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  1. This day won't be coming for a while, but it's never too early to ponder the outcome. What are your thoughts?
  2. As @Dragonfire82877 stated, it is a matter of the rights. Gun answers to the owners of those licensing rights. The current lawsuit further complicates the situation. Cosmetic mods would retain and possibly bring back a very small portion of players. However, if the major bugs are still a thing, those returning players will just potentially walk away again. We know there are some talented people out there. With the state of things as they are, we'll probably never get to see that potential.
  3. @Strigoi, I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree on this one. Many players are using the axe just fine as it is.
  4. People can beg, even if it is pointless. I was thinking a televised broadcast on all channels would be in order. "We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a special report." " Friday the 13th: The Game will never receive any new content of any kind. " "We return to your scheduled programming, already in progress..." The question now is , who gets to deliver the message on the air? Pizza and drinks for anyone still here on the last day. It's my treat. 😎
  5. The last word on the matter was that it was not gonna happen.
  6. @tyrant666, I would say with or without the lawsuit, the game would probably be in a similar spot. New maps, clothing packs, kills packs, game modes, or other goodies would attract and/or keep players to a point. Bugs that came, went, and and in some cases came back, would have pushed some players away, with or without a lawsuit. Communication issues would have pushed players away with or without a lawsuit. Newer games on the market would have pulled people away, lawsuit or no lawsuit. While many of us enjoy this game a lot, it would run its intended course, with or without a lawsuit.
  7. The topic has been discussed a few times on here in the past. It was said that a believable Jason AI was not possible by this team. Many people here would like to have seen an AI Jason. I am one of those people. I still ponder from time to time how that could have even if the game went in a different direction.I @OCT 31 1978, I agree that a simple-minded AI Jason would have been better than none at all. @PackASnack_Lodge, we're still hoping for peer to peer for online matches once the servers shut down, along with offline profile access and the ability to hold more than 30 perks. @FridayThe31st, it would likely be new content. Even if it isn't, it would probably be beyond the scope of their ability so late in the development cycle of the game.
  8. The most useless counselor in this game is the one that does nothing to help the others in any way. If Jason kills that counselor, then their death makes them useful as a distraction.
  9. Running or fast walking, I don't mind either option. As long as I make some entertaining kills, I'm fine. A lot of people I've come across in Quick Play seem to feel the same way.
  10. It's possible some of those players are trying to be in the same lobby. If they get seperated, they'll hop lobbies. Others do it just because they can. It sucks either way.
  11. Punishing players for leaving a match (especially for those lobby hopping to be Jason) would probably make some people stop playing altogether. It is unfortunate that people leave a match for any reason, but a punishment system at this late stage in the game is not very likely to happen. The developers are not quite done supporting this game, so we'll see what the future holds. An alternative is to play Quick Play, make some friends, and send invites to each other. @Wolledc, I would be concerned about changing the ready up dynamic. There may be some people who step away for a quick bathroom break or smoke. It may not be a lot of people, but they should be given a chance to do things like these as needed. If only players who were ready would just "ready up", then we wouldn't need any kind of penalty. The Salt Mines proved to be a less than ideal solution. If another attempt at a penalty system were to be implemented, I can only imagine the unintended consequences of that to be.
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