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  1. this happens to me way to often... I feel like the hit detection is once the animation is complete which it shouldn't, but where it connects. If Jason gets the grab off before the follow through then he should get the grab, but if the swing connects before Jason's reach then easily should cancel the grab stun. Even if the hit doesn't stun Jason, it should at least cancel his grab move.
  2. Rob sure looks a lot like the guy that eats it in the beginning match cinematic. poor guy never gets a chance.
  3. it's called luck, because I'm on ps4 and I have seen many times where I've been in the lobby longer then some people and they got to play Jason before me.
  4. Every round that goes by where you don't get Jason a % chance to play Jason should go up. Not saying it is out of the realm of possibility for someone with a lower % chance to get it over someone higher, but it should work in a way where it gives players that have not played him yet a better shot. When you do play him it drops down to lower % and you build it back up. If it is a new server it should start off on a % whether what option you have going for your roll of the dice. for example - Want to be Jason 40% No opinion 20% Want to be Counselor 0% As a lobby moves match to match everyone in the lobby earns a % based on what on what they like to play as. It builds up from there so players that have been sitting in lobby have a better shot then players that just joined, but they still have a shot as well. It's just a lower chance. edit: wouldn't even bad if there was a Pass check box in lobby if you don't want to play Jason that round.
  5. There definitely should have some sort of priority list that is in the lobby. I've have seen many times where I'm in the lobby for multiple games where I haven't been Jason and someone joins and get to play him before me? Everyone deserves a shot at him and I've been getting him quite often some days. I even almost feel a little bad when I play him back to back where others still have not got him yet. Some players that even have the setting checked to where they don't even want Jason still get him. It definitely needs some looking into for improvement, but I will say it's in much better shape then from a few patches ago.
  6. I don't think stuff should be out right free except for maps or a feature that can separate the community. I don't mind skins costing money, but it be great if there are some things that can be unlocked with loads of cp points.
  7. My favorite is when I'm Jason and a random person pleads that they would help me find the others... I look at them and then kill them. Nothing gives me more pleasure in killing cheaters.
  8. the whole point of having friendly fire are for moments like this. If you take it out for when he grabs you then there is no point of having it in the game period and that leads to a whole other discussion that's been brought up many times already. It sucks because I've been in everyone of those situations where I'm the one with the gun, grab by Jason and was Jason. My own brother shot me when Jason grabbed me.. which I actually thought it was pretty funny at the time. You can hit Jason without killing teammate but you Have to be careful. It's a shotgun so the it's a spread of pellets.
  9. I approve of this... I don't see anything wrong with a tracker somewhere in the menu. They could Just have a stat section on what you've accomplished in game with more detail. I mean they kinda do with the badges, but some of them are a little broad for Jason.
  10. I would say it needs at least 4 parts and would can fit up to 5-6 people. Yeah, I can see that being scary if you're driving away and you are not sure if Jason is on board because he just needs to hit his execution button and would play a montage.
  11. It would be awesome if they added a RV and Jason could hide inside to pull off a kill like this
  12. They just had a double XP weekend recently I am sure they will do it again!
  13. Sorry i wasn't trying to be a dick. I was just throwing out some knowledge. Personally I don't think skins and extra stuff in the future should cost money (only). I mean having the option to pay money is fine as long as there is an option for me to buy the skin with saved up CP points. The game for being $40 with the little amount of content they should be updating the game. If this was a free to play game then I would completely understand to sell small stuff like skins, characters, etc.. but it wasn't free. Updating your game for the community is how you build a bigger fan base. It is a small studio and they did really well for themselves. I'm not mad about the small about of content. I am really enjoying myself in this game. As a developer myself I understand how long stuff like this can take. I hope they just continue to create more content for us.
  14. I mean saved CP for future content. Hopefully DLC is not only $, but could also be punished with CP. Like new death animations, Skins for Jason, weapons, new counselors, and so on and so on. I Just hope new Maps doesn't cost money. It is the worst when a game has you pay for a new maps. Splitting up the players base is terrible.
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