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  1. Where is everybody from...

    The very ok state of Florida.
  2. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    In terms of stuff that came out this year, Friday the 13th wins for me by a mile. Only game I was looking forward to that didnt end up being total shit.
  3. + Shift isn't what makes him op, it's the combo of shift, destruction, and weapon strength. I don't even really think he's OP but he's the best Jason for sure. Part 8 is great but he doesn't have + weapon strength and + shift.
  4. Cue the quick montage of 8 head punches...
  5. Pretty much nobody uses pocket knifes on traps. With how traps are now, having 7 really isn't all that advantageous. Part 2 has - Shift and - Water Speed so if the car or boat gets started good luck catching them. He's not even close to OP, he's fucking bad. Savini is no better than Part 8? What the fuck are you smoking? Savini has + Shift which makes a huge difference!
  6. How some people think Savini isn't OP baffles the shit out of me... Part 2? Do explain.
  7. Jason Taunt Pack?

    Head tilt and mask lift emotes would be neat. Please god no dancing Jasons.
  8. You rubberband backwards. You'll start running from the car and suddenly you're back by the car door in Jason's grab.
  9. Jenny isn't useless, but you're better off playing Chad/Vanessa if you want to play the protector role.
  10. Unpopular opinions in regards to Friday the 13th

    Part 5 and the remake aren't nearly as bad as some people make them out to be. Part 7 isn't all that great.
  11. Who's better at tripping?

    Why isn't Mitch on here?
  12. I think we'd all prefer this hemorrhoid of an idea not come to fruition.
  13. I'd like to have Jason perks added but I don't really have faith in the devs to balance them properly.