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  1. I've always had the opposite impression. Am on holiday atm, will test when I'm back home.
  2. Alright, I have to admit I didn't take the times but I am very sure - with a couple of hundred matches played - that it absolutely cannot take LESS time to regain stamina when standing opposing to being crouched. Show me a video proof please. I'm on PS4 which shouldn't make a difference to PC normally.
  3. Crouching refills stamina quicker. Period. Get a stop watch out.
  4. You should really learn more about the PS4 and PSN. If you delete a game the save data will remain on the HDD (videos & screenshots too). If you have a PS Plus subscription every save data file will be automatically uploaded to the cloud which has a size of 10 GB unless you changed that setting (which can be done for each game individually). On top of that you can always copy save files to a USB stick. There's also a built-in backup & restore feature in case you switch the console. You're welcome. RTFM.
  5. Just saying, when I'm Jason I (probably) just hack & slash with the melee weapon. Couldn't care less about pocket knives. I mean, come on, that's pretty obvious.
  6. I've played Jason a gazillion times and I neva died bruh. Git gud.
  7. I've been killed so often because of open doors. Please bro, close them doors. Point is, you never know where you're gonna go 1v1 with Jason late game. If you close doors early game it's more than helpful. Please stop arguing, no matter what your playstyle is.
  8. It's funny how both of you are playing forum police instead of replying to questions or statements that have been asked/made a thousand times. How about recommending a forum search. But I see: post count > 1000 = always right.
  9. Are you seriously that triggered? I am still trying to find the sense in the initial post. And I am in the same position as everyone here. I'll post what I want as long as it's not colliding with the forum rules.
  10. I'm a frequent visitor of the official PS4/Playstation forums and believe me, people have been banned for game sharing. Anyways, don't take it personal, bruh. I just mentioned something that came to my mind.
  11. Is this on PS4? Just a hint for you: this is against Sony's TOS and can get both of your accounts or even PS4s banned. Permanently.
  12. Dude, I don't know you (and I don't want to, honestly) and you don't know anything about me. But I know what a fail is when I see it. And I cannot see how this thread is of any worth for mankind or the community that plays this game. Blown up ego much? I eat people like you for breakfast. I'm out.
  13. Guys, why don't you discuss this in a private message or whatever? Do you think your personal battle is interesting for anyone here? Because it isn't. Admins, please for the sake of everyone's health, close this fail of a thread. Thanks.
  14. Why would they react to it? Everybody sees him dying in the opening scene. Again and again.
  15. Well, that's right, you can join the sessions which are shown when you press d-pad down on the F13 tile, that's how it works on PS4. I can join every private match displayed there when there's at least one friend in it. It might be possible to join private matches with no friends in it through a F13 PSN community screen. I've never tried this, though. I am also a member in one of the larger F13 communities (20000+) but never played there. I usually try to avoid overly large communities as I like to know the guys/girls I am playing with. It's really a question of selection then. Coming from PC, I really miss more options in the friends/community area on PS4 e.g. the opportunity to create groups for specific games, filters etc. It's a PITA to manage a large friends list with a controller and almost no options for different selections. There are lots of people in my list of which I absolutely can't remember when or where I met them or which game we played together.
  16. Why are you even posting this? I am having up to 4 glitchers per round in 9 out of 10 public games. I'd need a 1TB HDD to save all the vids & screenshots. Just wait for the devs to do their freaking work and patch this.
  17. No surprise here. But if they've done anything right with this game then it's the character models. I love the detail.
  18. Well, then someone else in the same lobby/match must have been inviting the peeps that "constantly" joined. It's clearly not possible to join a private match if you're not invited. I have a community myself but I only added people I played with before so I know they're legit.
  19. I've seen people standing in one spot, clearly being AFK & not moving for two rounds straight. No kick. Friends of mine prepared dinner, didn't move, didn't get kicked. PS4
  20. That's what the 10yo told me in game yesterday. Your opinion is not valid. LOL
  21. I am lv. 70 and I know 101s who never found one. I don't care about it though.
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