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  1. well every game i played its always the second person to die
  2. Why is this always teh second person to die it should be the first person to die bc they dont get to be able to do anything before being killed
  3. no on pc its bad and like u said how do u know they get dced maybe they do quit bc they dont get jason or bc they are getting killed early
  4. bc people who dont get jason leave immediately i mean how is that far to other players and jason you know so they screw over other players
  5. Maybe we can put in a penalty for leavers who join the game who dont get jason then leave or quit because they are dieing i.e WoW has a 30 min ban from dungeons for leavers.
  6. When jason flips boat as you go through the cutscene for it jason can instantly grab you while your going through the cutscene
  7. Dead players tell jason where alive players are is ridiculous all because they are impatient. What can we do about this?
  8. This guy is calling players virgins and using racism in his games agianst jason and what not we need a report system like yesterday
  9. there is a bridge on packanak that players can actually go underneath it jason cant get to them at all or hit them with a throwing knive
  10. TBH this is annoying players leave because they are going to die there should be some type of penalties for this players are abusing this and Its not fair for counselors nor jason.
  11. I agree with this Players just abuse it sooo bad and jason cant catch them at all i mean whats the point of having jason when players are just going to run around things to beat him instead of helping there team ?
  12. When jason grabs a counselor The Bat and the Axe do not connect when u hit jason.
  13. please for the love of god region lock servers bc chinese and japanese players come on team kill people.
  14. Ok i was playing on crystal lake and i had a pocket knive and couldnt use it by selecting it our automatically this is repeated on every map Im on PC ID J4m3$
  15. Okay what is up with you instantly spawning in and jason kills u right away not even a chance to get anything ?
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