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  1. @TimDuke 01, that could be a good sign. Welcome to the forum @BdubOKC.
  2. Let's agree to disagree and move on. The point of the topic was not if one found it boring, but if it was foul or fair. While losing isn't fun, it is destined to happen. Lose the first time, it does sting. Lose a few more times, it will sting a little less.
  3. Welcome to the forum @ChiKorra. It's great to have you join us.
  4. This is a game, and not a 100% reenactment of an F13 movie. It's a game (1st) based on a movie franchise (2nd). Block is a viable part of Jason's skill set. If one is patient and skilled enough, you can hit Jason before he blocks. Coordinated players can kill Jason before he gets to the point of Rage. Some players kill him before five minutes have passed. There are bugs on both sides of play, and the game's balance is being adjusted with each patch. Hopefully by the end, things will be in a good place.
  5. That's the million dollar question. I imagine people will play other games in the meantime. That's what I plan on doing.
  6. @Chicken2000, you've got two options: 1. You could purchase an XBox One and a copy of the game for that system. 2. Your father could get a PC copy of the game. As this game is a little over three years old, we are probably not gonna see cosplay happen.
  7. This is one hell of a mystery. Hopefully you can get your perks back. Let's keep politics out of the equation. There's enough to deal with as it is. As far as we know, there's no solution yet. The official word is that it's being looked into.
  8. Welcome to the forum. They are aware of the problem. It just sounds like an issue they haven't been able to figure out yet.
  9. Welcome to the forum. We're glad to have you join us. That sounds like a lot of work to manage three YouTube channels. Do you have any good gems you recommend on your channels?
  10. They have to be careful how they word their response to the current situation, lest something said is taken out of context. No matter what is said, a portion of the player base won't be happy. That's always the outcome of bad news. Some problems are not so easily diagnosed, or solved. It would be nice if life worked that way.
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