so many people are having issues with the game?
  8. Players already have the option to work alone, don't they? Yep, it's all about the choices they make. No need to water the game down for that.
  9. Jason/Freddy hybrid

    I'll take bets on the outcome.
  10. I'm hoping for that too.
  11. That's a pretty interesting way to look at things. I like it.
  12. That is unfortunate. No worries about the dark turn. Your name is truth, and sometimes, the truth of life leads to some bad outcomes.
  13. Escaping doesn't worth it

    I enjoyed the game play as much as the next person, even back then. I also enjoyed the friendly rivalry with neighborhood buddies when we got out of school and went to the arcade to let loose. Playing classic games like Pac-Man and Galaga was a thrill, to see if we could one up each other by getting the top score. That was before the focus on progression through a story like most games of today.
  14. I wanted to try hood surfing in my younger days. How'd that work out for you?
  15. In real life, I'd hop in a car window, or grab on the roof to make that getaway. Just watch those bumps and turns.
  16. There are no bad maps or bad counselors or bad players. Look at it as players in training who are working to be better than they are, and haven't gotten there yet.
  17. I'd like to see this too, as would many others.
  18. No sarcasm. Sarcasm leads to toxicity, and there's already enough of that here.
  19. That's some nice outside the box thinking.
  20. If I wished to entertain you, I would consider it. You could shoot my ideas down, I could shoot yours down. What would that prove?
  21. Development for this game will only stop if: A. The developers are ready to move on to another project. B. The developers run out of ideas for new content and have implemented everything they can think of. C. The developers feel there isn't any more money to be made off of this game. There are a lot of options for future content, so this game has is far from finished.
  22. People get bored with games. It happens. That's when you should take a break and trying something new and/or different. Come back from time to time, and you won't get as bored as fast.