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  1. Well then it's a good thing i'm not focusing on the team killing part anymore isn't it?
  2. "The team killing is not technically against the rules though sexism and racism may be an issue. I'm sure that could see him banned." The post is more then about sexism once again but seems like it would be against the rules anyways so it doesn' t matter now does it kiddo.
  3. Yes, you're clearly not projecting here at all kid.
  4. Sexism is merely a point in the grand scheme of things stop focusing on things to fit your agenda also I am merely pointing out that he is not only toxic and racist but that he seems to garner a strong hatred for females also I doubt that makes me a full blow feminist atleast the definition that you're carrying in your head.
  5. I'm a guy and my post was more then just about sexism I suggest to re-read it. I was just watching him stream it his videos are funny to me but this guy is racist as hell and it's annoying, he does it mostly to twitch streamers to try and get them in trouble only fair that someone else tries to get him in trouble aswell right.
  6. Sure one of his mods was laughing at this post for how I reported him for saying the you know what word https://gyazo.com/ba88b4ac1303f69e0a8f6d4df2fb606f and here is britbong saying he doesn't care if he gets banned https://gyazo.com/48d9a9bf3e669d2caeee99e328fe2e35 I can link imgur if you prefer it.
  7. A youtuber BritbongReturns is joining games with females or twitch streamers specifically and teamkilling them while spamming sexist and racist comments having him on your team is toxic and makes the game completely unenjoyable are there any systems in place to report players like this or is it allowed.
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