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  1. Hate speech is a thing. You can call out a player for cheating, but consider different wording. Players cheating doesn't have to ruin the game. Decent players are still out there, though the number has decreased over time, especially with the shutdown of the dedicated servers. I agree that cheaters care more about a win than the intended spirit of the game. The PC version has become a hacker's paradise.
  2. Welcome to the forum @Shawn. As @TimDuke 01 pointed out, the game's final patch has dropped. Changes to the Jason kill or anything else isn't happening. As far as unsavory Vanessa players quitting, not everyone does that. After three years of playing, there are still decent players out there.
  3. I thought about the rollback. The problem with turning back to an earlier version, is the unintended bugs that come along for the ride. I also considered content that came about after the point you'd propose going back to. I don't think you can just throw code from a later version into an earlier version and not expect it to cause more problems. The last thing I thought about was the new and much more creative ways people would troll and hack in the game at that point. At this point, I don't see them rolling things back. Nothing done is going to please everybody. We know the dedicated servers are not likely coming back. The final patch has dropped. So probably no more bug fixes, unless it is something the final patch broke. If nothing else, I would hope for our PC brothers and sisters, that an end to the hacking chaos would be found. We'll see. It has been said that work has begun on their next project. What that is, and who will purchase it upon completion is anyone's guess. I will agree that the F13 experience for this game was spectacular at one point. I also feel that sometime down the road from the lawsuit's eventual conclusion, another F13 game will be made. I know a few people throwing some ideas together. It will happen again, one day.
  4. If you're upset and frustrated when you leave during a match because of hacking and such, then it is rage quitting. I do get why people would do it in that instance, and I would not hold it against them. Nobody should have to endure such nonsense. It's a wonder they don't just give you a million EXP. Gotta love the impatient crowd. It doesn't take long getting to 150 the traditional way with double EXP in play.
  5. Out of curiosity, do they pop into private matches and do the same stuff. Or is it just quick play? Also, do you ever rage quit when you see hacking going on?
  6. At this point, the game is on the radar. Trolls, hackers and other sketchy players will continue to do what they do best. I do agree that punishments will motivate them to continue their shenanigans. Too bad we can't turn back time and prevent this from having happened in the first place.
  7. Maybe. Keep in mind that people will be left behind to potentially keep the dispute going. Hopefully they are wiser in their youth, and get this settled, in the event that one or both are unable to continue.
  8. I personally wish that people would refrain from posting information that is not fairly recent and accurate. I do hope that some kind of resolution comes eventually. It's too late for this game, but that gives hope for a new game down the road.
  9. It would seem so. I kinda wish a system similar to RE Resistance could have been a thing. While that game doesn't have nearly as many issues, there are trolls and rage quitters there, among other troublemakers. @TimDuke 01, I've been watching videos as of late on YouTube. I feel for you, @Mayday, and the other honest players of the PC community.
  10. On the bright side, the login server is still a thing. Once that's gone, then they've walked away from the game. I'd say it's more like the bags are packed, and one hand is on the doorknob. You look around in the empty room and reflect on the memories (good and bad), before you open the door and walk away. As far as the "silence", I doubt there is much to say to that any of us still coming here want to hear. The final patch has come along, and outside of fixing any issues that came from said patch, I don't see much else coming. The offline profile access is the only thing left to hope for, and we've been told that won't potentially happen until the login server is ready for shutdown. Will we get offline profile access? Only time will tell.
  11. Welcome to camp @Ghost Pepper and @keithrooney.
  12. Were the Salt Mines reinstated with the shutdown of the dedicated servers? They didn't work as intended when they were in place the last time.
  13. That's not happening. I'm sure you can't sell a game for which you don't own the IP rights to. We'll just be waiting for the F13 lawsuit to come to an end many years down the road. After that happens, someone will just create and release a new game. With technology continuing to evolve, and creativity evolving as well, I imagine a newer game done right could have just as much success, if not more.
  14. Another great person taken from us. He will be missed.
  15. Thanks for the continual updates @Jason Todd Voorhees and @Big Daddy J.
  16. One day, in the distant future, after the lawsuit ends, perhaps we could see another take on an F13 game. @Progenstein, welcome to the forum. Your passion for this game shows. Unfortunately, content for the game is done, and the company is likely working on their next project. Those that truly love the game are still playing to some degree. Others will fire it up now and then. Even if the game is unplayable one day, the memories we all have will keep it alive, if only in spirit.
  17. It sucks when players rage quit. At this point, there is nothing to deter them, since the dedicated servers have come and gone.
  18. We all knew this was gonna happen more often since the last patch was dropped. How have your experiences been as of late?
  19. I get what you're saying. My guess is they didn't do it that way because the sprung trap is meant to take up the space that you want to put the fresh trap in. If we could have had this as an option, I could see either side using it.
  20. There were some of us who wished to be able to pick and reuse unsprung traps. I trust that's what you mean? It's too bad any changes to game mechanics are a no-go at this point.
  21. The ease of killing Jason in QP is all depending on the quality and skill of the players. Find someone who knows how to communicate (with or without a mic) that is willing to work with you, and it's doable. Run into a dance party lobby, and it's a fix stuff yourself, and ride out of camp.
  22. I was wondering the same thing. @gettodachappa, the final patch for the game has dropped, so it's not likely we'll see any kind of changes going forward.
  23. Legit or not, it's a thing people have to cope with. Not everybody chooses to do it.
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