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  1. Fair Play

    Jason is weak

    Jason should take some damage while blocking. In real life, if someone hit you and you block, you would still feel something from the hit. If you get hit enough times, you'd suffer some damage. You gonna share with the rest of the class? 😎 Joking aside, I almost misread it too. Your post helped me make sense of it.
  2. Fair Play

    Community Events

    The perfect Christmas gift to the players would be 25000 CP and increased tape drops / XP / CP for the week of Christmas. Who is with me on that one?
  3. Fair Play

    Jason is weak

    This would be a good way to slow down the Tommy call a bit. People will likely adapt quickly to that, but it's a start. Jason disarming counselors is an interesting idea. I'd tie it to Jason's weapon strength. The plus strength would have a higher chance, while the minus strength would have a lesser chance. I don't personally believe in the multiple item mindset, but I wouldn't punish counselors with this. If they found the sprays and/or knives first, they've earned them. I'm looking forward to that post.
  4. Fair Play

    Community Events

    Amen to that.
  5. Every game online comes to an end eventually.
  6. Fair Play

    Jason is weak

    You can always contact the admin and mention it to them.
  7. Fair Play

    The sequel!

    Depending on the length of time this lawsuit goes on, a sequel would be a much better choice. A new game could improve on things that were done in this one, and make for a better product on the market. Sequels normally turn out better than originals in video game franchises, most of the time.
  8. Fair Play

    Jason is weak

    People break rules just because sometimes. I don't agree with it, but it happens. Incidentally, it is covered in "Posting With Purpose". http://forum.f13game.com/topic/3-friday-the-13th-the-game-forum-rules/
  9. Fair Play

    Community Events

    I see something like 25000 CP being a logical Christmas present.
  10. Fair Play


    Looks like it's time to get that shovel and dig some more graves. A whole lot of graves...
  11. Fair Play

    Jason is weak

    I would be curious to see this match. Should I take bets on this one? This topic was doing so well in the beginning. It's headed for a lock down. I think it's a combination of Jason being on the weak side, and a lack of skill with certain players. If a well-versed player is saying Jason is weak, I'll agree with them. If a newcomer is saying Jason is weak, I'll tell them to explain to me why. If a troll says it without any kind of rational argument, I won't take them seriously. No offense intended, but your response to an off topic post is equally off topic. We all have been here long enough and know the rules. There's no need to remind us every time someone is off topic. The majority of us here can agree that Jason needs some work to become the great killing machine he once was. I am in that majority. The problem with topics like these, is that it starts off well, but eventually becomes a shouting match/measuring contest/troll festival/dumpster fire. Let's cut this crap, and focus back on getting Jason to being what he was: A close to unstoppable killing machine. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic. The pinata party needs to come to an end. Increased HP would be nice, but only after fixing the stun issues.
  12. Fair Play

    Holiday Plans

    Beer makes everything better. That and good company. 😎 I'll be doing the same. Playing this game with family is like the best of both worlds. Enjoy that quality time with your kids before they leave home. It's well worth it.
  13. Fair Play

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    I'm not too keen on double standards either. However, I'm perfectly fine with scotch.
  14. Fair Play


    I would say yes, but there is no professional overseeing the people in said support group, and helping them to cope with their issues. Perhaps one day...