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  1. Keep encouraging your kid. Great gamers are nurtured and pass their knowledge and skills on to the next generation.
  2. Fair Play

    Your First Video Game

    My family growing up did the same thing. One game system or another with a crowd around to watch and cheer each other on. I wonder how much of that kind of bonding exists to this day.
  3. Fair Play

    Your First Video Game

    I have fond memories of that seaweed, and those space men in the last stage.
  4. Kids aren't the only ones to team with Jason. One only gets bullied if they allow it to happen. Kids don't trust strangers. Letting kids playing this game is not bad parenting. Letting kids play this game unsupervised is a different story. I play alongside my daughter of age 13. We've played hundreds of matches together. The only real problem we run into is all the immature horny males asking her for nudes or her number. Speaking up that I'm her father usually shuts all that down. There's nothing wrong with teaching him the ways of the world. This game can teach him about all the different kinds of people he may encounter in life.
  5. Don't lose hope, You'll get those Jasons unlocked in due time. Half of the fun is the journey, rather than the destination. If you want quicker XP offline, stay focused on the smaller maps.
  6. I've played with a variety of players from around the world. Some are better than others. Some are friendlier than others. Each player's experiences will vary. What you do is play with random people, make a note of the decent ones, and have Private Matches with them eventually.
  7. First, let me say welcome to the forums. It's an honor to have a seasoned gamer in this community. Jason can be unmasked in offline mode. I let it happen when the mode first came out, as I was curious to see if the bots could do it. It took a while, but they did manage to knock the mask off. As you've probably read and been told, there are no plans for any new content. A lot of us do wish an AI Jason could have been implemented. I do hope you can find enjoyment in the Offline Bots as well as the Single Player Challenges.
  8. These are some intriguing ideas.
  9. I feel your pain. A lot of people are suffering the same fate.
  10. We could ask for more, but I'd rather not put too much on their plate.
  11. You sound close enough to an expert to me. You make some good points.
  12. Fair Play

    Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

    No problem. I like to give credit where credit is due. Keep it up.
  13. Fair Play

    Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

    I read your works. You've got talent. I look forward to the next chapter.
  14. Maybe after they fix the major bugs, little things like these would be nice to fix.