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  1. Where is everybody from...

    There was a time I could not wait to get away from Ohio and I sure did (thinking it would be forever). I've been about about everywhere in the continental U.S. and I love to travel, to be on the road. For me though, I eventually found there really is no place like home. Small town, we all help each other out when needed. I'm close to many major cities, within driving distance. Works for me. And it's great seeing where everyone is from.
  2. host always leaves the game

    There are definitely good reasons to end a match as host, as stated above. Lobbies full of squeakers, glitchers, Jason helpers...it's just in my experience it is mostly for other reasons that are highly irritating.
  3. host always leaves the game

    Sadly, this is the most common and frustrating thing about the game for those of us who primarily engage in quick play matches. All of us here know about it. Yes it sucks and personally this problem has caused me to take extended breaks from playing because quite frankly, it pisses me off to the point that my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels. Expect this thread to be locked by the mods and to be told to use the search function next time but this is the one true gripe and issue I feel needs addressed before anything else because it ruins the entire experience for many players way too often. Just this morning it has happened to me 3 out of 5 matches causing me to be done for the day, already. I have also stopped recommending the game to friends until it's fixed because I know a few people who feel cheated out of their hard earned money, as many of them have limited time to play and the majority of that time has been ruined by douche clown hosts when matches don't go their way.
  4. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    Hellinger. Complete utter low budget cheese - which I love! Some great unintended hilarity which is what makes a great movie to me.
  5. Where is everybody from...

    Hell yes, Sudsy's was awesome. Too bad they closed, last show I saw there was Deicide back in '06. Bogarts is still a good venue and there are many others in town and across the river with great shows, Dayton is building back up too. I loved Pitt! I was a young pup not long out of high school, I was there from 2000-2001. My first experience away from home, great memories. I still visit every few years especially for the excuse to grab some grub.
  6. Where is everybody from...

    Sudsy Malones, the place with the laundry mat in the back? I saw some great metal shows there! Crazy, I live right in between Dayton & Cincy, plus I went to College in Pittsbugh in the early 2000's.
  7. Friday the 13th switch ?

    I saw today that the new remastered Dark Souls is being released on Switch. In my mind it's becoming more of a possibility that F13 could end up on a Nintendo platform but I would imagine IF that were to happen, it would only be when/if a more stable version is available.
  8. Where is everybody from...

    Southwest Ohio, right on the Indiana border
  9. Alcohol does indeed help. Just take heed and try not to do what I did - drink myself into a sever pancreatic attack so severe that I was induced into a coma for two weeks, had a heart attack, blood clot of the spleen, partial brain damage and many years taken off my life. Anywho, let us bitch! I've had a host quit mid-match 3 times today during quality rounds. Fuuuuuuuck.
  10. Clothing Glitch (PATCHED)

    I'm bumping this because I never removed the outfits once I used this glitch, and this morning I received a message from the host of a match I was in (who also happened to be Jason that round) that he/she was recording me and would be reporting it to the devs because they were apparently offended by my flashy Bugsy lifeguard outfit. I was under the impression that this was a harmless glitch - would it really be considered a bannable offense? I must mention also that the message was sent after we returned to the lobby and only after I changed my Jason preference to Savini. So I'm guessing it's a case of basic double jealousy or whatever. Another note, this person is lvl 150 and used an extremely vulgar and childish term to describe me and my evil glitchy outfit ways...bad enough that I should be the one offended.
  11. I'm the type that plays a few games at once, depending on my mood. Honestly, other than F13 I've been having a hard time concentrating on any other 1 game recently. And I'm way behind the times. Currently I'm playing Bloodborne, Hob & Samurai Warrior on ps4. I recently completed Until Dawn pretty quickly & Axiom Verge (loved this homage to old school Metroid). On pc I'm dabbling in Owlboy. I enjoy it so far...I'm a fan of the recent surge of indie 'throwback/nostalgia' games.
  12. I know that there will be A TON of negative comments regarding the current state of the game that will only serve as a dead-end pissing match and bitch fest battle royal of pessimistic misery BUT I feel this is fantastic and is great news for the genre and this game. I hope it helps to contribute in making this the ultimate Friday the 13th video game experience in due time. Congrats Gun Media, Illfonic & all involved in the development and perpetual updating of this game!
  13. Psn?

    If you visit www.playstation.com, you should be able to find any information you're looking for regarding PSN. But I'm just guessing. The lack of details in your post are not likely to get you any real answers unless you provide more information.
  14. This exact issue has been happening to me as well on ps4 recently. The percentage sounds right too, about every 2 out of 5 matches. Being attacked by either Jason or counselor seems to be the only way to 'break the spell'. Very frustrating. Also, twice during this madness I've found that if I use the CB to call Tommy (the only prompt that seems to work besides crouching) that I get frozen at the radio until I get grabbed or slashed to death. Fun stuff.
  15. I agree that Jason should be able to reset his traps, as long as they don't mysteriously disappear like they do when a counselor attempts the same. How does that even happen? It's beyond annoying.