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  1. So, within the last 3 months of playing the game on PS4, I've noticed that when I'm playing, the sound will start early during the loading screen and then will be off all through the cut scene kill, then the sound will reset back to were it should be for the characters running away and Jason following... the same thing happens on the outros. I thought it was just a glitch that might be happening to everyone else that needed to be patched, but I've seen other players posting videos recently and their intros and outros are still perfect in the audio. I've tried uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it, but the audio still messes up. Anyone have a solution to fix this, please?
  2. I find it odd that AJ (the goth girl) is shown nude in a sex scene with Adam... and yet Tiffany (the so called slutty girl) has a lake swimming scene and sex scene with Adam in the tent and yet she's never nude. Why is it that the character less likely to get naked (based on Violet and JJ, who didn't get naked in the films) is nude in the game and yet the character that is more likely to get naked (based on Terry and Tina who did get naked in the films) is only shown with a bathing suit while swimming (a direct homage to Terry's nude skinny dip) and a bra and panties while having sex (itself a direct homage to Deborah's fully nude sex scene with Luke in Jason Goes To Hell)? This doesn't make any sense...
  3. So, do the 10 Challenges include the tutorial challenge or is it separate from the 10 actual challenges?
  4. Yes, they said they will all be free with the next update
  5. What are you talking about? There is still a shitload of new stuff to do after level 50, you still have new kills to unlock, the awesome bloody Jason skins, the additional variations on Mitch, Fox, and Shelly! Now if you were to say once you hit level 147, there isn't much to do, I'd agree.
  6. Here's one of my favorite moments as Jason that I was able to capture, I did one of the sweetest shift grabs I've ever done
  7. @ShiftySamurai Hey Daniel, a lot of people have been speculating that the Single Player Challenges Demo has been cancelled and you guys are just going ahead with the Single Player Challenges in their entirety with the engine update patch... is that true? From the video you posted, it looked as though you were playing the Tutorial challenge in the actual demo and not in the full game, is this the demo we were supposed to be getting to play or was the Single Player Challenges Demo on the roadmap just referring to a video demonstration of what the challenges will be like?
  8. No, the only person that attempted to shoot me was Tommy at the end when all the other counselors were dead and I grabbed him before he could get the shot off.
  9. No, none of them killed themselves. I killed Mitch right off the bat on the match at the Lodge (crushed his skull), then I killed Tiffany when she came up on me with the battery heading to fix the car (killed her with the spear to the head), then I found Chad in the Lodge and he hid in a closet upstairs where I killed him, and then Lachappa stepped in my trap on the car in front of the Lodge and I killed him against the wall. So that would have been 8/8.
  10. I guess so, cause there was no way any of the bots could have escaped as, like I said, both cars were still there and the phone box was still destroyed.
  11. So, I was playing as Part 6 Jason against the offline bots at Packanack Lodge Small and I had already killed 4 of the counselors and the only ones left were Tommy, Jenny, Shelly, and Kenny... one car was alone by the Lodge and the other was on the other side of the rocks pretty close to the phone box. I had placed my traps already, 2 on both cars (gas and battery) and 1 on the phone box. Tommy was as usual off by himself helping no one at the third cabin on the other side of the Lodge... Jenny stepped in my trap by the gas at the car by the rocks, so I shift grabbed her, but she had a pocket knife and got away locking herself in one of the nearby cabins close to the phone box. As I started to bust down the door I heard Shelly trying to fix the phone box, so I left and went after him. I didn't shift toward him since I already used my shift to go after Jenny before she locked the door, so I walked over to the phone box cabin to find that Shelly was heading to a window to try and call the cops. I grabbed him, but he had a pocket knife... however it didn't help him survive as I was able to grab him again and killed him. I destroyed the phone box again, then used my sense and saw that Jenny was over by the car next to the rocks again, so I shifted over to her and killed her right in front of the car which was still not fixed. Then I heard Kenny scream as he stepped in one of my traps on the car by the Lodge, I morphed over there and killed him. I checked to see who was left and only Tommy remained, he must have been hiding in that third cabin from the Lodge, as I couldn't see him until I went into Rage mode. He came out of hiding as soon as I was busting through one of the doors and gave me a great chase up until the final 2 minutes when I finally caught him and killed him. Then at the end of the match it said, "You killed 7/8"! I was pissed, cause neither car was fixed to escape in and nobody was able to call the cops... and the after match screen showing who lived and who died showed that everyone was dead but it still said 7/8 at the top!!
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