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  1. Hey guys! My PSN is Keptin_Twerk, and I'm gonna be inviting a bunch of ya'll in a private match. Wanna play a private match? Invite me and I'll probably join. EDIT: I'm level 28 ! Play my girl, A.J.
  2. Chad is the most fearful counselors, however. But I do think other intros would be nice! Sometimes it would be Chad, sometimes A.J, and so on! It'd make it a lot more interesting and fun seeing other counselors react to Jason killing the poor dude in plaid!
  3. NOTE: on the playstation four, you cannot kick people from your lobby. you can only mute them. if youre in a party, you can kick members. i dont know why there isnt a kick option for the ps4 when there apparently is for the xbox one :/
  4. Yeah I understand that! I understand some people abuse kicking people in lobbies, so if a vote is necessarily I'm for that.
  5. I'm not specifically talking about griefers. I'm more talking about toxic assholes who insult others and are just rude. This obviously makes the game so much less fun to play when you're stuck in a lobby with some douche who is harassing you or another person. It's even less fun to play when you gotta close the lobby because of this one guy. I understand muting is a thing, but it's much more effective to just kick a harasser than to mute, or close the lobby.
  6. Hi there! Oftentimes when I'm host, there's negative and toxic players. Some of them are AFKS, and some of them are downright nasty. But all I can do is close the lobby and find another game, which we know takes a few minutes. So here's my suggestion - let hosts kick. If there needs to be a vote, sure. I understand the need to balance things out. But I'm so sick of having to deal with people in my lobby who are there only to insult me, cause problems in the game, sell locations to Jason, and just be negative towards our experiences in the game. Thoughts?
  7. Hey there! So a few days after the release of the game, I tried to purchase a Jason elimination. I clicked it multiple times, and shortly after, I found my CP at -16,000. I was baffled, but honestly didn't care at the time, not really knowing how to get in contact with the Devs. Playing games earned me CP, and it made the number decrease. I thought I would eventually get to 0, and begin to buy perks again, but it's now stuck at -2,131. I'm at a loss here. Any help would be very appreciated! Link to images:
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