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  1. You gotta give them the business when they try to ruin things for everyone else.
  2. Very nice titles so far. Mine would probably be "Friday the 13th: Who Put That Trap There, and Why Did I Step in It?"
  3. Sometimes when Jason is in hot pursuit, he may be led to another counselor by coincidence. I've seen instances where someone hides, and Jason loses sight of them, and pursues someone else. I don't always see that as teaming, though others might. Sometimes I take out counselors alphabetically. Teaming is subjective, though consistent instances with the same players match after match makes it easy to spot. No argument there.
  4. I don't mind a bit of torture in the gaming world. It builds character. I do agree that the original is a bit better than the sequel. It's not for everybody, but I enjoyed it. @Strigoi, that sounds like one big game. It would be quite unique, if someone designed it as such.
  5. Based on your play style as Jason, what would be the title of your movie or series, if your greatest moments were put together for a viewing audience?
  6. Another home run @OCT 31 1978. You have a gift brother.
  7. The Last of Us 2 is a really good game. The passion behind the game's design is undeniable. @Strigoi, out of curiosity, how big of an F13 game are you looking to experience?
  8. Nice video @HaHaTrumpWon. @Dunken, it sounds like one impressive match. @MortenMagnePal, from the people I encounter in Quick Play, it seems to be a common observation. @SonofOdin6039, giving roadside service Jason and friends the finger and bow was a nice touch. I once had a match with a Savini Jason and a pair of Tiffany helpers. I quickly realized that they were allied, and I made them think I was with them. They went around opening doors, to which I closed and locked them again, once they moved on. I repaired the car and parked it near an exit, telling my "team" that I had trapped it, and they took me at my word. Jason ended up only getting 1/7 and left the lobby with his sidekicks afterwards.
  9. That makes two of us. The game is in a bad place right now, and this incident is only shortening the already short lifespan we've got left. I think we're hoping for Quick Play to still be a thing. I am prepared, however, if it isn't. Time will tell once the patch comes out.
  10. Here's something to talk about while we're waiting for that server issue to be fully resolved. Feel free to share any memorable stories of any noteworthy teamers you have encountered.
  11. It's likely the problem many players are having at the moment.
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