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  1. I have no clue, but it's been something a number of people have asked about.
  2. I'd love to live off the grid. The world is messed up enough, and I could use a break.
  3. "Get ready"

    Sounds like a crap player waiting to get killed off in the first 2 minutes, and they're sore about the last match they got killed in the first two minutes. I've been a long time advocate of using the mute function. Life is so much easier with it. The ready / unready mentality. Signs of a "I wanna be Jason" player.
  4. 3 perk slots are enough. Rotate your perks based on the Jason or map you encounter.
  5. The -Shift weakness

    Jason should be getting a fair number of kills per match. Four or more kills per match is reasonable.
  6. This has been a long time coming. There seems to be a shift in the dynamics of gaming. In the old days, it was all about teamwork. People loved getting together with friends and family and spending hours on end playing games and bonding over them. Nowadays, it's every person for themselves. Call of Duty and Friday the 13th aren't the same, so you can't really use that comparison. I can see your frustration, but this game changes. Players change with the game. A lot that don't want to change walk away from it. It is still possible to lone wolf it. It's a bit more challenging, but it can be done. Try looking at matches from a different perspective, and you might get back to surviving on your own.
  7. Outside of the occasional foul mouth, it's not too bad for me as of late. Did you have a change of clothes handy? That's kinda the mindset most people on the forum have. I feel the same way. The mute button doesn't discriminate by age or maturity. Be an ass, get muted. I've done that once or twice. The reactions are priceless.
  8. It's nice to find another avid collector like myself.
  9. My wife slightly resembles Jenny and my eldest daughter favors Tiffany.
  10. It could be in the works. When I host, I switch maps every round. When I join a lobby, I play whatever is picked and adapt.
  11. Pokemon

    Thanks for the link.
  12. Pokemon

    I was not aware that Ultra Sun and Moon are to be the last handheld games. Would you happen to have a link about this?
  13. Throwing knives.

    I got you covered.
  14. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I led a Jason helper into a trap they set.