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  1. if he can't grab out of Shift than Shift is essentially worthless as he'd still be unable to grab nearly any of the kids aside from the super slow ones.
  2. i'd be fine with that, like you said the kids just don't have much of a chance at all if within the first 5 seconds Jason is already up their butt because he zapped there first thing.
  3. hmm, I've never had my morph be precise. I always end up off to the side of the road as well, figured it was to give the kids at least a bit of a chance.
  4. he's already so incredibly slow, if Shift gets such a huge penalty he'll never be catching anybody. I will agree that part 6 Jason needs more of a delay between shifts though, he can use it way too often.
  5. These are just a couple small tweaks to the big guy that I really think would make the game more fun (mostly from a councilor perspective). First and foremost Morph should NOT be the first ability he unlocks, it's kind of pointless to have him start off in his cabin if literally the first thing he can (and almost always does) do is teleport right to the cars or one of the main houses and be instantly in the thick of things, I think Morph should be the final ability he unlocks instead of Stalk for just that reason. it's a vital part of his kit no question but it makes far more sense to me to have it an end of round skill to cut off escaping teens near the close of the match not just to zap your way into the middle of a starting group of them. Along those same lines I feel the kids should have at least a 10-20 second head start before he can leave his house to get themselves situated, get a feel for where they spawned and at the very least find a weapon, however I suppose if the Morph suggestion was used this wouldn't really be an issue as he'd still have to walk his way to the cabins eliminating some of the issues with bad teen spawns leaving them totally screwed right from the start. His quick start in the rounds is my biggest concern, I know he's supposed to be the one in charge and the kids aren't supposed to stand much of a chance but I think making these minor changes would at least be a bit more sporting.
  6. Pretty sure that's working as intended, if he could literally just pop in front of the car it'd be even more OP then it is now, and as far as i'm concerned his car stopping is already too darn OP.
  7. I mean they never flat out say he can teleport, but in just about every movie he's always there when you turn a corner no matter how fast you run and how slow he walks. just one of those unwritten horror movie rules that just about any killer is going to be part Nightcrawler.
  8. Jason being able to hear people is one of the key features and really makes the game more fun, if the kids could just talk to each other without cause it makes it too easy and on the opposite end not being able to see the rest of your team makes it too hard. this is a 7 V 1 experience with the 1 being seriously tough to take on alone, so being able to know where the rest of your team is and what they may be up to is very important. Unfortunately there will always be cheaters and poor sports, there is never going to be a way to fix it, and I just see these particular changes taking away fun from the rest of us to fight a losing battle.
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