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  1. There are means of getting the information you seek. It's just frowned upon here. Good luck in your search though.
  2. That AI would be a good start to build off of. These are some interesting ideas. Perfect Dark was one hell of a good game. I think a decent AI Jason could be written by someone. If the lawsuit wasn't a thing and an AI Jason could have been made, I can imagine the possibilities.
  3. If a video or screenshot is removed, it's likely because it's either naming and shaming people, or it's showing people how to do stuff the mods don't approve of. Feel free to ask a mod if you want more of an explanation.
  4. If it was a cocky inexperienced Jason, then all bets are off.
  5. Reading minds isn't such a bad thing, when it comes to situations like this. For some of my more sinister thoughts, I'll keep the tin foil hat close by.
  6. @mike-hannigan, good analysis of both sides of the situation. @Dragonfire82877 and @Slasher_Clone, I've rephrased the second question to avoid further confusion. @Ahab, you wouldn't be you if you didn't speak from the heart. I'm used to it by now. @HaHaTrumpWon, I admire your sense of honor. Killing an inexperienced Jason would leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. The experience of each player differs from one to the next. That would make for a good topic.
  8. There were an interesting couple of questions that came to me recently. What are your thoughts?
  9. Teaming as cheating seems to be a grey area at times. It all comes down to the specific sequence of events in a match. @Sir Jack, teaming with Jason is typically considered "cheating" by many. The only exceptions I can think of are when you have trolls ruining a lobby or good friends are all just screwing around. @Slasher_Clone, you raise an interesting point. The sweater is meant for the kill, but it could just as well be used as a stun. Thanks for the subject of my next poll.
  10. I still see Savini on a regular basis. Perhaps some people have moved on from him to another Jason of their choice.
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