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  1. On ps4. Level 101. Know how to break a door down. Half my door swings aren't doing any damage to doors.Taking me twice as long as before patch to get a door down. Tried/tested from all angles and distance. Very frustrating.
  2. everyone talking windows and i'm sitting here steaming mad at the doors. half my swings aren't working , sooo much time to get a door down.
  3. I adore public from time to time. They are a fun getaway for me from those same old boring privates. I can almost predict how each match would go down with my regular groups. More than half the private lobby would have part 8 Jason. More than half the lobby would die by head punch. A certain few would never dare repair anything or drive a vehicle. Some pick the same counselor + outfit, and never change. 10 counselors, 6 or 7 Jason's, 20+ kills, dozen mix/match outfits, and its the same old story. It's all so sad..
  4. Thick skin took a big hit BUT if you never switched it out after the nerf, it still reverts to the old original value. 50%ers are still out there..
  5. still have mine as well. not sure why you are saying 'WE'.give it time, sure YOU will get them back.
  6. played a few games on them. easy quick escapes. not so sure of jason's benefits.;)
  7. That required no skill/effort. More importantly that was a glitch.
  8. For the record, I have never parked the car in the front of the barn. It appears cheating is going to be the vast majority of opinion, thanks for your quick feedback!
  9. Higgins Haven. Find the car parts, get past Jason's traps, repair the car, start the car, drive to the barn, park the car in front of the barn. All while Jason is trying to kill you (Not easy to do) Counselors not already in the barn prior to the car parking in the front, can enter thru a window. Have a barn party. Jason is not invited / He can't get past or move the car to get in the barn As long as no counselors leave the barn after the car is parked, for drinks/fireworks and such, everyone will survive. Is this cheating or a good/legit survival strategy? There seems to be a big debate among the regular crowd I play with on barn parties. Had a Jason or two that rage quit. Would like your opinion.. Thanks!
  10. Level 101 and never found a tape. Never has anyone found a tape in any of the lobbies that I've been in. Today I made a new PSN account to start at level 1 again.. The very 1st drawer I open (public, on packanack, as jenny) , Found a tape! unreal lol
  11. Killed only a couple counselors since the game came out. But I don't mind getting waxed (happened MANY times), it's freaking friday the 13th!, not Disney. Getting killed out of nowhere makes for an interesting plot twist. Enjoy it! and get even! Jason was going to probably get yo a$$ anyway
  12. Had it, tried it, sold it, worthless. Still zero chance of getting out of his wrath.
  13. now this has me wondering if you can park a car in front of a cabin door to block jason, cabin w/ single entrance obviously. counselors would enter thru the windows. hmmmmm?
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