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  1. I have yet to see any game forum that doesn't read or feel just like this one. People can be jerks. Especially on the internet. The biggest reason anyone joins a forum for a game is their passion for it. It leads to heated posts and arguments. It can be fun at times though. People need to learn not to feed trolls and roll with it when people disagree.
  2. If they put Richard Simmons in the game, you could spray him with fire extinguishers like David Letterman used to do. He would also cry because Lachappa and Shelly are fat.
  3. Love the weapon variety and atmosphere of that game.
  4. My Fallout 4 character can one shot Mythic Deathclaws with a sneaky Throatslicer attack.
  5. Jason doesn't do dress up. He doesn't even wash the clothes he wears. No.
  6. She could. But it would require some creativity like NoOneK9503 said. Maybe she for instance would instead of knocking the jack out from under the car, hand Adam that screwdriver he asked for....Straight into his heart. It could be done, but likely won't.
  7. But she wouldn't be able to do the awesome gruesome environmental kills. Yeah, Pamela is cool... But not Jason cool.
  8. Yep. Friday the 13th in itself is a day of BAD luck. I am so tired of reading how some think you should be able to escape/survive on your own. Fair? Balanced? Not at Camp Blood. Jason has a pretty good win streak at home. The counselors were doomed. They were all doomed. In the films, which this game originally strived to emulate, one or two might survive. Barely. I love scratching to survive. If you were put in those counselors shoes, you would not be so confident. You would be in very imminent danger and scared to death accordingly. It's a nightmare scenario that would send any survivor into hysterical shock, induce PTSD and haunt them for the rest of their lives.
  9. That was purely in jest. Sarcasm. I am with you. The game mechanics would be derailed.
  10. Because it makes a loud noise and it is a fire hazard.
  11. Anemia, and poor blood oxygen levels are to blame respectively.
  12. I imagine it is just a design art poster that she likes. It could be just as arbitrarily a unicorn and a princess together in the woods. Art for art's sake is the most likely reasoning behind it.
  13. I have always used Epic Preparedness. It gives SO much useful intel. I don't know how anyone would think it's a wasted perk. I would rather have the strategic edge as soon as the game starts than when I find a map. It really helps in planning. Plus, it does add a little fear resistance. Pinehurst is fun to me. Looks authentic and is well designed. The water makes for interesting movement strategy for Jason.
  14. Yeah. I hope so. Admittedly, I didn't read the whole thread. Just heard about this today. It seems like they could very well do that at some juncture. Sackhead/Pitchfork FTW!
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