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  1. I've never really looked at it as "counselor main" or "Jason main". I do believe in character mains (Jenny, A.J. Part 3 , etc.). I'm like that 99% of the time. The other 1% I pick a choice counselor or Jason and play a few rounds. That's a pretty clever idea. Being set on Random, I tend to be Jason 25-30% of the time.
  2. Using a boat or car is supposed to be risky. If you take the starting sound from the boat, then the car would have to lose it too. While it is hard to escape by boat at times, it is not impossible.
  3. Any updates we get before the end could make slight adjustments (if any) to the Rage buff. I doubt it will go away completely. I see your point. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. Counterproductive players will probably always be a thing. They are still out there. If one doesn't have to adapt, they won't bother to adapt. That's the nature of gaming today. Welcome to the forum. The game needs more humble players. I agree that having a good time trumps winning or losing.
  4. Welcome to the forum @Ian Hearald. That's a pretty interesting theory you've got there.
  5. It has been said that something will be worked out for us when that time comes.
  6. Jason players that do this whenever possible are keeping the spirit of what this game is meant to be alive.
  7. That would have a nice idea before the lawsuit. Kinda unlikely given the development cycle will end in the future with the game being about three and a half years old.
  8. For all the different types of players out there, and all the play style mindsets, no amount of buffs, needs of adjustments will ever make everyone happy. It's really moot at this stage of the game's lifespan. Any changes made before support is abandoned will hopefully make the game the best it can be. If not, then it is what it is.
  9. That's some really fucked up geometry. Depending on the nature of the lobby, I'll skip the two knives in the shack. It's only on rare occasions. Thankfully that is in the past. Perhaps not everyone... I can see it from that perspective. You make a good point.
  10. I certainly enjoy a good show in this game. To me, it's more than just the kills Jason chooses to use in a match. I love the variety of the kills, but I also enjoy the close calls and near misses. I really enjoy the matches where you think you know how it will play out, only to see a curveball thrown at you in the last minute. When you are a level 150 with all the accomplishments made, a good show in a memorable match is about all you have left to enjoy.
  11. Have you tried this topic? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
  12. Welcome to the forum @Drayzik.
  13. Games lose players over time. This game loses players for several reasons: -The lawsuit regarding the rights of the F13 franchise is still going on. -Any potential for new content has been stopped because of the lawsuit. -There are bugs and cheaters that make the game less enjoyable for players. But fixes are 5-6 months apart on average now. -Teaming, a big complaint, is not an offense the developers ban players for. Players can be banned for hacking, but their doesn't seem to be a very high ratio of bans to reports. -The game is almost 3 1/2 years old. It is only going to get a limited number of updates before the end comes. -Other games that may be more appealing to players exist. Something new to.we along, and people migrate to those games. -Sales lower the price of the game, drawing people in. Some stick around, while others move on. You mentioned 400-500 players in average daily. I'm guessing you are a PC player?
  14. Killing 4/7 coordinated counselors is not a reason for a buff. Not every Jason gets 7/7 or 8/8. Everyone having fun is the main thing that matters. Winning is an added bonus. Win or lose, if the match was exciting for both sides, and gives you a fond memory to reflect upon, that's a win for all who participate. There are low level Jason players getting punished by high level coordinated counselors. A buff of any kind will not change that. Not all high level counselors troll, punish or bully low level Jason players. Players who work together and heal one another are doing what good teammates do best. A Jason who slashes groups will make them use their sprays up, and eventually will be unable to heal. We may get some kind of adjustments before the game is abandoned one day. If you are running into hackers in the game,submit evidence and report them. We know that every report doesn't lead to a ban, but you never know which report could get someone banned. I enjoy a good show during a match, but don't hold it against someone who doesn't deliver. If a Jason gets his kills (even if using the same easy kills time after time), he/she got the job done.
  15. Outside of reporting cheating players there's not much you can do except to hope those players get banned. It sounds like very few get banned. If you see any names in a lobby of cheating players, switch lobbies and steer clear of them. On a good note, there are still plenty of honest players out there that do not cheat.
  16. That was a pretty good read. Thanks for the summary.
  17. To this day, I still picture what a camp map for him would have been like...
  18. Fair Play

    Weird Squares

    It looks like it's been happening for quite a bit. I figured it would get sorted out sooner or later.
  19. People won't always go with the same choices forever. Have patience and give them time. Keep in mind there are new players out there.
  20. The game is 3+ years old. Rebalancing any Jason is unlikely to happen at this point. He's fine as he is.
  21. In before this thread gets locked and/or deleted. Jason sets the stage for a match and it's kills. The order of killing is at the discretion of the killer, give or take the usual variables in the match. I can see why you feel as you do, but the level of hostility is a bit excessive. Alleged teaming can ruin one's day, we get that. Once you come to terms with the fact that many play styles and mindsets exist in this game, you will be a lot less hostile about certain things that happen in this game. Not everything that looks like teaming is teaming. It's a matter of perspective. If you encounter suspected teamers, change lobbies. Also, if you're going to stick around here on the forum, try not to have so many consecutive posts in one topic. I'm all for exposing teamers, as long as it is done responsinly. Well said. Without knowing all the facts, you can't say allowing escapes is teaming. I can think of at least three legitimate reasons an escape may be permitted, and all have to do with people using exploits, or unexpected glitches occuring. Practice during a Private Match is preferred, but not necessarily limited to such. A number of seasoned players will take the sweater to keep a Jason kill from happening to a rookie player. Nothing scares players away faster than being repeatedly bullied as a low level Jason. Remember, every new player isn't a prodigy at this game on their first day. I agree. Jason is a Pizza Hut man, I mean zombie. Please pass the popcorn. I've got the drinks.
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