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  1. Yeah it's a technique and if you can think of the counsellors next move it makes life so much easier. It's little things also like when you enter shift and the counselor is moving, don't just go straight to them and exit shift and grab. What works for me is I do a huge circle around them and grab at an angle. Much more effective. You'll get the hang of it.
  2. Personally, I think 3 is fine. Start adding things And you are suddenly giving higher advantages. Can you imagine the frustration playing as Jason and someone having 4 pocket knives or 2 pocket knives and 2 med sprays + healing perk? Would sting.
  3. Sounds like Call of Duty with the zombies haha. When you die in there you are spawned into an arcade. Sounds like a nice idea though!
  4. Congratulations :)! Level 93 and still haven't found my first one haha.
  5. Not always down to hosts leaving. With all the memory leak issues etc it's unfair to blame host for leaving when you don't know if their game crashed or not. So until they fix the memory leak issue we will have to sit tight and put up with the disconnections/host quits or whichever you believe it is.
  6. This goes back to the whole "Pappus" fiasco and somebody actually reached out to the devs and asked them and they replied something like "we are working on this it shouldn't happen" but don't quote me exactly. If this wasn't exploitation of an error in the game, then why did they even add the "hold attack button to destroy"? Makes it obsolete. Just trying to help.
  7. Threads like these are always created such as the whole "Pappus" fiasco arguing it should be in its own thread. Im just trying to help you dude because you put time and effort into this and I don't want to see it go to waste.
  8. This should have been posted Into @Kodiak thread and credit would be given. Seeing as this is another tip/trick thread id advise to copy paste into there as I think this will be classed as a "duplicate thread", where as the guide thread is where all things like this should be posted.
  9. Should've been a snap team kill haha! Hope you had fun dude.
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