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  1. Forums are old technology. People still use them, but not as much. Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other newer technologies are more commonplace. Trolls and "strange multiple accounts" can be found on any of those platforms as well.
  2. Send an e-mail to their support and see if they can help you.
  3. Thanks for sharing @Jason Todd Voorhees.
  4. Have you tried reaching out to them through other means? They appear to be checking here less frequently.
  5. I would like to see this as well. Do you know why people should not "assume"? An offline save for our profile progress would be about the only thing many of us could hope for. Single Player Challenges would likely be a given. Multiplayer would probably be up in the air. The day will come when that happens.
  6. Don't expect much to change given support for this game has come and gone.
  7. Can't say I've seen it, but with the bugs this game has, anything could happen.
  8. I see Jason kills pretty often, though I don't participate in them unless it's a Jason that's being a dick to the lobby in general.
  9. The game won't end until we stop playing or talking about it.
  10. I do sometimes, if the situation calls for it. Most of the time, I hand it off to other players, only if they are trying to get things repaired.
  11. How is that game? I'm not surprised in the least.
  12. Let's hope that 2022 is kinder to us. Best wishes to everyone.
  13. To everyone who still pops on from time to time, have a happy and safe holiday season.
  14. I feel the same way. Interactions on a forum may seem old school, but there's a certain appeal that Reddit doesn't capture. I'll keep tabs on the development of this game, and make a decision by launch day if I'll consider purchasing or not.
  15. Good to know the project is still a work in progress.
  16. That's a pretty strong allegation. I personally hope that's not the case. If it was, Gun would be shooting itself in the foot. They are knee deep in their next project, so I don't expect much to come from reports to JKB these days. We'll see.
  17. There may be a couple of people looking over them, but I doubt many people (if any) will be banned. Even if one was to be banned, we wouldn't hear about it on this forum, unless they registered before the registration was closed. If others are still submitting reports as you are, imagine the pile that still has yet to be looked at. Then there is the issue of the evidence being sufficient enough to take action on. The workaround was their last ditch attempt to allow PC players to avoid the hacker lobbies. No matter what Gun did, the hackers were still going to be an issue. Resident Evil: Resistance has similar issues with troublemakers. So do most other games in that style. I do applaud the effort you've made to try to clean up the PC player base.
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