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  1. question about my save

    thank you for the replies everyone I had a feeling that it would be ok I just needed to know al I need to do now before it arrives today is remove my profile off the old one and just add it to the new one.
  2. hi i am getting the Xbox one x tomorrow and i was wondering will my data be ok after i delete it from my Xbox one? so i can re download it to the new one i know it sounds silly but i don't want to lose my 101 level i assume it should be ok as i will be using the same account on the new one thanks.
  3. Yes I have a feeling they will both get something in the future also I think they are revamping the clothing system so we should hopefull get new patterns and colours to use on everyone as I remember seeing a screen shot of kennys outfit colours and there was a pink pattern which he currently doesn't have.
  4. The Dlc is good I wish that the clothing pack we just got was new normal clothing for the councilers instead of Halloween costumes still it's okay but it does make me concerned that the next outfit pack might be Christmas themed outfits or some other silly outfits plus we need a swimsuit and costume for Mitch and fox they look so left out! plus new patterns and colours for all outfits both old and new.
  5. Not sure but has the Jenny bug been fixed where her red and white shirt is the same colour as her green and white also a another bug is fox where only to top half of her shadow will appear making it look like a floating torso as it's only showing the top half of her shadow unlike all the others who have a full one.
  6. Halloween Costumes!

    Another thing that's a bit off is why is Mitch getting left out? no swimming costume and looks like no Halloween costume makes me think fox will be the same unless they are making him one but I doubt that.
  7. AJ's Halloween Costume

    Yeah guess that makes sense but could have tried hers looks a little have baked compared to the others.
  8. Halloween Costumes!

    I personally would have rather have a normal clothing pack new tops/jeans/skirts etc. As I most likely won't use most of them except from Jenny/kenny and possibly tiffney and Vanessa I will still buy it but it won't really get much use I really hope they don't do a Christmas themed clothing pack like they have done this the next one needs to be normal hopefully after this roadmap they will keep releasing outfit dlcs.
  9. AJ's Halloween Costume

    Should have been either a witch or vampire personally
  10. Is anyone getting an issue with Jenny's red and white shirt on my game it's appearing as the white and green shirt.
  11. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yeah I think a dress or a pantsuit would be the best design for her not sure about high heels maybe booted heels and I agree lots of light colours by the way your sketches are amazing good work.
  12. Fox Confirmed!!

    Wonder when fox will come out as she was supposed to be in this patch
  13. Disc Copy DLC.

    that does make sense remember savini Jason but I really hope they give us these outfits but saying that we will have more outfit pack coming anyway.
  14. Disc Copy DLC.

    yeah plus disks scratch quickly maybe they might just release it at some point like the bloody Jason you could still frame it just find something else to put the disk in
  15. Patch Notes - 10.11.2017

    was just in a game my friend was Jason he couldn't see me I was invisible to him also please fix jenny's red and white shirt