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  1. I was very disappointed to be on the forums yesterday afternoon. There was so much meanness and pettiness I just left as I didn't want to spend my time reading people being so nasty.
  2. These poor guys can't catch a break. Thank you Gun and hope to see the fixes. Loving my new clothes on Tiffany, Chad and Kenny!
  3. Has anyone asked for more Likes yet on the forums? Everyone needs to stop being so likable as I run out before I even leave for work
  4. Thank you Gun for not releasing this too early in the day. I'm at work and would need to fake food poisoning to go home if I heard it was out already
  5. I want a flaming pitchfork I wish I knew about the game earlier but still agree backers who took a risk to get this game made deserve something special so they did a good job on that.
  6. NES Jason can swim super-fast. Have you ever tried getting to the children in the boat on like George? lol I'm not sure if Jason runs in that game. I know he pops up but I think just stays on a side of the screen. He does run really fast on hard mode in a cabin but I consider that to be more like shifting.
  7. I kinda wish he had Savini's perks so non-backers have access to that same set of perks.
  8. I actually beat this on my friend's NES the other day which I am surprised even worked I beat Jason all 3 times, on the hardest level. Dodge / Dodge / Throw Torch. Dodge / Dodge / Throw Torch! YOu have to dodge super fast but overall not that bad if you use "easy Jason" mode to get good weapons. My favorite counselor is Chrissy IMO: George - Chad Mark - Guy in Biker Jacket or Hot guy in Flannel Paul - Brandon Laura - Vanessa Debbie - Smart Girl or AJ Chrissy - Tiffany Children - Jenny + Lachappa Sorry totally blanking on some names.
  9. If his best argument is that he didn't get paid vacation and benefits, but he accepted money, I don't see this going very far. I mean is he aware of temp agencies? You don't get paid vacations or benefits there either and they see still employees. Also why now and not any other time in the past 30-some years?
  10. Even if I wanted to do this I can't drive the car with enough accuracy to ever purposely have if block the barn at that angle. I'll probably crash into the fence many times and die.
  11. I'm tired of seeing posts like this. This is a discussion forum and we are here to discuss topics that interest us. Just because people have preferences doesn't mean we are going into games and telling people how they have to play. People complain all the time about people leaving lobbies so maybe there are some people who like these topics and similar topics about preferences so a lobby stays full. For example - I stopped killing people in the first minute of the game because it's not fun for the other person. I also don't kill victims of TKing who are limping before the TKer. But I found being a "fair" Jason makes people want to stay. I managed to get several 8/8 kill games as Jason playing fairly because no one rage quit. I don't expect others to be this way and most aren't. So it's not like I've ever said "you have to play like me." But I have exercised my right to leave a lobby when I spawn in the phone cabin without knowin and Jason TPs and kills me because he didn't pick up his knives because I don't want to wait 19 minutes to play.
  12. Most "witty" Jason's I've encountered are guys that say things like "Time to stab your vagina!" *laughter, using neuter-Jason kill* I'd prefer they were silent.
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