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  1. No way Kay-Em should be the person called to help, that role should be reserved for Sgt. Brodski.
  2. Dude, your not pushing down on the R3 if it's switching to the next Jason, switching Jason's is done with the R1 and L1 buttons... R3 is the right stick on your controller, you push down on it to switch the skins.
  3. How the hell do you get that morphing ahead of the car while it's going in reverse, standing right in front of it as it drives toward you, then the car just pushes past you is irrelevant??
  4. I've never seen this in all the time I've been playing the game (well over 600 matches), I morph behind it and the car just pushes past me.
  5. This isn't entirely correct, I find the biggest issue in the game is spawning as Jason and killing like 3 counselors back to back (I main Part 4), and then I have my 4th victim in my sights and I'm clearly about to kill them... then they quit and the game is ended because this jackass was the host and didn't want to die. Another game I just played the other day, I had killed 3 again already, was chasing a bunny Deborah and Tommy, I heard the car start. I immediately morphed to the car and smashed it and killed the driver (which was a Buggzy), I still had a trap and set it by the car's driver side door. Went back after the Deborah, then suddenly the car was started again (with no sound of my trap being sprung), I morphed again and then was forced to watch 2 idiots drive the car in reverse through the exit (another issue that shouldn't be a thing, since you have no way of stopping the car in reverse). I returned to the area where my trap was and it was snapped, it wasn't until I found Tommy later by Deborah that I realized what happened... cause I grabbed Tommy expecting him to stab me in the neck and I would have gotten rid of his defense. I wasn't expecting an execution to be on the screen and then by the time I figured out that he already used the pocket knife to help the 2 in the car to escape, he was able to kick me off. I still ended up killing him though then I checked to see who was left, which only Deborah was left... but I also noticed that the 2 idiots that escaped in the car had quit the match. Bunny Deborah thought she was going to troll me by climbing in and out of the same cabin and dance to taunt me to survive the final 2 minutes of the match, lets just say I had great pleasure in slashing that bitch's neck after I made her use up her 2 pocket knives. So, in retrospect Dedicated Servers needs to be added to prevent the host quitting and kicking everyone, yes Jason's grab and slash needs to be fixed along with the force field around the windows, and the car shouldn't be able to drive in reverse through the exit (only forward, if they aren't going to allow Jason to stop the car from behind). However how stupid was it for the 2 idiots who escaped to quit the match, it defeated the whole purpose of them even escaping, since they gave up the XP they would have gotten for that match!
  6. Right, cause if he was available to everyone, you'd be seeing all kinds of posts like, "Savini Jason Sucks" or "Why'd they make the coolest looking Jason the worst".
  7. Jason and his helpers get Owned

    Good job, that was awesome
  8. Jason Taunt Pack?

    Instead of idiot emotes for Jason, why not make Jason even more bad ass by making those who are stupid enough to taunt and t-bag Jason close enough to him suffer by making Jason able to slash them or grab them while he's down?
  9. Mine is Eric... mostly be cause of his annoying ass pig squeal that he does if he has a pocket knife and gets free from me as Jason. Second would be Deborah, her panic attack scream when you're after her is almost as annoying as Eric's pig squeal. Third is only on offline bots, but it's Tommy... since it pisses me off to find him off jerking off on a drawer in a cabin all by himself after all the other counselors (which he was called in to help) are all dead!
  10. It was Kay-Em and if the Jason was the pre Uber Jason, that would make sense... but we're getting Uber Jason and he easily dispatched her, so that's why I suggested Sgt. Brodski cause he was the one who went toe to toe with Uber and ended up defeating him in the end.
  11. No, nothing should be changed about the individual Jasons, they are fine like they are. They just need to make his grab and slash about half way to the way it was at launch and like I mentioned in my post about Rage Mode... he needs to be damn near unstoppable when Rage activates. His stun should only last half as long and the debris after busting through the door hurts a counselor standing by it and pocket knives shouldn't be a factor anymore during Rage.
  12. No, you'd have to have him for the skins to show up, cause the physical copy had a bloody skin on it... but if you didn't have Savini it didn't show up on the game.
  13. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    Just updated my list of the bloody skins on page 2, only 2 more left unconfirmed, they are Savini's Mild and Heavy (which I doubt anyone will know of for sure since the Savini skins have been deactivated until the next patch)