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  1. As long as we get offline console saves before or during the final update for this game, I'm fine with that.
  2. At this point, bug fixes are better than nothing...
  3. It's unlikely the developers are going to implement any of your suggestions. As much as it sucks, you kinda have to tough it out with them. If you find a hacker/cheater/troll, just change lobbies when the opportunity presents itself. Sooner or later, you'll find some decent players that play the game as intended.
  4. Even if this were to happen, trolls would still find a way to ruin your day. Like cockroaches, they evolve, adapt and survive. Just change lobbies as needed and you'll find some decent players sooner or later.
  5. At least you are taking the loss with dignity. That's more than can be said for a lot of people. On the bright side, it took 18 months before you got taken down. That's an accomplishment in itself.
  6. Fair Play

    Jason bullying

    At the end of the day, no matter what changes come to this game, there will likely be a small part of the player base that will always try and bully Jason. I have a standard policy in Quick Play depending on what kind of Jason you are: If you are a really horrible Jason, I'm not gonna kill you. You have enough to worry about, and killing you is as insulting to me as it is to you. If you are an average Jason, I may or may not kill you, depending on my mood. If you are a good Jason, I'll stun you once to save somebody, then keep it moving. If you are a great Jason, you'll have to work for your kill with me. If you are a dick or a bully as a counselor and get to be Jason, I'll put you down regardless of your skill.
  7. Fair Play

    F13 Player Style

    It's a simple poll. Pick the answer(s) that correspond to your reasons for playing this game. 😎
  8. Fair Play

    Jason bullying

    We live in good times don't we? 😎
  9. Fair Play

    Jason bullying

    That might hold true in some cases, but not all. A few people might taunt, as some people lack common sense in this day and age. People today are a mixed bag of nuts. If a real life group was attacked by a serial killer, one of many things may happen: 1. A group of people doesn't want to die. They do the logical thing and run away. Someone will call the cops. 2. A group of people decides to not run from a fight. They band together and beat down the killer for bragging rights as well as piece of mind. They know what they are doing and are successful. At least one person takes a selfie with the killer. 3. People are concerned about their safety and others. They subdue the killer, hopefully without any of their group getting harmed. They don't taunt or mistreat the killer while he's restrained. Someone calls the cops. 4. A group of people has mixed feelings about the situation. Someone pulls out their phone to call the cops. Someone else is standing back to film the killer on their phone to upload online. A couple of the group decide to approach with the intention of stopping the killer. At least one person is gonna run and leave everyone else for dead. 5. A group who doesn't know what they are doing attempts to take down the serial killer. They fail miserably and get picked off one by one. There's only one thing about this game that holds true. No matter what changes you implement, a troll will adapt and find a way to ruin things for others. It is impossible to make all players happy in this game. Change the balance of power on one side, and the other side will complain. Reverse the flow of power, and the first side will be upset. You just can't win. Outside of finding like-minded players, there's not much else you can do.
  10. Fair Play

    Jason bullying

    If you don't mind my asking, what is your other PhD? I hold onto the keys during a match, and if I see someone making the attempt to put the battery and/or gas in, I'll drive them out with me when the time comes. I'll also pick up people along the way if the conditions are favorable. It should be harder to knock Jason's mask off during a match. That would be a good start to make him more challenging for those Jason hunters. In addition, make Jason hit harder and counselors might think twice about ganging up on him. This probably won't stop the most hardcore Jason hunters, as they will still find a way to take Jason down if they really want to.
  11. That's the reason we have popcorn... 😎
  12. Look into the "Looking for Group" posts here on the forum. There are still some decent players left in the game.
  13. I prefer leaving them behind. That's less bad karma.
  14. This is why I am cautious when using windows. Just watch your step and you'll be fine. Gun and Illfonic have more pressing matters as it is. Jason teamers, love 'em or hate 'em...
  15. Get 7 good friends together and play some Private Matches.
  16. That alone justifies the existence of the sub-forum.
  17. A fair number of people here don't have a problem pointing someone in the right direction. I get that a lot of people get annoyed reading the same questions and comments posted that have been resolved a hundred or so times already. Let's say the mods did as you asked. You're gonna get some new members to the forum, and they will still post new threads asking the same questions that have been answered time and time again. People post stuff in the wrong section. People post stuff that's already been posted. People don't bother to read. It happens. I don't particularly agree with it, but it does happen. There are a number of options that one can take in this matter. 1. Continue helping newcomers here and directing them to past topics that can answer their questions. 2. Ask a moderator if the changes you propose can be implemented. 3. Find other sources online to contribute to and acknowledge the fact that no more content is being created. There are a few sources that haven't gotten the memo yet. The internet is a big place, and sometimes information doesn't travel as fast as we would all like.
  18. This sub-forum still exists for a number of reasons: 1. People who are passionate about the game still have a place to express ideas they would have liked to have seen. Even though none of it will make it into this game, it's nice to see what some people have come up with. Who knows, someone may come to this forum after the lawsuit is over, and get some ideas for a new game, once the license is available again. I'll be honest, my inner circle and I have considered some of what has been posted in this section, and threw together some ideas for a different take on this type of game. 2. The feedback aspect of this section shows the development team potential issues people have with this game. A number of suggestions for balance can be found here as well as in the general discussion section. Whether or not the developers read and consider what has been posted doesn't matter. The information is there, should they decide to give it a read. 3. It's not harming anyone if this section is still here. Those who have something meaningful and relevant will post here. Those that don't can choose to refrain from posting.
  19. I agree. There's no shame in asking a question. I respect a person who admits they don't know something, rather than lie and say they do.
  20. I learned the value of patience many moons ago. That goes hand in hand with transparency, honesty, integrity, and humility.
  21. He could, but most people would rather just create a new account with a user name that suits them.
  22. At the end of the day, Jason's job is to kill for mother. Access, anticipate, adapt. If a player whines about being slashed, and I know they are carrying a pocketknife, I will slash them anyway.
  23. Just abandon the account and never log in again. Then you don't have to worry about it anymore.
  24. As long as they fix it at some point. I'm in no rush.