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  1. My favorite is one I recorded and have been meaning to upload. I was spectating: One counselor had repaired the boat and Jason arrived before he could start it. He was murdered (I forget who at the moment) and of course, I thought he was dead. Suddenly the camera begins to show the landscape from a downward view and ascends to the sky, going up several hundred feet. It then starts to descend, eventually leveling out to show a normal horizontal view until it lands on the roof of a cabin. Then the dead counselor who I am still spectating begins to move. I'm watching in total excitement as he jumps from the roof - all of this happening in first person view - and makes his way back to the boat, starts it and escapes. Wild. I really gotta get that one up somewhere.
  2. Yea, sadly just talking about the game now makes me feel like a Debbie Downer because I have had very few positive experiences in the past couple of months. And I have really tried to, best I can. Another unfortunate fact is "best I can" means I am largely stuck in quick play matches due to my schedule conflicts with friends. The host quitting has gotten out of hand, while I know dedicated servers for consoles should be coming, these recent experiences have unfortunately soured the joy I once found in this game. The more people that appear to be newer players who join seem to be even more idiotic by the day, making most matches (or attempting to complete them) miserable wastes of time. I was really looking forward to taking advantage of the xp weekend event but the couple of hours I've spent so far today trying to really makes me feel like the effort isn't worth it. I can only take so many matches being ruined by hosts leaving, being called a gay ni**a and hearing threats of both living and dead relatives being raped before I question why I'm spending my free time with such utter fucking nonsense. Maybe I'll spend my weekend outside instead...what a concept.
  3. This has also happened to me several times on ps4, has since the last patch. The majority of those times I unfortunately ended up giving Jason free grab kills, since the ability to interact with windows, doors and weapons was no longer functioning. On occasion though, I would get slashed and mysteriously everything would go back to normal. A couple of times after getting slaughtered as a result of the glitch, I stuck around the same lobby long enough for another match and each time all was well again but it's yet another frustrating thing that interrupts gameplay. I haven't played for a few days because between glitches like this and hosts quitting, I've pretty much reached the limits of my patience with the game.
  4. The possibilities are limitless. Implementing them is another tale but if done and presented properly, truly has the potential to make this the 'end all be all' in the Friday the 13th' gaming world while still being profitable. But that's just me looking in from the outside with my amateur perspective. I'm not going to write a book about it here, as I assume there is some business sense being shuffled around the table, where it counts most. At least I hope.
  5. Oh, I'm cool, Jack. I'm dead cool. Seriously this was my mindset at the beginning and then something happened - frustration, because for me this game was my first introduction to online gaming and I've been a gamer since before the original NES realeased. Yea I'm one of the older fellas but once I learned to tune out the myriad idiots I have once again found myself enjoying this again. So yea, kill me all day. Just don't rage quit if you're hosting.
  6. Last Non-Horror Movie You Watched?

    Bone Tomahawk. Stars Kurt Russell with a great supporting cast. Good characterization and a nice mid-pace search and rescue flick featuring Native American cannibal savages. I know that part might sound like horror but the movie doesn't fit that bill, at least for me.
  7. Songs we definitely need.

    Yea man that's awesome. I was buying Slayer tapes at 7 years old. I need to look for tickets, they're coming to Cincy. I still love em but I miss Hanneman so much. Great stuff though, classic.
  8. I have not read those yet but being a huge comic nerd, I plan to and to to at least add them to my gargantuan collection. I can't bring myself to even watch the video because I gotta find out on my own, just the way I am. I did pick up the first Freddy vs Jason vs Ash series, 2-4 & 6, recently for a steal but I won't touch them till I can find 1 & 5 reasonably priced.
  9. Songs we definitely need.

    Just saw Overkill back in September, killer show. Plus I'm getting my Eddie tat touched up this weekend (Mummy Eddie from Powerslave). So many songs could go with this game and lots of greats have been mentioned. I can dig some Cannibal Corpse (my name should indicate that), 80's era Death for sure. I won't continue because I'd be making a list all night long.
  10. Long overdue introduction

    It was great to read through this, being born in the late 70's myself, knowing every jingle and word to the nostalgia posted so far and attempting to mend a body that quite literally has been greatly destroyed by alcohol. Good times! Also, the music, yes THE MUSIC. I make most of my living in the music world and yes, every word you speak is true. The only way for almost any of us to get rich in it nowadays would be to sell our souls to the mass manufactured garbage that is popular audio.
  11. Why is part 3 so popular?

    This sums it all up, a great way to put it. It's all about how you play the game. Anyone can be a force to be reckoned with, using any Jason, if they know how to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
  12. How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    PS4 here. I only managed to get from level 94 to 96 because out of the several hours I was able to put in all weekend, most of my matches were cursed with host quitters and connection time-outs. I love it when I'm able to get into private matches but life is busy and sadly quick play is just more convenient for me. I'll be lucky to reach 150 by the time the level cap increases again, if/when it does.
  13. This happened to me a couple of days ago and I just assume it was a wacky glitch. At Higgins Haven, Jason on my tail and I jump into a window of one of those small cabins in the northwest with only one door that I previously barricaded and placed a trap. Lo and behold, Jason is already inside, door still barricaded, trap still set. I hopped back out of the window once the shock wore off and yes, he had to smash the door in order to exit while his morph was on cooldown.
  14. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    Lol nope. I know exactly where it will lead and I just choose not to waste my time, or yours. I'm going to spend what little free time I have left today actually playing the game and having as much fun as I can doing so, not getting into a pointless pissing match on a forum. That's all.
  15. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    Ugh. I'm not touching this. It's madness.