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  1. No I don't own any special edition but I do own 1-8 digitally and I've seen every movie multiple times. Are you going to refute anything I said or just cry like a petulant child?
  2. Yeah because Jason totally doesn't ever get a beat down in the movies. Oh wait. He does. I swear some of you people need to rewatch the movies. If you want the game to "be like the movies" then every match would end with Jason dying.
  3. Ah. First post came across like you were against people marking items in general, like that only bad players need them marked.
  4. So doing something helpful for the team makes you a bad player?
  5. Obviously we need bug fixes and dedicated servers and such first, but it'd be nice to see these two weapons added to the game now that Gun has the means to do it via weapon swapping. Both weapons can be seen in the PAX West trailer from 2016: Both weapons are also featured in the Virtual Cabin.
  6. Trolling at the cop exit didn't happen last summer because everyone was new to the game and Jason was extremely powerful. If anything had a huge part in the start of cop exit trolling, it was the Jason nerfs and people learning how to play the game.
  7. Weapon Swapping is something that should have been in the game from the get go. IMO players shouldn't have to put a crazy amount of time into the game for such a basic feature. Unlocked around 50-60 seems fair.
  8. This. There are like 4-5 perks that are actually worth a damn.
  9. Haven't been killed yet, demasked maybe 4 or 5 times. That being said I only play quick match so it doesn't mean much.
  10. Jarvis House for me. The cabins clusters are spread out more than the rest of the maps so it can often feel isolated.
  11. Jason isn't intimidating and hasn't been since the first week or two of launch.
  12. It doesn't matter that you get 8/8 with Part 7, he's still the worst of the Jasons. All the other Jasons also get stronger as the match goes on by the way, and if you're so fond using stalk, why not play part 9 who has + stalk and + shift for long range stalk shifts?
  13. Least favorite map for sure. In its current state it's pretty piss poor to be honest. It favors Jason too much similarly to how the small maps favor counselors too much. A few small changes and the map wouldn't be so bad.
  14. The very ok state of Florida.
  15. In terms of stuff that came out this year, Friday the 13th wins for me by a mile. Only game I was looking forward to that didnt end up being total shit.
  16. + Shift isn't what makes him op, it's the combo of shift, destruction, and weapon strength. I don't even really think he's OP but he's the best Jason for sure. Part 8 is great but he doesn't have + weapon strength and + shift.
  17. Pretty much nobody uses pocket knifes on traps. With how traps are now, having 7 really isn't all that advantageous. Part 2 has - Shift and - Water Speed so if the car or boat gets started good luck catching them. He's not even close to OP, he's fucking bad. Savini is no better than Part 8? What the fuck are you smoking? Savini has + Shift which makes a huge difference!
  18. How some people think Savini isn't OP baffles the shit out of me... Part 2? Do explain.
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