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  1. Maybe the player doesn't understand English? (I trust you speak English and they don't) Are they doing this multiple matches in a row? If so, I can understand your frustration. Is he ignoring them when they get trapped and targeting someone else nearby? Could they not be interested in killing Jason and rather go for the escape EXP? Everyone's racing to get those pocketknives and med sprays. Maybe they were raised in a barn, hence the open door policy. Those pocketknives give them temporary comfort, until they burn through all three back to back... I've noticed a lot of new players playing follow the leader, trying to learn the spawns for the good stuff. Then it's a race to get that pocketknife or spray before you do. Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. I've never been a fan of overconfident players trying to impart their words of wisdom on the newer players. Bait a bear trap with cheese; it's a sure fire way to get rid of squeakers... Maybe drop the fuse, then seek out a pocketknife. That way, if someone else wants to repair it, they can. If it's there when you get back, then you can repair it. It's a win-win either way, and your teammates will appreciate it. They kinda have that right to escape. Maybe verbalize it at start of the match and take a vote to see what you do each time. A player that makes a mistake, and owns up and apologizes for said mistake, will earn a lot of respect from fellow players. All's fair in love, war and looting. As far as their inexperience in killing Jason, consider helping them learn. My pet peeve about this game is the mindset of players that expect everyone in the lobby to be psychic in their intentions. There are verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate what you want.
  2. It sounds like you just have really bad luck finding decent players in quick play. I know the talent pool in QP is a little off at times. Have you tried giving some friendly pointers to an up and coming player? Sometimes players don't know/understand, and they need a bit of guidance.
  3. It makes me proud that people still embrace the classics after all these years.
  4. Single Player will eliminate some of the negativity and stress brought on by the technical issues of multiplayer. People who don't like the idea of single player or dealing with the issues of multiplayer can always play something else in the meantime, and check back from time to time to see if things have gotten better. I've chosen to do that rather than stress out over the game.
  5. I agree. Regardless of the stats, every character has use. It all comes down to the player having outside the box mentality.
  6. Sad but true... A mentoring program would be nice. Are there any max level players open to that? How some conduct themselves in the game and on the forums is revealing that to be very true. The element of the unexpected does keep this game interesting. I saw a level 10 player the other day catch a couple level 101s off guard.
  7. I've caught my fair share of criticism over the years for my ideas. I agree wholeheartedly that imagination is just as important as the technical know-how. I think every industry needs more outside the box thinking...
  8. Christmas Jason

    Maniac Cop, looks like I'm watching that a little later... A touch of Christmas decor wouldn't be so bad. A map not tied to the movies with a wintry, Christmas theme wouldn't be a bad idea. That would open the door to other holiday-inspired maps that aren't tied to the movie fandom. These would be a nice distraction to keep some players entertained while the work on the meat and potatoes DLC is still going on.
  9. This game opened the door for other franchises to be done in a similar style. I'm sure sometime in the future, someone will make a game for the other well known franchises. (Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.) If it does turn out to be Gun/Illfonic, let's get them to fine tune this game first, before taking on another project. If it turns out to be someone else, maybe they'll take notes on how this game was done, and do things a bit differently. No matter what, I'd enjoy playing a game set in one of those universes. Like a lot of you here, I have ideas, and I'd like to see them come to life. I'm more of an idea guy than a coder, so I'll just stick to writing my stuff down, and find some like-minded people to compare notes with. I've got close to 90 pages of ideas covering about a dozen proposed games similar to this one.
  10. Ahhhhh, very useful information indeed. Thanks.
  11. I feel the same way. Things could be more terrifying. This holds true the majority of the time. I see the occasional exception. Veterans should be open to giving a couple pointers to newbies, if you want the player base to continue growing. Otherwise, veterans will play with other veterans, and adapt to their skills, and possibly become bored over time. Out of curiosity, where are you pulling your stats from?
  12. Sounds like you're off to a great start. Keep at it and make that final product epic.
  13. Overall, it's impossible to please everybody. Change something, one group will be unhappy. Change something else, another group of people won't like it. If you finish that short story, I'd like to read it.
  14. Take a break from the game for a bit. Try back in a month or so and see how it is then. If it isn't any better for you, there are other games out there.