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  1. I'm looking forward to what the PS5 may hold. I'm also looking forward to how this new Predator game turns out.
  2. Again, you like making assumptions. I enjoy a good productive conversation. If you are looking for an argument, reddit is a good place from what I've heard. For the record, I never opposed the marking items on the map. Take the time to read posts a bit more closely before making false accusations about players. Also, consider working on your fan fiction, as that could be a good way for you to let off some steam. You sound like you could use the distraction.
  3. You're right. Just like celebrities, some are setting better examples than others.
  4. There is no helping some people... Time to hurt that horse again. Let me find that shovel...
  5. I wish we had snow. Don't forget the shooting star at the end.
  6. Moments like these make watching movies over and over worthwhile.
  7. It would seem the bugs bring out the crazy in people around here. Every time shit hits the fan, people get a little crazy. Everyone assemble around the campfire for beer and marshmallows.
  8. I'll turn on the Xbox signal on top of Gun HQ.
  9. @NytmereZ and @DontZzz34, stop with the cheap shots and assumptions about each other. Welcome to the forum. Nice overkill of Tommy by the way.
  10. I like the fact that you are looking out for the casual and non-casual players.
  11. I'm not agitated by your response regarding this concept. I do feel you could do a lot less assuming about the play styles of other forum members. You do know what they say about people who assume? Take your intensity down a couple of notches.
  12. Welcome to the forum. The last word on the matter was there was not going to be any more content.
  13. This seems to be one that the player base is on the fence about. @mattshotcha, keep an eye on this one.
  14. I've seen a few instances of that. Thank goodness it isn't as bad as it could be, yet. The emotes provide a form of communication, so all players could communicate if they wished to do so. I've played with players who have developed a number of subtle methods of communication, without resorting to third party means outside the game. That outside the box thinking always impressed me. A troll is going to be a troll, no matter what you do to deter them. Take away the item marking, and they'll screw you over some other way. As far as the frequency of part hoarding, the experience of each player will vary from one to the next. You say you've seen it about 5% of the time, while others have seen it more often. I won't say you or they are right or wrong, as it is based on individual experiences. Say what you have to say, but don't be a jerk about it. Also, don't assume about the play styles of others. This would be an ideal compromise.
  15. Such is life. It was said that Beyond was not limited to just talking about Friday the 13th: The Game. If they eventually stop discussing the game entirely in the future, it is their choice. I've enjoyed each stream, as there's some pretty interesting information in each one. Whatever discussion topics that pop up in the future, I'll continue to enjoy them, as will many others here. We're not getting content updates. It's more like bug fixes and balance changes.
  16. This should have been a thing. It would have been a great expression of fear while hiding.
  17. I appreciate the enthusiasm. I've got a ton of ideas, but if we get some separate threads on potential games, I'll be more than happy to drop a few ideas I've come up with.
  18. Regardless of what slasher based game is made next, it needs to do a top notch job sticking as close to the source material as possible. At the same time, it also needs to provide a stellar gaming experience. In the right hands, all of our favorite slashers could get a game that would do them justice. You are right about that. I've got ideas for close to 30 slasher based games.
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