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  1. I always thought being in the same room as Jason should cause a drastic increase in fear accumulation. You would never want to stay in the same room as Jason in the movies. That whole ring around the rosy crap always bugged me. Jason should cause dread and downright panic. Fighting should be a last resort. Playing chase with Jason is just stupid.

    What if once the killer's cover is blown, they can get a stat boost to run as though they had speed and stamina of 10, and could grab kill but also still be susceptible to similar health as a counselor has in melee situations? Then you could fight back, but still face an element of danger if you were unarmed.

    I will be shocked if it's Roy. It's going to somehow incorporate a counselor killer. Maybe a counselor selected at random is the killer unbeknownst to the rest. The killer has to dispatch other counselors, possibly with a grab type of kill animation without being discovered or seen killing. If a counselor escapes being killed, the cover is blown. Once this happens the killer can either be killed or the police can be called, at which point the killer must stop the counselors from calling the police at all costs or lose the match. This would only work on small maps, obviously. This is how I had roughly imagined a Pamela variant might play.

    I love Suspiria. Somehow my copy on DVD disappeared. Intrigued by the trailer though. I wonder at this point if the blue dot merely hints at an imposter, not specifically Roy, per se. As we know part 4 just came out, and V is the Roman numeral for five highlighted in the #whoisfiVe. Seems like things may continue in order thematically even if Roy himself is not included.
  5. Leavers

    Leavers don't pop up much on Xbox One private matches for me. I just saw your post about the hassle for setting up private matches on Steam and understand your point. We have the dead opposite, with no dedicated servers on Xbox Live, and public matches suck there too. Sorry you don't want to play the game anymore.
  6. Ken and Ryu. Agree with everyone who doesn't mind similar stat counselors.
  7. 4 new kills for 3$

    They added more free environmental kills at least. They are a business. I don't HAVE to buy them, and I haven't had to buy anything from them begrudgingly. You can still play the game as you bought it. Any micro transactions you or I elect to make are to enhance the original content. Have to be fair. Accessories are sold separately for consoles, DLC for games. It's just the nature of the market.
  8. One help would be to make knife throwing have a major aim assist. They are pretty hard to throw on XB1, for me anyhow. If the grab is nerfed, buff the knife throw to slow down the fast counselors. I would love that.
  9. Leavers

    I don't know why it matters if they are punished for leaving. At least Jason players aren't losing XP because of it anymore. If they are a "leaver" they are probably not worth playing with anyway. Aside from weakening the team, it doesn't affect much. Maybe as a reward for sticking it out, your odds should increase to play Jason if you have it set to preference. I do not think leaving should be penalized in the event it was beyond the player's control. There is no way to police it. The temporary ban in the Code of Conduct seems to not have been instated yet, but it would help. That in combination with Jason getting the XP is a fair way to do it.
  10. Bad genes. Dermatitis, stress, poor nutrition?
  11. Gee, tell us how you really feel. I like the map so far, and have yet to play J4, but he looks fun to play to me.
  12. Yeah. Just hype the broadcast highlighting the Emote Party Pack. I think everyone for the most part is psyched that it is out. I read the OP and thought, this may be the only person on the forums upset for NOT having to wait for an update!
  13. The host shouldn't have quit on you out of spite, but you probably did irk them by escaping with Tommy. Dedicated servers can't come soon enough.
  14. Fox Confirmed!!

    I bet the next movie character in the game will be Shelly, as Larry Zerner is seen frequently in Gun/Illfonic circles and actually plays the game. I would like for him to make it to the game.