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  1. Contact their customer service and maybe they can help you with your dilemma. Also, welcome to the forum.
  2. If you could have Tommy to start in a match, who would be called on the radio? Bots can fix stuff, if left alone. Once in a while they'll double back if interrupted, and you aren't around. Their driving leaves much to be desired. Maybe 1-2% of the time, they can drive off into the night. That is if you aren't hot on their heels. I do agree that a boat escape would be nice for the bots to achieve, if it was permissible to be implemented. I've seen some impressive bot AI in a number of games. It would have been nice to see bots with better instincts. Bots that could adapt during a play session would have been nice too.
  3. @Wolledc, your idea has potential, but may not deter the behavior you frown on. If someone wants to troll/dance/teabag Jason, they will do it regardless. If it was added to Private matches as an option, I think people would enjoy it. Scenario B would be the equivalent of having six seats with the vehicles for 7/8 people. First come, first serve. This is providing that players aren't focused on the Jason kill. 😎 @TedWhiteJ4, what do you mean by "you people"?
  4. Welcome to the forum @ThatKirbyGuy329. Have a pleasant stay. Soak up some of the knowledge from the stickies topics on the General Discussion section. I'm sure some of our more esteemed members will make you feel right at home. We'll be toasting marshmallows deep in the woods later, if Jason hasn't strangled the counselor who was supposed to bring them.
  5. @Strigoi, we don't "need" these weapons to be added, although they would have offered more variety. If a new game comes down the road, then perhaps those weapons could pop up. @Wolledc, your scenario would likely be what happens if those items did exist in the game. @F134Ever86, thanks to you, I guess I'm watching Batman and Robin this weekend.
  6. I feel for the honest PC players. The EAC is not 100% guaranteed to stop certain activity, but it is better than nothing for the honest crowd on that platform.
  7. Fair Play


    I'll have to ask my buddy about this. I know that shooting them down would be a federal offense, so I'll sway him from that course of action.I Thanks for the response.
  8. That's the first game for a while lot of people.
  9. Fair Play


    A buddy I work with has recently been plagued with a nuisance of a drone. It hovers over his home from sunset into the late hours of the night. There's no reason I can think of as to why it is hovering in that spot. He lives out in the middle of nowhere. Any suggestions?
  10. Welcome to the forum, @ShadowsInWhite. On the General Discussion section of the forum is a topic offering tips for players having difficulty. It's worth a read. Good luck!
  11. Let us know how you felt about it once you finish it.
  12. Welcome to the forum @moseechev. Making topics about cheating players is considered naming and shaming. The moderators are not fans of that sort of thing. If you have valid evidence, you can submit it to jasonkillsbugs.com
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