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  1. Every time I open up the game, two things either happen. I either get into the game and successfully play it, or the screen turns black and I can't get out of it. None of the button combos work, like Alt-F4, Ctrl-Alt-Del, and it is just black. I can still hear the music of the intro, and when ever I hit the up or down button, I can hear the noise of me switching to the different tabs on the F13 menu. Sometimes I would hit Ctrl-Alt-Del after I click on it on the home screen of my computer, and after I would hear the music I would either click Cancel, or Task Manager, and sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. After the screen turns black, I am forced to hold the button down on my desktop, which from what I know, can damage your computer. Does anybody know what to do?
  2. My name is Sandman, and I have had this game since it came out back in early 2017. I am level 66 right now, I believe. I really love the game and I am happy to be apart of the community!
  3. He is pretty equivalent to Jason in the movie. Even though it is impossible, he pulled it off. He was stabbed with the bulldozer, and managed to get back up without doing anything. He did bust through a door, that would be cool if they added Roy with an automatic Rage added to him.
  4. This was just a question to see what people prefer. I have every Jason and I am already level 41, I have all of the Jasons except for the Savini, and the NES one that hasn't came out yet, so I have to wait a few hours. But I think that Pt. 8 and Pt. 9 are the best in the game. Pt. 6 is also good, because I focus on sense and shift. I don't like Pt. 2, because that one focuses more on using morph. Which Jason do you favor most? Why do you like that Jason the most?
  5. Hello players, (and hopefully someone at IlllFonic) I have a list of things that I would like to see in the future updates, and I was wondering if anyone could respond to me with details. So, here we are! Is That Going To Be In the Game?: Part 4 Jason (Why not? It would be nice to have a standard Jason, come on, please? The boat from Manhattan (Maybe not the whole boat, but the idea of throwing people off of the side? Feeding the sharks? Badass!) Jason X (I'm not the only one who wants this, and if they were to add this, maybe add both of them) The Spaceship from X (That would be nice, you could do a nitrogen environmental kill, and they could just be creative) Accurate weapons for Jason? (It should be an option on Jason to choose what weapon they use, like Part 9 and Part 6 used a machete, not a spear or an axe. Or atleast the correct weapons for the Jasons) Logic (We need some more logic in this game, like how come we limp after jumping through a window, but don't after stepping into a bear trap.) More counselors? (This is just a suggestion, of course that is for people who don't think that the counselors are good enough) Counselor clothing options (Not the colors, but the clothing options. They should base some of the outfits off of the ones from the movies.) Fix the freezing intro (After the loading screen, it pops up with the screen with part 2 popping the dude's eyes out. Sometimes, it freezes on that screen, resulting in me having to restart my computer Those are all of the things for now, but I might have more in the future. Can anyone answer and tell me if these things are going to be in the game?
  6. Wow, that must've been hilarious. It seems that it is only temporary. Right when I signed onto it after making this thread, everything reverted back to normal.
  7. I have had this game since release, and so far, this game is the shit. I have seen every movie and I was so excited when I heard that this game was going to be released. I have this glitch and I am wondering if this is a bug that can't be fixed, or something I can just easily find a solution to. The glitch is basically when some of the counselors are bald. Last time it was the one with the black and purple/pink hair, she looked like she was Katy Perry, but with a brown buzz cut instead of blonde. I had that problem with her last night, but when I logged on on the afternoon, "Buggzy" was bald. Is this temporary? Or is the game playing "Guess Who Goes Bald?".
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