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  1. Most of us are counting on some kind of offline profile access. We'll see what happens.
  2. They'll decide what they feel is a priority. As long as the major issues are potentially fixed, I don't care about the order of things. Multitasking is possible, but taking it slow and doing it correctly makes more sense. Just doing my part to help with the process. I'd do more if I was able to. I'm glad someone appreciates the effort. Most of my polls are comprised of long standing members, for which I am thankful. I only wish some of our former members were here to contribute to the process as well. Skewing could happen from either perspective. Let's not encourage that kind of thinking, and hope people voice their honest opinion, and leave it at that.
  3. @Jheyson Welcome to the forum. The development team have said some time ago that Savini Jason will not be available for purchase, or any other means. It was an incentive for those who donated to their crowd funding campaign. It is preferred if you could speak English here on the forum. If not, you can use Google Translate. Bem-vindos ao fórum. A equipe de desenvolvimento disse há algum tempo que Savini Jason não estará disponível para compra, ou qualquer outro meio. Foi um incentivo para aqueles que doaram para sua campanha de financiamento coletivo. É preferível que você possa falar inglês aqui no fórum. Se não, você pode usar o Google Translate.
  4. It would be nice if people stopped using hacks and just played the game as intended like most honest players.
  5. Different game modes are not an option this late in the game's lifespan. The custom toggle options in Private matches are probably the best one can hope for at this point. I agree.
  6. @Laoch1979, you get cool points for quoting Gomer Pyle.
  7. Have at it ladies and gentleman. @Strigoi, this is not meant to speak for every person playing, but it will give you an idea of how players here feel about the issue.
  8. @Dunken, I am on the same page as you. @OCT 31 1978 and @HaHaTrumpWon, I also enjoy the Jason role as well. Win or lose, it is fun to take down careless and cocky counselors.
  9. Welcome to the forum @cutecharm. It's nice to have another honorable member of the community join us here.
  10. Nicely done @OCT 31 1978. Perhaps you could work for NECA one day.
  11. Nice analysis of the game @F13 Seppuku Squad. I may consider getting this one.
  12. Many people have a long wish list. There is a limited amount of time and resources left to improve things in the game. If they address the essentials, I can overlook the rest.
  13. Players have a right to fix things, even if you tire of seeing it match after match. Points are earned for doing anything other than taking up space in a match. Double XP is in play for now. That's enough for most. Let players do what they desire (minus teaming and cheating) and you do the same.
  14. I personally enjoyed the golden age of gaming. What you got back then, you made the most of, or you moved on to another game.
  15. Thick Skin is an ideal perk when facing off against an average Jason or greater. With newer players coming to the party as Jason, I'll remove it and try other perks in place of it, to both challenge myself, and to give a rookie player a fair shot at a kill. I won't, however, just give a pity kill. If I suspect teaming may be happening, I'll keep Thick Skin on.
  16. In before this topic gets locked. Many seasoned players agree that Jason is easy to kill. After making it happen 50+ times in a single day, I can see why. Many players also feel that Jason is hard to kill, given that they haven't made it happen, yet. Their stance may change when they finally participate in the kill a few times. Some players don't care anymore, as they don't anticipate significant changes to come. Whatever stance each player has, find some joy in the game while it is still an option.
  17. 1. Rob Dier 2. Chad comes from money. 3. Jason couldn't create as exciting an atmosphere if killing at the first second was a thing.
  18. I wasn't aware that this was happening, but I look forward to anything fruitful that comes from this.
  19. Welcome to the forum @Prestonjay. @FridayThe31st, naming and shaming is against the rules.
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