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  1. People with anger issues and low self esteem do things like making death threats. Forest critters are one of many things to consider adding to the ambiance of this game.
  2. Nice to find another Batman TAS fan. Jason does need a gavel to administer justice properly. I feel the same as you. Too bad things are as they are.
  3. It's unlikely to ever happen. To the OP, out of curiosity, why would every Jason except Savini Jason get some kind of boost?
  4. Despite the bad news we've gotten as of late, the game is still here to play. Enjoy it in whatever way you can. It's the best any of us can do for now.
  5. You could, but there are laws against that sort of thing. They may know, but they might be trying to find the words to say it. A lot of the time, when they give the player community bad news, it isn't always well received by the people. If someone was constantly being criticized when they had something to say, would they really look forward to speaking again? No one questions your intentions or your love for the game. A lot of people are speaking from the heart about this situation. Responses are also driven by emotion, and sometimes the two clash head on. I enjoy this game as much as the next person. I'm not gonna harass the developers, as they have enough on their plate to worry about. If I get news, I'm fine with that. If I don't, I'll live.
  6. With everything going on, none of us know much of anything around here. Back to the game in the meantime... Bottom line, if we get it cool. If we don't get it, I've had some fun times with this game.
  7. As long as it's within the rules, it shouldn't be, right?
  8. I feel you on that one. One can still hope nonetheless.
  9. I'd like to believe that they will give us the ability to access our progress on the client-side of things before the servers go offline in the future.
  10. Fair Play

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

    Some people do it for free.
  11. Fair Play


    As a counselor, I'll fix objectives if I can, I'll ferry parts whenever someone runs past them, and I'll recover parts that trolls try to hide away. If Jason is picking on productive counselors, I'll smack him and get you free so you can do your thing. If a counselor isn't helping out the team, then you are on your own. As Jason, I'll make things interesting. Each round will keep you guessing.
  12. Anything that can happen, will happen in this game, or so it seems... Sounds like a mixture of newer players that don't know their role yet combined with trolls.
  13. I have yet to encounter a Tommy troll, but I'll take your word on them being out there. Sounds like a real menace.
  14. Have you been trolled by Tommy yet? They are just like chameleons. Different outsides, same insides...