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  1. Its happened to me several times, trolls have too much free time.
  2. The groups and communities are just as vile as the PS$ quick play but just lazier. They make you come to them to troll.
  3. What's the story with the death threats? I can't believe people would take this game that seriously but wow.
  4. This will continue and really, its not that big of a deal. At most, DEVS could implement a deserter penalty delaying your next game but would anyone really want that? How many matches do you get stuck in with players who are yelling, screaming, bad sportsmanship or just cursing the entire time and you wanna back out? I don't want to be penalized because I couldn't deal with an obnoxious group of players. It sucks but there's really nothing to do. The glitching is resolved which I think was a much bigger concern. At most, they should still register the kill even if the player backs out.
  5. Should have titled the post cheaters or glitchers I suppose. I've been having this conversation with some of the players in my regular play group but I'd love to see a weekly modifier playlist. There are obviously more important issues for the DEVS to work through at the moment but I'd love to see a weekly playlist with rotating modifiers somewhere down the line. Of course, I'd love to see this weekly on Fridays We had thought maybe there would be a random mix of 2 modifiers, one for counselor and one for Jason. Some ideas we came up with in random order: 1) Shortened timer on matches to put the pressure on escaping. 2) Increased damage to Jason with weapon attacks. 3) Lingering damage drains quicker on counselors and will die without an immediate spray. 4) Access to only 2 of the 4 special kills on Jason. 5) The recharge for Jason's abilities would be longer making it a bit more of a challenge. 6) Half maps making the match more intense. What do you guys think and what modifiers would you like in theory?
  6. lol it's always really easy to tell those who have been exploiting the glitch in these posts.
  7. It really is. It seems like it became more rampant after talk on the forums. Yeah I've filmed about 8 matches in 24 hours. It's unfortunate. They think it's hilarious but I don't get it.
  8. It's pretty easy to tell the difference, most of my videos actually showed them glitching into and then mocking the Jason.
  9. Can we just send them to our YouTube channel? I've recorded about six.
  10. Oh gotcha. Similar problem and only solution was to show offline which was unfortunate.
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