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  1. I think Tommy Jarvis should have matches for the missing slot in his inventory. I know this missing slot is used for the phone battery but what Tommy Jarvis really ever finds that without already using up an item making your inventory less full. You do what you will to balance the matches out but i think it could work as Tommy used matches in his fight against Jason.
  2. Okay look, wtf, so i buy this 40 dollar game thinkin its gonna be fun as shit, and when i get in, i wait 5 minutes to load into a game, and 2 minutes later i time out, ive tryed everything to see if iv'e done something wrong, but everything is okay, and up to date, But now it wont even load into a game, and about 5 minutes to 7 minutes in, it completely shuts me out of the game, this is for xbox one by the way, SO ANY HELPP??? ive eaten a whole goddamn sandwhich before the game STILL didnt load into a game, but i see so many people playing it??? ive heard others had this problem aswell, but idk
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