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  1. People have made topics in the past, but they get shut down pretty quick.
  2. I wouldn't remove anything. It's a moot point given that the "final" final patch is incoming.
  3. A game needs to be released before we worry about deluxe editions or DLC for the game.
  4. I won't completely disagree, but the question asked was what one's favorite Jason ability was, not what was the best choice.
  5. It sounds like a little of Column A and Column B.
  6. I can't say I've heard of any temp bans either. Then again, bans aren't really discussed here.
  7. The end will come eventually. I'd rather enjoy the game in the meantime.
  8. Let's hope this "final" final patch can leave the game a tiny bit better off than it is now.
  9. I heard it a couple times, and thought it was my imagination. Good thing it's not just me.
  10. Their support for the game was bound to end eventually. I personally wish certain things about the game had turned out better, but it is what it is. We've had a lot of fun times despite the bugs, exploits, hacks and trolls. I only hope a future F13 game by whomever decides to make one doesn't suffer a similar fate. I don't see any more Jason players quitting than usual. There are a lot of decent members of the community. Enjoy the time here with those that remain, while you still can.
  11. Fair Play

    Any news?

    I see slighty better numbers of good days compared to bad, though how long that remains true is uncertain at this point. Our deformed shelter pet has brought us so many fond memories.
  12. Very clever @HaHaTrumpWon. Which RPG Maker are you using in designing your fan game?
  13. I think using jasonkillsbugs was the method meant for reporting cheaters. @I'm Not a Goalie, I know the thread you referencing.
  14. After looking at the evidence presented, I have my doubts that it's Halloween.
  15. I suspect the hackers will find a workaround. I hope not. @mattshotcha, I know this is not a concern right now, but will the team eventually develop an offline profile contingency down the road, when it becomes necessary?
  16. The Salt Mines didn't exactly work as intended. Hopefully you aren't having too many issues with players quitting often.
  17. I've killed Jason and been killed as Jason. It's all in the spirit of the game. People who rage quit as Jason may eventually stop and come to terms with it, one day.
  18. I've played against a variety of Jason players. Some are more skilled or experienced than others. The challenge of defeating Jason depends on their moves, and your own. It could also depend on what other players are doing in the match as well. If beating Jason is too hard for you, escaping or surviving the night are options.
  19. This in a nutshell. It's the same as a player talking trash to get under your skin.
  20. I consider the other people in a match. If a match can end quicker, I'd rather go that route.
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