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  1. Fair Play

    Happy 4/20

    I thought I'd wish those who partake in it a happy 4/20.
  2. The players doing the teabagging might disagree on that one.
  3. I don't personally worry about what annoys other people. I try not to let things et under my own skin, and do my part to make the match enjoyable to the majority. Changing lobbies is the only thing you can really do if something annoys you in a match. Gaming is serious business to some people. Imagine if you were playing poker, and something or someone ruined the experience for you. Everyone gets annoyed by something at some point in life. How they handle the annoyance defines their character. I concur wholeheartedly.
  4. If only he could... I've seen it once or twice. There was quite a bit of saltiness after those matches.
  5. @sedaiv, memory limitations could potentially discourage a number of innovative ideas regarding this game. It's not like we're getting any new content anyway. I'm aware that Jason did some window hopping in Part 7. As far as increasing HP, it would do little good by itself. Make a couple of other adjustments alongside that, and I'd consider it.
  6. I agree. If one doesn't want to participate in the kill, they don't have to ruin it for others. Those that do sabotage have their reasons, and it's for them to deal with as they see fit.
  7. It's always funny to steal the car from them and expose them to Jason. Don't be surprised if players call you a teamer for doing that. This sums everything up at this point. With Layers of Fear 2 in the works, that's where some of their attention is focused.
  8. Some of these would be interesting, if it wasn't for the "no new content" stance that we are facing with this game. Jumping through windows wouldn't work, as Jason is a bit larger than the windows are. Tearing through the windows, like the doors, would leave the cabins looking like Swiss cheese. Grabbing counselors through a window could work, until counselors learned to stay away from them. It might change the way people move within the cabins. Moving furniture, or breaking furniture is something a number of people have asked for in the past. It could stop the endless loops around the furniture. If these changes could have been implemented, I wouldn't have nerfed sense right away. I'd have waited a bit to see how things went before making that change. Making Jason harder to kill would in turn make the game scarier. If the right changes were made to Jason to make him harder to kill, then people would be crapping their pants a lot more. With any number of changes, there would always be a chosen few who would still try to troll Jason.
  9. You would think that someone with the strength that Jason has could just push the car out of the way.
  10. Hello @bronzy1. We're happy to have you join us. This game is a great one to bond with your significant other. Many of us do the same.
  11. Fair Play


    Welcome @Oliva. We'll be having scary stories and marshmallows by the campfire later. 😎
  12. You're a straight to the point type of player. I like that.
  13. "Toxic" and "Troll" are two of the most overused words on the forum. At some point, players have to get used to the wild and weird phenomena in this game.
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