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  1. It would be interesting if stun was fixed. I wouldn't be opposed to a hit and run in the dark.
  2. Fair Play

    Level 150-200

    Nothing wrong with that.
  3. I have faith that the movie will do well. If the powers that be are as wise as fans, they'll see the success of that film, and be reinvigorated with passion for this franchise we all love. Here's to the future everyone...
  4. This topic has brought up a lot to consider and some good ideas on how to fix it. I hope the development team takes the time to read some of our comments and take these ideas into consideration.
  5. It's to bad about the map. I'm sure there was potential there. I'm taking the family to see it this weekend. As far as it lighting a fire under the parties at war over the F13 franchise, we'll see.
  6. I'm not the least bit surprised about the algorithm. People seem to decipher it and make it work for them.
  7. I agree on middle ground in this stun matter. Tipping the scale too far in either direction would make things worse. Having swings against objects to potentially break weapons wouldn't be a bad touch. I always thought at least 2 people had to die/escape before Tommy spawns in.
  8. At the moment, there's likely nothing to stop such a thing from happening. All in all, no matter what changes are made, it will always be a game of chance. There are a lot of things to consider. Which counselors are bring played? What perks are used? How long do the weapons last? How is the timing of each counselor swing? I believe that someone out there will always take all these things into consideration as they engage Jason. And with every change that is made, they will eventually adapt to it. I wouldn't doubt there are players running the thick skin / medic / hypochondriac perk setup, but I doubt there are many instances of 7 at one time.
  9. A random element would shake things up. However, I'd be concerned, as the adaptation of players has gotten pretty impressive. Once the range of a random stun immunity was determined, teams of Jason hunters would eventually catch on, and potentially nail Jason. For example, let's say Jason had a range of 2 to 5 seconds. What would stop counselors from delaying their attacks, and say surround Jason and each take a swing 1 second apart from each other. Someone would eventually stun him again.
  10. It's probably coding reasons. It's likely they coded it based on Jason options that everyone would have. Savini is not available to everyone. Maybe one of the developers could shed light on it.
  11. From my experience, you'll have one every now and then who is still sour about missing out on getting Savini Jason. Take the pat on the back from those who love Savini being in-game, and mute the haters.
  12. That makes two of us. Keep spreading the good vibes in-game.
  13. That's the only way to keep the player base going strong.
  14. That would kinda fun. Sneak up on Jason with your flashlight off, and stun him before he could react. This is, once stun is fixed properly.
  15. It's nice to see a counselor that's not self-centered.