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  1. Spinesplitter

    Fire Pro Wrestling World

    YES I am definitely excited for this one!
  2. Indeed and it is due to the majority, of course, being simpleton douche whistles.
  3. It's all about strategy & I rarely have trouble escaping if I get the boat repaired. As mentioned above, staying low key & having someone help find the gas or knows how to search for the propeller is the way to go. Speed looters are notorious for missing it because as also mentioned, they are looking for pocket knives and/or a gun which is usually a foolish method in most cases against even a half brained Jason. One can be a lone wolf while working for the whole team and be a tremendous asset if done correctly and in any match not full of selfish baffoons who are afraid to die and believe a good time is gang banging Jason with virtual bats, balls and pussies.
  4. I believe it's both. I prefer escaping by boat because of this and the majority of the time, due to the prop being hard to spot for many as you mentioned. On a map with a boat spawn I seek the prop immediately and usually it isn't hard to find if you know the right places to look. The gas is usually a different story because people either take it to the car no matter how far away it is or some troll grabs it, only to cling to it for dear life while wandering aimlessly.
  5. Communication. Just that. Let the community know the thought process and plans for what will or may not ever be...either way. Even a simple weekly update. They don't have to stream or post a scripted Twitter video, what do you plan on doing with the game that thousands of us have been loyal to and excited about since before launch. Something. I'm so sick of seeing multiple regular updates on Fortnite download on my ps4, which I don't play, it's there for the kids when they want to play...and such sparse and rare updates and COMMUNICATION OF ANY SUBSTANCE ON A REGULAR BASIS from the F13 team. What is the big fucking secret. It comes off as shady, I hate that term, and afraid to reveal your intentions. This is your forum - tell us what's shaking, in everyone's best interest to do so.
  6. Spinesplitter

    Good or Bad

    A lot of inciteful responses, a lot of words but it's always going to be in the eyes of the beholder and that is always going to be wrong or right to somebody. Just be excellent to each other. There is enough negativity, hatefulness, misguided angst and ridiculously over-fueld competition. Please. Be excellent to each other. Have fun. Bust balls but don't crush souls. Someone you are playing with recently buried a parent, a sibling or a good friend. Build each other up. Be excellent to each other.
  7. Spinesplitter

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    I would love to give my opinion on the mp update, but out of the 7 matches I've played so far, the host quit mid-kill 5 times & the connection was lost twice. FUCK. I've become so frustrated that I've lost total interest. I hate that, because when this game works, it's phenomenal. The challenges are fun but hold little replay value for me. Multiplayer is the crux of this game and it remains too much of a mess for me to even play a full match since the update.
  8. Spinesplitter

    Some people.......

    "Some people . . . some people like cupcakes exclusivelyWhile myself, I say there is not, nor ought there beNothing so exalted on the face of God's great EarthAs that prince of foods . . . The Muffin!"
  9. She must be heading to Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store
  10. Spinesplitter

    Savini Jason

    People are inately moronic salty entitled bitches, as a whole, in this modern world. Not near enough good hearted fun, understanding and compassionate minds and hearts out there...mostly ignorant keyboard warriors with faulty intentions to justify their idiotic mentalities. There is no humanity, anymore. Just little souless bandwagon jumpers with minimal independent minds
  11. Man, I haven't had a Chengasm since my last Asian excursion. What? Cheongsam? Never heard of her but, I'm so sorry..wrong thread, wrong forum. My bad!
  12. Spinesplitter

    Wtf is going on today??

    Brother Nero snuck in and tweeked the grass slayer chahahahahaha. Pray, do not tell me you are one of the lambs who think the broken, pro terra en mas woken one, is fat? You must see the protrusion of natural years, yet the stamina of a yearling and judge as a sheep does the martyrs, yyyeeaaaasssss? Cast away the lines of lies, the weak thoughts and embrace the truuuuueeeth, week mmeeeeeehhaaan
  13. It's Super Savini. That's all anyone ever needs to know. Specs, consoles, megabytes of chaos. You have a mega computer that could take over the world, if only it wasn't spending all it's hard earned cpu on making video game models look so cool. I need one. Nay...I need more Vodka. I pick the latter, what say you?!
  14. Spinesplitter


    I saw this at a special screening during Horror Hound a couple weeks back in Cincy. It is definitely worth a watch and in my opinion an instant classic that I'll be re-visiting regularly
  15. I believe. I feel. I'd like to think. I wish. I wonder. Want to know what I think? I bet. If they would've only. What do you think? Imagine this. I hate how they included this. I just pee'd in my jammies, do think Tiffany will be turned off by that? Let's tag a dev so we can find out. We need real answers. I am sad, nay, PISSED because my ideas and feelings were not taken into consideration when the devs sat at King Arthur's round table making this game that I put countless hours into possible, with the backing of people flying by the seat of their pants to take a chance and made it the way they did. Idiotic game makers. Do you think AJ likes nachos? If only they knew what I know then everyone would be pleased 100% of the time. And if they are not pleased then they are just stupid. Because I'm awesome & they are garbage. My mom said so. I think Roy would look good in an aqua jumpsuit because in part V, the light danced off of his stuntmans ball sack long enough to make it look authentic. I hate jumpsuits. Put every Jason in a burlap bag and make him look like an fashioned canoe with one hole on the left, making it as real as possible, matching all the pictures of burlap row boats my grandma showed me when I was 3. I had a feeling the devs wouldn't do that. Lazy bastards, they took all our money & now they just do things to make us mad because we made them super rich. If they knew my cousin, they would stop being assholes and give me my + shift รท by a running Jason = negative stun with an extra pocket knife that is multiplied by morph piss. But no, they just like to burn babies while soaking pubic hairs in my grannies' cunt juice. Sickos.