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  1. That's a good question. I would instinctively say no, but who really knows?
  2. I feel for all of you Steam players. I hope it gets fixed.
  3. Fair Play

    Memorial Day

    Anyone doing something special for Memorial Day?
  4. And with other exploits found and fixed, they'll eventually run out of exploits. Then they'll move on to rage quitting. You may not stop all of their nonsense behavior, but you can cut it down by a lot. That's better than nothing.
  5. Take away the incentive to get up there, and more people will gradually get back to playing the right way.
  6. Sounds like some interesting stories for a future thread. I look forward to them.
  7. Traps being broken after being sprung would be practical. Traps should be moveable if they haven't been sprung on both sides.
  8. I'd be against making it easier and encouraging for everyone to get on the roof. As it stands, there's already more than enough info telling people how to get up there. If anything, if one gets on the roof, they should just slide off, making it pointless to go up there in the first place.
  9. Just find like minded players and play Private matches. It's the next best alternative.
  10. @Brogan322, I understand your frustrations. I wouldn't remove traps from Quick Play. There's no point in punishing players who use the traps as intended just because others abuse them. I like the idea of glitching on the roof being instant death. However, I wouldn't award the kill to Jason, as he didn't kill the counselor himself.
  11. Yep. I'm pondering a couple of other ideas, but they would most likely be "new content".
  12. Allowing Jason to reset traps stills keeps the weakness, but gives him the option to place an unsprung trap elsewhere. Giving him a fourth trap makes a -Trap Jason closer to a neutral trap Jason.
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