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  1. @Ahab, those are some nice suggestions. I've seen most of them, but will take a look at Nightbreed, Near Dark and Waxworks 1 & 2.
  2. Self exploration and word of mouth will get people up to speed, if they are willing to listen, or explore.
  3. I love a good batch of scrambled eggs. Make sure to bring some for the next campfire. 😎 @OCT 31 1978, I'll hook you up with that lasagna at the campfire as well.
  4. That sounds tasty. I bet it's loaded with flavor.
  5. @NthnButAGoodTime I've never had South American style biscuits. It sounds very tasty. I've been wanting to start a cooking topic for a while now. You can thank @OCT 31 1978 for the inspiration. My own home constantly smells like some restaurant. Lately, there's been a lot of Italian cooking going on. I'm full of conversation pieces. If you want a good topic started, I'm your counselor. 😎 @Cokeyskunk, if you take another stab at that technique, let us know how it turns out for you. I'm intrigued. @F134Ever86, I've had chile rellenos only once. I'd open to trying them again in the future. @badassgixxer05, my wife does about 70% of the cooking. I cook well enough to do the other 30%. My daughters have taken after her and most can cook close to her level. Boxed mac & cheese is still one of the best things ever made.
  6. He's not my favorite, but I play as him once in a while by choice, and other times on random.
  7. If I had the money, manpower and knowledge of coding, I'd be up for making a sequel. Perhaps one day... Thanks for the links. I'd take a read.
  8. It sounds like a case of you weren't a predictable Jason, so you must have been teaming. It sounds like a typical case of an entitled player lost, so you must have been teaming.
  9. There are many of us who would like to see a sequel. I'm playing it in my mind, until it becomes a reality. 😎
  10. I was inspired by a member earlier. I know we all love to eat something special, but how many of you can cook something special? What is it?
  11. If he was playable, who would Jason kill at the start of each match? There's gotta be a generic body to get the counselors all panicky.
  12. I've never personally considered a Jason who only grabs or only slashes as "trash". I chalked it up to it being their preference. A player who spends their time being verbally abusive to other players for any reason at all could be considered "trash". The only exception to that would be players who play together regularly, and know how far they can joke with their friends.
  13. It's a very bitter pill for one to swallow. I suggest a tasty beverage to help with that.
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